Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mentals Ratchet up the Mayhem!

We survived the demonic
Horrors of Halloween, but the
Zombie hoards of deluded,
smelly, brain dead morons
who embody the soulless corpse of the "Occupy" movement have
gone off the rails and taken to going on a rampage of insane proportions!  It's happeninging in many major cities, most notably Oakland, California.
And, you WON"T BELIEVE how UNHINGED THEY ARE IN DC!  h/t Daily Caller

Also, check out the scene below, it's shocking in it's destruction, and I'd like to know why the cops didn't put a stop to this faster?  It's really getting dangerous out there, stay away and watch on the internet, like I do.

Very interesting, they pretend that a "few anarchists" are responsible for this, but then the little libtard says it's a "nasty side effect" that HAS to happen!  You can't have it both ways, nit wits!  Americans who are not insane, free loading flee baggers will see this for what it REALLY IS!  Plus they know who's really behind it, so keep spinning, it won't work.  Now that it's violent, and multiple crimes are occurring, they are in for it, it will bring them down.

Meanwhile, the global "elite" are meeting at Cannes in the French RIVERA, ffs, while we all go broke, for the G20 Summit.  They put their dog & pony show on, and brought Greece ultimately to heel.

Anytime all these bankster enablers get together, the end result will NOT be good for the average citizen, no matter what part of the world you live in.

The OWS movement is also pushing today as the day to take ALL your money out of your bank, and switch to a credit union or somewhere!  What a DUMB IDEA!  You just can't decide one day to switch banks and move everything at once on a whim.  You have to plan very carefully, and have other accounts already SET UP BEFORE you move to the new institution, esp. if you do online banking, automatic withdrawals or direct deposit.  It takes MONTHS before things ultimately switch over.   So, beware of yet another ploy to
disrupt your life and cause you problems.  Ultimately, the banks and corporations will win out of the chaos, disruption and confusion.   They want us in a constant state of turmoil.

Is it a coincidence that they picked November 5th for this day of chaos and disruption???
I think Not!  REMEMBER, REMEMBER the 5th of November!

Another excellent Video by our brilliant friend, Max Farquar.
Fawkes would be proud.  Funny how things stay the same through the ages.
I think a fun way to spend the evening would be watching V for Vendetta.
Made several years ago, but VERY topical for today!

All our cities are looking like a war zone in Beirut lately.  In fact, those war zones seem to be getting quieter.  Here's some good news out of Beirut,
an adorable LION CUB Rescued from a Balcony!

That one Lion was Lucky, I hope anyone who would think of having one for a pet, would reconsider.....but then there's no talking sense into some people.

You'd be better off with a little Angel like Kittehkins, even though she dressed up in her devil hat ensemble for Halloween, look how sweet she was to pose.
She is anxiously awaiting her minions to bring home MORE TREATS!  

 The big cats start out small and cuddly, but grow up to be huge, they would remember that.  Time goes by quickly, as you'll see below.

I hope you enjoy every minute of your day and don't waste your time fretting about
things we have no control over!  Time marches on, so enjoy your pets and children.



Bunni said...

Catching up with the Vids I like, you've GOT to watch & listen to this:
Gerald Celente TELLS it like it IS!  A bit long, but WORTH IT!

Adrienne said...

The thing is the big banks are probably happy that a bunch of small accounts are leaving.  We switched from Chase to a smaller local bank (which we love) way over a year ago.  I'm sure Chase could have given a rats-ass that we left.

Kittehkins looking out the window is just too cute by half!!!!

Bunni said...

You're right, Adrienne, the banks don't care, they'll find a way to profit.  Kitteh says thank you!  I LOVE that piccy too, and even the reflection in the window ;)

Woodsterman said...

Oh that poor Kittehkins. Next you're going to put a sweater on her. :-P :-P :-P

Barking Spider said...

The only thing that happened at that G20 gathering was that they successfully bullied Greece out of holding their referendum on the EU bailout, which effectively means that now Greece will be completely under the jackboot of F<span><span>ΓΌ</span></span>hrer Merkel <span><span>and her French poodle, Sarkozy - and, of course, O'Commie got his nose firmly stuck into the whole bullying and threatening situation, too - puppet "leaders" carrying out the orders of their Bilderberg puppetmasters!</span></span> >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

On a more pleasant note, Kittehkins is as cute and gorgeous as ever. ;) :-P

Bunni said...

Hi Spidey!  Yes, that's exactly what was accomplished at the G20.  Greece was bullied so the whole ponzi sceme of the Eurozone won't go in the toilet.  Greece and all citizens are just pawns in their evil NWO games.
Those photo's you put above say it all, really!  The whole bunch of these so called "leaders" make me want to puke!

I had to put darling Kitteh's pics up, because we need something pleasant and sweet to look at ;)

Bunni said...

Hi Odie!  That's a very cute pic of the kittey and sweater!  No, I won't be putting one of my little one, she fidgits enough when she wears her tee shirts!  I won't subject her to that, she's still recovering from Halloween, hee hee.

Opus #6 said...

With all this bad news, good thing you have your own lion cub to keep you company. She is adorable!

Angel said...

and Hussein O loves this warfare..its sick Bunni!  :(   Have a beautiful Sunday my friend :)

Bunni said...

Hi Opus!  She sure does help to cheer things up!  I'd rather have her than a Lion!  She says MEooowwwwws, and thanks for the compliment!

Bunni said...

Hi Angel!  It does get sicker by the minute, but they will ultimately destroy themselves.  I hope your sunday is fun, cute doggie walking, stay away from the OWS wierdo's ;)

Kid said...

Sure looks like Kettehkins likes to play dress up.  And the occupy people think in only the simplest terms to be sure.

As in - they have more than I do and I want some - is about as far as their thought process takes them.

Bunni said...

Hi Kid!  Kitteh doesn't seem to mind, I think she liked the attention.  Like the Great racehorse "Secretariat", who always turned towards the camera's and showed off when he was in public.  That's a great DVD btw.
The OWS nit wits wouldn't have enough brains to collectively blow their noses, if brains were tnt ;)

banned said...

Bonfire night down my way (Nov 5th)

Looks kinda scary but it's not a riot, it is a celebration which the health and safety fanatics have thus far failed to subdue. I'm looking to see what the Occupy freaks do to disrupt our (Veterans) Remembrance Sunday this weekend.

Bunni said...

Hi Banned, thanks for the video!  I know the Fawkes Day bonfires are fun get togethers, and it's good that the H&S nosy nazi's have not ruined that bit of fun too!

I hope all the freaks and nutters and jerks don't ruin your Remembrance Sunday.  That crap they are cooking up is awful, and they all should be deported for even suggesting it, even if they were "born" in England.  They sure don't act like good citizens, and if they hate England and her fine military so much, they should leave and F OFF!

Teresa Rice said...

Staying away from the mayhem being caused by the "Occupy" movement is very prudent.  What a cute lion cub!  Kittehkins looks adorable in her outfit.  Have a great week Bunni :)

Bunni said...

Hi Teresa, you got that right, they are now killing eachother, and with all the vermin outbreaks, I wouldn't get within a mile of those morons!  I love the little lion too, and of course Kitteh is the most adorable cat ever, I'm glad you liked her.  You have a super fun week and weekend too, Teresa.

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