Saturday, December 31, 2011

Let's Review!

Let's take a look out of the magical time travel window with Kittehkins in her festive scarf!

It's been quite a year.  WAY too long and annoying for me.  I am SO looking for this crappy year to end, and the start of a New Year!
Here are some vid's that give you a look at what happened in 2011.  It all seems so long ago.  Enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Nice soundtrack, short and sweet, handy calendar format!  That was enjoyable,
here is another one, slightly longer.

I really enjoyed this one!  All the horrid things that happened this year, all right there to see. What will 2012 bring?  As long as it's good News in November, I don't care.

What was the HIGHLIGHT of your 2011?  Let me know in the comments.
I can tell you mine, I bet you can guess.  The blessed event was in April!
  On GOOD FRIDAY of all days....make that
Great Friday!  The day I brought Darling Kittehkins home from the shelter!

Here she is patiently posing with a delightful Christmas gift from our lovely friend, Jessica.  She is such a darling, and wonderful companion.  If I knew she would bring
such happiness and joy to my life, I would have gotten a kitty years ago... Instead of the Betta fish, which were actually MORE work!  Well, better late than never!

         If you have been thinking of getting a pet, why not make 2012 the year you visit your local shelter and take the plunge?  I have Petfinders in my side bars.  Find your PURRRRFECT Pet, like I did.  As much as I love dogs, I find having a Cat is WAY easier, and just as much fun.  But I may be biased, as I have a Super Model who loves the camera as much as it loves her.     Lets look at some more adorable pets, Some of the cutest I found all in one place in  2011.  (Besides Kittehkins, of course ;-)

Awwwww, now Kittehkins is Jealous, so I will end this post, and year, with my favorite video of her!  I made it a few days after she came to her fur-ever home!

Hope you enjoyed this Year in Review!  We enjoyed bringing it to you.  There are lots more video's of Kitteh being adorable on my YouTube Channel (link to the right).

When you go out to Party, be sure to bundle up in your comfy scarf!  Make your loved ones dress warmly too, even it they don't want to.  Kitteh also says she will share
her lovely Christmas Treats with all her Kitteh Friends, Esp. Ericka, Tompy, Simba, Cameo, Pierro & Miles, and every other Kitty that belongs to my fun readers.

She also wishes she could share all her toys and love with the homeless kitties in shelters. If you don't adopt one, consider making a small donation, or visiting to play with them.
As an added treat, here are some tips on HOW TO AVOID A NASTY HANGOVER.

The best way to avoid a Hangover is DON"T DRINK!  But, I know most of you would
never follow that advice, hee hee!  So, imbibe in moderation.


Kitteh is watching....make sure you behave ;-)

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