Monday, April 1, 2013

Don't Be an April Fool!

Molly doesn't like Fools, so.....

Don't be an April Fool,  read my Bunny Funday post below this one.

You will enjoy it, and get some enjoyable Easter Updates from me.

All the stuff going on in America might seem like an April Fool's joke, but sadly, they are all too real.

Anyway, I don't think the post I put up yesterday is showing up in the blog feeds update, so I wrote this one for you all to see!

As a bonus, Here is a video to help you beat the Monday blahs. The hippity hoppity Bun Buns will have you smiling in no time.

Shamelessly borrowed from "holy cuteness"

I can't believe it's April Already.  I hope the new month is great for you.  I am hanging in there.  Felt very exhausted today, so just trying to relax and catch up on my reading, in between naps.
I wanted to go to the store, but I don't think I can muster up the energy.  The hardest part of my illness is pacing myself and not over-doing it.  I was always so active, and strong, and ready to take walks, go to the store, bring home heavy things, etc.  Now I can't even walk up my front door stairs, I have to
walk thru the neighbors yard and go in through the back, where there are no stairs, and then onto the deck, where the stairs aren't quite as steep.  I've noticed this total lack of energy on the days after I did something the previous day.  All I did was walk several blocks, ride the busses, and have a nice Easter Dinner with my friend, but I guess that was enough to deplete what energy I had.

Well, nothing I can do at this point, except pray, and give thanks to God for sending me such wonderful friends that have helped me so generously.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for
your donations.  They have helped me very much, to afford nutritious food, pay my medical bills, and
all the myriad of other household expenses.  If you can afford to be generous, please visit my PayPal site and give what you can, every bit helps....and big bits help a WHOLE BIG BUNCH ;-)
 God Bless you all, and continue your prayers to our Heavenly Father on
my behalf ....... to ease my painful suffering, and provide for me.  I truly need all the prayers.

Love you all......Bunni & Kittehkins ;-)

The Easter Bunni Arrived!

I just want to wish all My Readers a HAPPY EASTER!
Kittehkins had a visit from the Easter Bunni, and kept him.
Being a Bunni, Easter is my favorite Holiday!
I hope you had a Happy Passover too!  God Bless.

Our adorable Kitteh's from Furball Fables have made a darling video in
honor of Bunnies Favorite Holiday.

But, please everyone....even though us Bunnies are the cutest things ever, please DO NOT go out and buy a live bunny as a gift or decoration or on a  whim. That will make for a very unhappy Easter.

Here's a video that will really amaze you.  I bet you have never seen THIS in your entire life.  This has to be the most patient, loving cat on earth.

This kitteh is a real kelpto.  He got his paws into the basket, I hope he doesn't get sick.
I wouldn't let Kittehkins eat candy, so watch your baskets out there, if you have pets.

 Remember, Bunnies are lifelong pets that need to be carefully researched, the purchase thought out and carefully planned.  Too many end up in shelters and caged up, or even worse, set free to fend on their which case they will not survive.
Take a moment to click on this link to read what I'm talking about.

So, if you must get a Bunny for Easter, go to the store and buy a pretty stuffed or ceramic one! Thank you very much and    Happy Easter From Kittehkins and Bunni.

She is posing with her duckie, who is bowled over with how cute she is ;-)

She also had some Bunny Pals visit, and had a relaxing visit with them.

I hope you had a relaxing Sunday too!

MINE WAS GREAT..... went out for  late lunch/ early dinner with my friend, and I felt semi-good today!  The food was yummy, and they had LOTS of it.  My doggie bag will provide 2 more meals.

It is an Easter Miracle, and I know all your prayers for me have touched God's heart.
Thank you for your wonderful Donations too....they will enable me to purchase nourishing food.
I can't eat like I used illness makes me feel full after 1/2 plateful.  If I overdo it, I get very nauseous So, I have to eat tiny meals throughout the day.  The Easter feast was my fav Matzo Ball Soup, Turkey breast, dressing, veggies, baked potato, then choc cake dessert, YUMMY

Friday, March 8, 2013

I Need a Hug

Hi peeps!  It's Bunni here.  Yes, I am still alive, praise the good Lord.  I know I've been very
remiss in posting on here, I can't believe my last post was over a month I am WAY OVERDUE to let all of you know how I'm doing, and brighten your day with adorableness.

I am hanging in there, hard as it is.  My condition gets worse by the day, and as you know, the cancer docs can't do ANYTHING to help me except keep my pain under control.  I've been getting weaker and more nauseous too, and I can't eat as much.  I have to eat several tiny meals through the day.  It is a good day when I can keep the food down, and everything sorts it's way out of my system later, if you catch my drift.  All the pills I have to take wreck havoc on the digestive system.  You never appreciate how important that is until it gets out of wack.

