Saturday, August 25, 2012

This is very Chilling!

Let's hope this kitteh had an
easier time escaping than this
Brave Marine did!

WTF happened to free speech?
Clearly,  there is none.

This video from RT will chill you to the bone.  We all knew that Facebook is nothing but a gov't op for gullible morons who post their real stuff online.  I hardly bother with it anymore, except to look up idiots who DO post their real name and stuff online ;-)

The rest of us, who are too smart to give all our info away for snoopers....well even with another ID, You best watch what you post, or even "like" these days, or you'll end up like this:

Check out Glenn Beck's Interview with The Lawyer of Mr. Raub, and read the article, it's very good and enlightening.  RIGHT HERE!
Stunned, Beck asked how this could take place in the United States of America, where the Constitution provides protections from such things, most notably the First Amendment.
“Is this America,” the attorney said. “That’s what I keep asking.”
I've been asking the same thing lately, myself!  This is why I'm hardly on FB anymore, and certainly not with any identifiable info!
Also why I've toned down the blog over the years, and stick with Kittehkins mostly.
It's getting worse by the minute out there, and these final months leading up to the Election of our wonderful Mitt, who knows what will happen??  The desperate despot will do whatever it takes to keep in power, and I want all my friends and fellow right thinkers to be careful and stay safe.  After all, looked what happened to a great American Hero!

Here is the great, dear departed, Andrew Brietbart, who predicted their evil strategy

Wow, he certainly called that strategy, being used to excess by every MSM channel, and even the poor excuse for a VP.  I predict it's going to get worse every day!
And that's no crapshoot!  Now, for some fun.

I hope you have a lucky weekend!  Kittehkins will be waiting to swat you.

Better she gets you that a swat team, heh heh.

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