Monday, January 31, 2011

Crazy Commies Over-Run Palm Springs

An angry, crazed mob of psycho,
Anti-Capitalists over-ran the
lovely city of Palm Springs, CA
yesterday.  Conservative Hero,
Andrew Brietbart was on the scene,
filming all the craziness.
In Rollerblades, no less!

"On January 30, 2011 an anti-capitalism protest was staged in Palm Springs by public employee labor unions, Common Cause and Code Pink. Andrew Breitbart, armed with a video camera, confronted the mob... while wearing rollerblades."
There are many great clips on Breitbart TV.  I will embed a few here below.

Isn't this wonderful, the SEIU union thugs are calling for the horrible revolution like what is
currently happening now in Egypt!  Lord help us. Take away all your stuff, and give to
the unions, pinko's and psychotic protestors.

Thank goodness Andrew Breitbart was on the scene to expose these commies!
one man, with balls of titanium, confronting an angry, out of control mob!  In
rollerskates!  He's is too cool!  He even invited the tards out to lunch afterwards.

I hope you enjoy your day, and avoid crazed commies being bussed in from tard central.  

UPDATE ~~~~> UPDATE!  Ha, I was right, they are ALL OVER this!
Check out the latest from Breitbart's BIG PEACE!
"There are No Coincidences in Politics"  You can say that again!

PLUS: Glenn Beck has a great compilation of all these outrages, including their racist rants against Clarence Thomas, truly vile and disgusting!  So much for civility, you demoTARD, psychotic Pinko's. Wonder why the MSM hasn't reported this, NOT!

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