Oh well, it could be worse, and sometimes is.  I appreciate all your prayers and good thoughts being sent my way.  Also, I REALLY LOVE getting those wonderful emails from PayPal saying "a donation has been made".   Sadly, though, I haven't been getting any of those in quite a while.  You know I don't like to "beg", and never ask you to "hit the tip jar" and all that other stuff.  I just have my medical donation button at the top right of the Blog, and I hope and pray that you can find some extra money to help me out when you can.  Well, I'm asking again now because after over 4 months without any money coming in at all, things are REALLY tight around here.  Unlike some people, I am not married, so I can't depend on anyone else's income.  If you are married and have a supportive partner, you are TRULY BLESSED by God and go and give them a kiss & a hug RIGHT NOW.

If you donated to me once before, I truly thank you.  If you could do so again, I know the Good Lord will Bless you mightily.  Instead of donating to some Rino pol that talks a good game but does nothing for you, take that money, or the money you are saving from Lent in not buying ciggies or booze, and PLEASE send it my way.  Instead of sending to some big name charity that uses their donations for administrative costs, you can be assured that whatever you send me will be directly used by me to pay my health care costs, food, heat, etc. As good as The Amer. Cancer Society might be with research and stuff, I wonder how much of the money donated to them goes directly to actual terminal cancer patient???....10% if they are lucky!  With me, it's 100% to help me with my myriad of huge bills.  My expenses keep going up, and I am getting worried what's going to happen to me.  Of course, I try not to dwell on that sad thought, because the stress is VERY BAD for my condition.

Anyway, enough said....Just wanted to remind you that the need is still there, and I'm not too proud to beg you to help a very ill and dying girl out, it will make you feel good, I guarantee it, and Kittehkins will be very happy too.   She is dreaming of treats and cuddles with her fav bunni toy in her comfy princess bed.  I wish I could sleep like she does.  I sleep very poorly though the night, all the pills don't help (((((Sigh)))))).

Dear little Molly gives me huggs and jumps in my lap when I'm resting in my recliner, to let me know she knows I'm gravely ill.  I love those kitty huggs, they warm my heart.  Since I was feeling too poorly to do a proper Valentines Day post this year, here are some adorable Kitties giving the best Hugggs on the Net.  I'm sending out huggs and kisses your way too!  Double hugs if you visit my PayPal Button,(at the very top of the Blog,  Right Donate!)

Ahhh, that did the trick of cheering me up, I hope it did the same for you!
Another thing that cheered me up a while back was getting a visit all the way from across the pond by our great and most very dear friend, Spidey!  You can read all about it
RIGHT HERE.   He waited quite a while after he left to post this.  He spent a nice 2 weeks at a hotel in my area, and we spent many fun evenings dining out, and watching movies and just hanging out.  There were several days I was too sick to do anything at all, so it was lucky then he could just stay at his hotel, order food out, and relax while I tried to get better.  All the activity took alot out of me, but that's OK.  God is very good to send me such nice friends, Barking Spider is a wonderful man, and the Brother I never had.  He made this time of my life much happier by his presence. I wish he lived closer, as I do many of you out there.  If you lived closer you could visit me and help me get to the store and stuff, oh well, just drop me an encouraging comment.  Spidey loved Molly too, and she loved him.  He took some great pics of her.  The time flew by, but we both have fond memories of his visit.    Kitty was sad he left too.

She manages to cheer herself up
lounging in her pretty new bed.
I found it at CVS for really is SO SO comfy and plush and soft, fit for a Queen, which she certainly is.

If you have a cat or small dog,
check out CVS pet dept., or even Walgreens, they both are selling nice pet beds now that are WAY cheaper than the pet stores, and very pretty.  This bed is red brocade with gold embellishments, and matches my living room throw pillows!

Kitteh and I wish you sweet dreams, and I hope you are having a Blessed and Beautiful
start of the Spring Season.  Hopefully we only have a few more weeks of winter to endure.  Please help my Spring be brighter by giving what you can to help us out!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Video Fun with Bun Bun!

It's time for some fun!  Of course, the  most fun you can have usually involves antics from your Kitteh!

We are giving our cats handouts when we feed and care for them.  Think about it, the kitteh's are SO spoiled, they behave like the entitlement demanding freeloaders that take 95% of our tax money, as Illustrated by the cute piccy I nicked from our great friend,

Here's a new Vid from Simon's Cat, you'll enjoy it.

I know Molly acts the very same way when   I go in the cabinets, she thinks she's getting food.
She even has her own chair at the table, that she sits in when I'm eating dinner.  She especially loves when I pour milk on my cereal, she thinks it's for her.  It's funny how I can pour out apple juice or something, and she doesn't care, but pour the white stuff, and she's all over it!

