Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Video Fun with Bun Bun!

It's time for some fun!  Of course, the  most fun you can have usually involves antics from your Kitteh!

We are giving our cats handouts when we feed and care for them.  Think about it, the kitteh's are SO spoiled, they behave like the entitlement demanding freeloaders that take 95% of our tax money, as Illustrated by the cute piccy I nicked from our great friend,

Here's a new Vid from Simon's Cat, you'll enjoy it.

I know Molly acts the very same way when   I go in the cabinets, she thinks she's getting food.
She even has her own chair at the table, that she sits in when I'm eating dinner.  She especially loves when I pour milk on my cereal, she thinks it's for her.  It's funny how I can pour out apple juice or something, and she doesn't care, but pour the white stuff, and she's all over it!

When I open the fridge, she runs right over and inspects the contents.  She's very smart.
She is also loving watching me drink out of my water glass.  She wants me to share with her, so I hold the glass tilted, just so, and she takes a little drink, too cute.  Yes, I have spoiled her very much,  and I'm happy to do so.  She is such a great companion, and she has become more loving of me since I've gotten very ill.  She jumps up into my recliner and sits on my lap in the living room, and we watch tv together.  She also checks on me when I'm sleeping, moving from her little bed on the nightstand, into the bed by my head, and gives my shoulder head butts.  I think she's checking that I am still OK.

I have been feeling very poorly the last few weeks, last week, it was HORRIBLE, but the Hospice nurse (I have a NEW one, and she's great) adjusted my medicine and they have me on a pain patch now that seems to be working better.  I'm feeling a bit better, but it comes and goes.  All they can do
is try and control the pain, so I keep praying to God to ease my suffering and give me strength.
You sure do feel helpless when you can't bend down, or walk far, or do things you used to
take for granted.  Thank The Good Lord for wonderful Friends that come by and help me sometimes.
I wish more of my friends lived closer, or had cars, but I am grateful for the limited help I do
get.  I put my trust in God to provide, and so far, he has.

This little fishie also has a very nice friend who helped him when he couldn't get around,
what a wonderful, caring master he has, who would go through the trouble to make this.

That is one dedicated pet owner!  I know that person will be blessed for helping the less fortunate.
I also know that all of you, dear readers, who have helped me with prayers, and Donations to
my Medical Fund, will be mightily blessed too.  I thank you very much, and so does Kitteh!

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