Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's been a LONG weekend, How about a CatNap?

Everyone's been enjoying a nice, long Holiday weekend, and getting a little break from the problems
of your work-a-day world.

So, how about a little Cat Nap now!  To get you in the mood
watch how an adorable kitteh
naps in the following video!
It's from the YouTube Channel Simon's Cat, where you can find links to all his websites and other cool links.  I should market Kittehkins like that, but I'm too busy at present.

After your nap, you might want to think about decorating your house.  Lots of people put up their CHRISTMAS Trees right after Thanksgiving.  It's still too early for me to think about decorating.  I like to wait until about one week before, if I'm feeling inspired.

I'm NOT going to put up a tree this year, because I don't want Kitteh to knock it down and break things, or hurt herself.  She could end up in the tree like these kitties!

Weren't they adorable?  I caught a few that looked like Kittehkins!
Thanks to Edina Rocks and her delightful YouTube Channel.

Now, I have some good news!  I've been having LOTS of problems with my JS-Kit "Comment Thingy" lately, as you might have read.  Nothing I did helped the problem.
I tried all the wonderful suggestions from great helpers like the Genius Raj from MOTUS Blog, and Spidey, too.  They both took the time to send detailed emails of suggestions on what to do, but NOTHING would work.  I even wrote the "support" at JS-Kit and they were about as helpful as cat poop.  "Get a new computer", DUH, if I could afford that, I would, you ass clown!

So, not one to suffer fools, or foolish crappy things, I just went ahead and installed a BRAND NEW COMMENT THINGY.....DISQUS now!  It imported all my comments from Blogger, and it's very EASY to set up a profile to comment, and best of all IT'S FREE!  Plus, lots of our Blogging Friends have it too, and you can track comments much better than the old way!

I will now be able to reply to your comments again directly, nice long threads.  Plus, post cute pics and even Pop Up Video's in the comment section!   So, I hope you enjoy this new format, and please Leave me a comment, it makes my day!

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WomanHonorThyself said...

hey girly!..hope u had a fab weekend!:)

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