Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Need to RANT!

I have been in a VERY
pissed off mood lately, considering the latest
craptastic bunch of tards
I have to put up with
8 hours every freakin day.

It's time for a RANT!

Since I can't do it on video, or my super secret cover would be blown, I'll have the next best thing for you, AJ, the King of all Ranting!  Lord knows we all have enough to rant about these days.  The only thing that makes it bearable is the knowledge that November is coming in 10 months.  A long time I know, but at least the end of an error is closer.

I'm just as fed up with all the creeps as Alex is.  I hate to see what it will be like in the Spring!  Well, after this, I'm sure you'll feel better too.   (It's funny, as well).

There, that's a bit better.  I hope AJ has a good doctor, he's gonna burst a blood vessel one of these days, better him than me!

OK, after that, we need something to lighten the mood, so how about this cutie?
I haven't posted an adorable squirrel in a while, so here's Winklehimer, the
PAINTING SQUIRREL!  ( Winky's mom is very wierd, but, oh well).

PLUS it's SQUIRREL APPRECIATION DAY!  (See link in comments)  I almost forgot this wonderful day, and to make matters even better, Newt won SC!
 So, I'm happy again ;-)  Until Monday, anyway.

Maybe I should give Kittehkins some lessons in painting.  She's so clever.

She has that moody artiste' look about her today, we'll see what happens.

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