Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Cat Is Out of the Bag!

You bet she is!  Hello all, it's about time I did my first post of 2012.  Year of the Dragon, soon.
We are already 2 weeks into it, and just in case the world ends on Dec. 21, 2012, get ready!

I hope your New Year is off to a great start.  If it's not, have no fear, there is plenty of time left to try and make it a good one.  I know mine has been great, because I have darling Kitteh to entertain me.  Look at the fun video we made below.
Kittehkins LOVES to play in her paper bag, as you can tell.  She let me take this video of her while she was deciding her next move.

What a sweet and patient girl.  She doesn't get the patience part from me, that's for sure, tee hee.  Now watch where finally the Cat is out of the Bag!  (Much like a certain fun expose by Jodi Kantor).  At least Kitten isn't "angry".

Kitteh Loves her toys she got for Christmas from our wonderful friend, Jessica.
Now if she wouldn't keep loosing them under the couch, I have to retrieve them.

My Year is also off to a GREAT start because of the Brilliant Blogger, Zilla, of
Zilla of the Resistance Fame. "First Annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere!"
                                        Look what she Awarded ME!

Best Place to Find Cuteness: Amusing Bunni's Musings 

Isn't that Awesome!  Lots of our other Blogging Friends Picked up Honors,
 some multiple ones.  Please GO RIGHT HERE  to read Zilla's post, and check out
 the other Awardees.

If you haven't discovered MOTUS already, you are missing a real Award Winner!
She picked up THREE Awards from Zilla!  And, you can read her fabulous blog and see why.  Here is the post about her Awards, where she was also kind enough to compliment and link to me!  When you're done reading that, click the header and catch up on what's been happening in the world of "the mirror".  It's all smoke and mirrors, don't you know.

Kitteh must share in my award, because I think since I got her, the cuteness quotient

has REALLY increased a hundredfold around here.  Look how good she is, posing while I had all sorts of silly things on her last holiday.  She even let me put a chickadee on her head, and didn't even blink.  This is NOT photoshopped, I don't have PS.  EVERY photo you've seen of Kittehkins is actually her, wearing whatever silly stuff I can find.

I'm very happy she's so sweet tempered.  Some cats would not be so cooperative.
I really got lucky and hit the jackpot.  What if I had brought home this kitty?

Ohhhh, that is just scary!  I hope Larry the Cat can be rehabilitated.  Kittehkins is just the opposite, thank God.  I hope you have sweet pets like her, and not like Larry.
Although we can't blame the poor kitties, they don't know any better.  Unless their owners are being mean to them on purpose (which is rare, I hope), they are just that way.

Kid below left a good suggestion about having the vet prescribe Prozack.  It's worth a try if you love the cat and want to keep it.  They even prescribe it for doggies.

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