When I open the fridge, she runs right over and inspects the contents.  She's very smart.
She is also loving watching me drink out of my water glass.  She wants me to share with her, so I hold the glass tilted, just so, and she takes a little drink, too cute.  Yes, I have spoiled her very much,  and I'm happy to do so.  She is such a great companion, and she has become more loving of me since I've gotten very ill.  She jumps up into my recliner and sits on my lap in the living room, and we watch tv together.  She also checks on me when I'm sleeping, moving from her little bed on the nightstand, into the bed by my head, and gives my shoulder head butts.  I think she's checking that I am still OK.

I have been feeling very poorly the last few weeks, last week, it was HORRIBLE, but the Hospice nurse (I have a NEW one, and she's great) adjusted my medicine and they have me on a pain patch now that seems to be working better.  I'm feeling a bit better, but it comes and goes.  All they can do
is try and control the pain, so I keep praying to God to ease my suffering and give me strength.
You sure do feel helpless when you can't bend down, or walk far, or do things you used to
take for granted.  Thank The Good Lord for wonderful Friends that come by and help me sometimes.
I wish more of my friends lived closer, or had cars, but I am grateful for the limited help I do
get.  I put my trust in God to provide, and so far, he has.

This little fishie also has a very nice friend who helped him when he couldn't get around,
what a wonderful, caring master he has, who would go through the trouble to make this.

That is one dedicated pet owner!  I know that person will be blessed for helping the less fortunate.
I also know that all of you, dear readers, who have helped me with prayers, and Donations to
my Medical Fund, will be mightily blessed too.  I thank you very much, and so does Kitteh!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Watch out for your fingers,uncouth alert!

Wow, I looked at the calendar, and I see we are 3 weeks into the New Year, and I haven't done a blog post.

I know you guys are probably wondering what's going on with me, and if I'm still alive.

Well, thankfully, the Good Lord has not called me home yet.  I feel about the same, I have my relatively good days, and my bad days.  Some days I'm so weak feeling I can hardly lift my head off the pillow.  My horrible illness is very draining on me, I'm tired all the time.  I've also lost 30 pounds in the last month, even though I try and eat.

I just have to put everything in God's hands, and let him guide my life.    I appreciate your continued prayers, they really help.  I also am eternally grateful for the donations you've made to my medical fund. If you haven't done so yet, or if God guides you to help me out again, if you donated earlier, I would VERY much appreciate it.  The secure link to my Pay Pal is to the Right --------->   Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Well, I'm still trying to recover from the freak fest and coronation of the emperor with NO clothes, and even less class, yesterday.  I couldn't avoid watching it on TV, I kept channel hopping.  I knew the classless cretins would provide plenty of gaffs and moments of creepiness, and boy, was I right.

I could not believe my own eyes when I saw the video of Mooch rolling her eyes at John Boehner while stuffing her fat ugly mug like a starving wildebeast.  She was hunched over that plate of lobster like a rabid dog who would pounce on the lst person who tried to take it from her.  I hope the waiters still have their arms attached.  The downright mean and evil looks she gave John B, ignoring his kind attempts at conversation, was truly beneath anyone.  I don't know how he managed to keep his lunch down, sitting next to that pig.  Elbows on the table, swilling wine, chewing with her mouth open, shoveling food into that pie hole like she hadn't eaten in a week, eeeewwwwwww, I've seen apes at the zoo during feeding time with better manners and social graces.

It truly was a national disgrace.  Even worse, towards the end of the vid, emperor barry the bum obummer was PICKING HIS NOSE.  I thought he'd loose his thumb up in there.  OMG, I have NEVER seen something so gross and sickening.  Good thing I had taken my nausea pills before I watched.  I don't want to pollute my blog page with their ugly visages, so here is the link if you had not seen this.

The way people were fawning over these poseurs is baffling, they truly are brain dead zombies who drank too much kook aide, and ripple! I'm sure the First Grifters are laughing all the way to the bank, the untold MILLIONS of OUR tax dollars wasted on this side show....... It brings to mind this quote:

"Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and given him triumphal processions. Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of the new wonderful good society which shall now be Rome's, interpreted to mean more money, more ease, more security, and more living fatly at the expense of the industrious."

Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC).

Still true today, isn't it?

This silly porker has better table manners than mooch and barky

Just like a rabid doggie, never come between mooch and her food, or you could loose a few fingers!  Watch out for hungry kitties too!

I hope everyone working the banquets has good workers comp insurance, and that they still have all their appendages.  ;-)

Too bad mooch didn't learn how to be cute while eating, like this little baby, who doesn't like to share her food either!

Well, dear friends, that should do it for your cute video fix.  My lst post of the New Year!  I hope your year is filled with happiness, Love and good health.  I love you all.  Even if I don't get around to commenting you all, you always are in my thoughts and prayers, please keep me in yours!

Molly Loves You, Too!  

Use it while you have it!


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