Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cats Say Thank YOU!

Our Precious Pets are very thankful to us for being their guardians and parents!
All our Kittens, Kitteh's, Cats and Dogs would thank us verbally if they could.
They do so non-verbally every day, by their loving licks, purrs, and happy antics.

Our Friends at Furball Fables have made this beautiful video that captures
 what our Cats would say on this special Day of Thanksgiving!

Kittehkins is very thankful to be Celebrating her First Thanksgiving
in the Cozy Bunni Hutch.  She told me she's thankful for all the love and care
and goodies she's received, and she wishes all kittehs were as lucky as she is!  

She also says Purrs & Meows to all of my friends and commenters. 
 I hope your Holiday Weekend is the best ever.
God Bless, and Thanks for being my Blogging Friends!



Anonna said...

Thank you for being so kind to cats.

Bunni said...

Thank you for noticing, Anonna!  I love Cats, and esp. the little one I rescued.  I thank HER every day for bringing light to my life.

Adrienne said...

Those kittehs are so beautiful and my very favorite song - O God Beyond All Praising/music Thaxted.  The music is also used for I Vow to Thee My Country (English) and was played at Princess Di's funeral.

I hope your day was wonderful, Bunni.  God bless...

Erica Kitteh and Frankie Doggie send warmest regards to Kittehkins.

Bunni said...

Hi Adrienne, My reply comment isn't working again, so I'll say thank you for your lovely comment here!  I did not know all that about the pretty background song, it sounded Familiar.  I had too much turkey, roast beef and other yummies, and am finally feeling un-stuffed.  I hope you, your family,  and the adorable Erica and Frankie had the best day!  Kittehkins wishes them lots of fun treats too!  Have a great weekend, also ;)

Adrienne said...

We're just getting ready to eat...Pacific time zone, doncha know.

Opus #6 said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Bunni.  No wonder Kitteh loves the Bunni Hutch.  Things look pretty posh over there.  Lots of treats and time to relax and frolic.  What more could a kitteh want!  Thinking of you across the miles, hon.

The Conservative Lady said...

There are some beautiful kittys in that video.  Sure hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, Bunni.

Bunni said...

Hi Opus, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too!  I know you and your lovely family had a great time!  Kitteh is very happy and spoiled and we both send you mooches smooches across the miles ;)

Hi TCL!  Those are georgeous kitties, I wish I could make a cool video like that, but I'm so busy to figure all that out!  Kitteh has made a few, and she had fun!  We are having a nice Holiday!  Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Randy-g said...

A belated happy Thanksgiving Bunni, Kittehkins eh? It works!

Bunni said...

Hi Randy!  Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!  I'm nicknamed Bunnikins, so of course darling kitty is Kittehkins!  Have a fun weekend. ;)

Bunni said...

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