Monday, May 21, 2012

Meanwhile, in Craptastic Chi-Town, Day 2

The City responsible for
foisting grifting scum upon America is also being over-run by it this week.....especially today and tomorrow.

 This Nato Summit
fiasco was the worst thing to happen to Chicago since the
elections of daley and tiny dancer.

Let's watch RT's take on it

The events are very fluid, and God Bless them, The Chicago Police have stayed on top of things, despite taunting, and worse, by the smelly rabble rousing commies who have over-run every corner of the city.  You can google it, and find lot's more info, do some searches, you'll see.

Anyone who would go downtown to Grant Park for this "rally" and then march for miles to McCormick Place, where the Nato "leaders" are, needs their heads examined, as well as a long hot bath, delousing, and new clothes.  I'm watching it on TV.  It's like 90 degrees out, and too hot to go anywhere, esp. in those crowds of tards.

Look what this imbecile did last night!

He throws himself in front of the Police Van, then he and his out of town NYC freaks claim the Police "ran them over".  What lying morons.  It's a freak show worse than Halloween out there, complete with clowns.

Check out the front page top of Drudge, it's all over it, all the mayhem!
Just now, those horrid anarchists, "black bloc" were arrested for weapons!
These mental cases, black bloc, were the ones who caused all the mayhem later.

If you want to keep up on the action, which should be getting crazier by the minute now check out the live feed from WLS AM.

EXCELLENT PHOTOS and coverage from Daily Mail, UK   look at these!

All these occutards should have stayed home and visited a litter box!
Well, they're hanging out in their own poop out here, so same difference.
Today, Monday, they go to Boing HQ, that should be fun.

Kitteh says if she sees any of these psycho protestors, things won't end well for them.

"Go Away, you Occutards, you are stinking up the city worse than usual,
plus, your noisy caterwauling is disturbing my Nap!"

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