Sunday, February 6, 2011

My 4th Anniversary Blogging!

Guess what?  In addition to all the other momentous Holidays this week;
Groundhog Day, New Year of the Rabbit, Snowpocalypse, SuperBowl Sunday, Ronnie Reagan's 100th Birthday, plus the always adorable
It's My 4th Anniversary of Blogging!

Can you believe it?  Your Bunni Friend has been toiling away on her humble blog for 4 long years, since February of 2007 !!    

It seems like just yesterday, My first post was full of happiness and anticipation of SuperBowl Sunday.  The Bears were in it that year.  Take a trip down memory lane and read all about it here.  This year, as we know, the Bears lost to the Packers.
I actually wanted Green Bay to WIN,  AND THEY DID!  The curse of Jonah worked again., ha ha. & also because I hate the Steelers QB.  Sorry if you are for those terrible towel swingers, but that's my pick.  Let the games begin.

Back to the celebrations of my Anniversary!  You know, it's a holiday that must be
remembered, and respected, especially if you're married or dating a "special" person.
Take a lesson from this guy and NEVER FORGET YOUR ANNIVERSARY!

There, I've saved you endless years in the dog house with that one!
I just would like to say I've enjoyed my years of writing my blog,
Especially since I got special comments.  All the fun pics and video's
you can embed!  TASTEFUL ones, only!

So, next time you visit, don't be shy,
say hello and join in the fun.

Also, this post, since I'm in the mood to
reminisce, you can let me know what
your favorite post of mine was!

I should try one of those poll things some
day, but today I'm lazy and celebrating,
so, I'll leave that for another time.

Well, everyone, raise you glass, sing a song and have a toast to your friend,
Bunni!  Thanks for helping me celebrate   YIPPEE!  

There are other happy stories making the rounds today, instead of all the gloom, doom, and thuggery,  so let's focus on happiness today!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!  

Cheers and do a Happy Dance, have some champers too!   

If you get tired of all the SuperBowl hype, Look at Puppy Bowl. Cuteness is guaranteed!  You can watch many clips after the event too!


Leg-iron said...

Happy Birthday Bunni.

Birthdays mean 'older' but that's always better than the alternative ;)

Quite Rightly said...

Tip o' the glass to you, Bunni, and raise high the snow shovel!

Use it while you have it!


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