Saturday, May 5, 2012

Movie Fun with Bun Bun

Let's take a look around and
see what cool new movies are out there. Beats looking at lying tards on TV news.

I love action movies, so I can't wait to see the latest from

Jason Statham "Safe".   It came out last week,  but still not near me.
Oh well, until then, I'll watch the trailer.

The biggest opening this weekend is for "The Avengers".  It looks
interesting, but I think I"ll wait awhile to go see this one.  If you see it,
let me know how you liked it.  Lots of cool superheros in this one, esp.
Thor, and Ironman, and Jeremy Renner from "Hurt Locker", interesting.

Since my top choices are not playing at the theatre near ME, I"m going to pick up
the Movie I ordered from the Library! It's in today, and this is worth the long walk to
and from the Library, as I'm too cheap to start up my new bus pass until Monday.

Plus, Can't beat that, FREE, no noisey kids, talkers, popcorn munchers, etc.
 All from the comfort of the Bunni Hutch with Kittehkins to cuddle, who could ask for more? "Killer Elite"!  Statham and DeNiro, plus Owen,
doesn't get much better than that!  Enjoy.

I hope your weekend is great.  Plus, the Kentucky Derby is on later, that's always fun to watch, 20 gorgeous horses giving us the most exciting 2 minutes in sports!

Kitteh will be relaxing in her comfy spot, watching all the action, between naps.

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