Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cuties and their Babies! Bunni's Mother's Day Special

It's Mother's Day!

So, if you have nice children who will remember you, don't be angry.

If your Dear Mother is still alive, you have lot's to be
very happy about!

If you don't have any children, but if you have an adorable pet, guess what,
YOU ARE A MOM, so be very happy today and celebrate with these Mothers!

Mother Kitteh's are so loving, they will adopt and love little babies, not even their own!
This sweet Kitteh adopted BOBCAT KITTENS!

How about this awesome pawsome doggie from Scotland.
She adopted some orphaned baby goslings!   Awwwwwww.

What a beautiful doggie, and so loving.  Animals raise their children better than some of the so called humans in our scummy cities.  Well, what can you do? Avoid them!

Kittehkins told me she is going to have a special Mother's Day for me!  She bought me a gift, and gave me cuddles and kisses, and will try not to scratch me when she huggs me.
She will help me cook us a special dinner, and she'll get lots of treats, too.

Here is a SUPER SECRET.  When I adopted Kittehkins from the rescue shelter last year, they had found her with 5 KITTENS!  Yes, Kittehkins was a Mother herself.....hard to believe because she looks so young & Kittenish.

In honor of Mother's Day, I am posting the one group photo sent to me by her foster caretaker.    Kittehkins nursing her 5 kitties!

Poor, sweet little Kittehkins, she looks plum wore out!  She sure was having a time with all those kittens!  Thank Goodness she can relax now, and she looks SO MUCH
younger, happier, and very well cared for.

You'll be happy to know that all her cute Kittens got adopted to nice homes, I think a few of them went together!  I wish I could have adopted one of them, but they were all adopted out before I got Kitteh!  They were all the most adorable little ones ever!

Enjoy your Mother's Day!  To all my friends and Reader's who are Mom's, thanks for doing such an important job, and I hope your day is filled with Love!
Our dear friend, Adrienne, has an adorable post with some lovely photo's of sweet animals and their momma's, have a look right HERE!  One even looks like Kitteh's Relatives.  Thanks for linking me too, Adrienne!

People, if your Mom is still with you on this earth, treat her today like the Beautiful Queen that she is. If she's far away, give her a phone call, and hopefully you sent flowers!  She must have raised you right, as you are reading this blog, and didn't turn into a brain dead commie nutjob who would vote America into the toilet, so thank her.

Kitteh and I wish you a Happy Day, no matter what your situation!  If You're not a Mom, and you're lonely, today would be a good day to visit the Cats or Doggies in a shelter and maybe you can adopt a little one of your very own!  I'm glad I did.

Kittehkins is very happy I did too!  I hope you find a ray of sunshine today.  (((Huggs))

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