Saturday, November 12, 2011

What a Way to Ruin Armistice & Veterans Day!

As you know, yesterday was November 11, 2011  11-11-11.  It was Veteran's Day, and
Armistice Day In England.  The disgusting occurrence in London on this solemn day really makes me mad.  People were just gathering to honor the War Dead, and they were kettled up for no reason because of what they "might" do.
             "Scotland Yard confirm over 170 members of the English Defence League were arrested on Armistice Day in order to 'avert a planned attack'. Sources said repeated threats had been made to attack Occupy protesters camped outside St Paul's Cathedral. The law states that officers can make arrests if they believe a breach of the peace to be 'imminent'".

Once ago the NWO police force, and the lefty msm make up lies about good Patriots.  Why aren't they arresting the moronic "occupy" nutters who are crapping in the Cathedral?  For the video below.

The BBC actually reported things correctly FOR ONCE!  NOTHING occurred!
It's getting like "Minority Report", where they arrest you with "pre-crime" for something you might do!  This is very very disturbing, and you can bet it's coming here next.

Wonder if they arrested any of the Poppy burning scums?  H/T Pic Max Farquar
 I can't stand to look at or read about them!  THEY are the ones who should be rounded up and jailed, all the crime they bring around, not to mention disrespecting Fallen Hero's and the Country they are sponging off of like the parasites they are, draining the host until it turns into dust.  They always disrupt these Solemn Days!  They should do like the pic.

God Bless all Veterans and all the War Dead this day, and forever.
This video is what Veteran's and Armistice Day is all about!  So Never Forget!
Hat Tip Captain Ranty.

I am not in the mood to put up any cute kitten vids or pictures now, because this whole thing is very distressing and can't be forgotten, EVER!



Oldrightie said...

it is indeed a disgusting state of affairs. As for this "occupy" stuff I'm coming very much round to your thing, AB.

However, I missed the cute bit so here's mine!

Bunni said...

Hi Old Rightie!  Yes, the "occupiers" are showing how nuts and criminal they are more every day!

Thanks SO MUCH for that ADORABLE video!  It cheerred me up, and helps to relax the blood pressure with all the awfulness going on.  I loved them and would love one, Kitteh is jealous now ;)

Roger the Sod said...

It shows a Government very worried. A Police 'Service' that has lost consent and a growing anger rumbling in the background.

Barking Spider said...

They even arrested other innocent bystanders, Bunni, and they also arrested tourists, ffs, (great advert for London tourism - not!), and now, (Bwahahahaha!), the EDL members are going to sue the police for false imprisonment - and with the EDL's lawyers on the case, the Metropolitan Police will most definitely have to pay compensation of £2000 to each person they falsely imprisoned - and I hope the other innocent people arrested in this Police-State fiasco sue the arse off them, too! ;) :-P :-P :-P

Shadowblitz70 said...

Glad to see someone recognize and be concerned about veterans day and our troops. Glod Bless.

Kid said...

"<span> The law states that officers can make arrests if they believe a breach of the peace to be 'imminent'"."</span>

There is is right there Bunni.
We don't have due process either. Or are free from illegal search and seizure, and Checks and Balances in government?  Don't make me die laughing....

Anwyay Bunni, don't stay upset for long.

Opus #6 said...

Bunni, I think the good people of this country outnumber the bad ones.  The lefties will find that out on voting day 2012.  Chin up, stiff upper lip and all that rot....

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX God Bless all Veterans and all the War Dead this day, and forever. XX

And what were they fighting for?

Oh aye, thats right, so you would not be arrested for no reason other than existing in/at an inoppotune space/time.

Bunni said...

Hi Roger:  You have that right, all they are concerned about is protecting the state, NOT the people.

Bunni said...

Hi Spider!  Yes, I had read that, they rounded up everyone, for no reason.  I for one would NOT visit London any time soon, with this crap going on!  I hope the EDL sues the crap out of those plod pukes.  Good thing there were lots of video's with proof too.

Bunni said...

Hello SB70!  Thanks for visiting.  God Bless you too.  I am always concerned about all our troops, and I know my readers and commentors are too!  Take care.

Bunni said...

Hi Opus!  I know there are still many good people in our Country.  I hope nothing happens to all of them.  I can't wait until another year, can't come soon enough.  Cheerio ;)

Bunni said...

Hi Furor T!  Thanks for visiting and commenting.  Very well said, it's a good question, WHAT are they fighting for???  I know all the War Dead are spinning in their graves with the sorry state of affairs lately.

Bunni said...

HI Kid, well said, it's happening worldwide!  I wouldn't want you to die laughing, or bust a rib or something, so take care of yourself.

I am always upset about something, to some degree, but I won't let it bum me out!  I always have cute animals to cheer me up.  One can't stay sad for long, looking at their adorable antics ;)

Bunni said...

I Remembered I did an interesting post on this day, Last Year!  It's still very relevant, and has some WONDERFUL comments!  Also, great video's, LEST WE FORGET!

Captain Ranty said...

Hi Bunni,

Thanks for the h/t.

I post that song every year. It kind of says it all for me.

Stay feisty!!


Bunni said...

HI CR!  My pleasure, the song is great, and does say it all!
I certainly will stay feisty, always ;)

Pierro said...

Hi Bunnbunn, Guess what? we finally arrived to see your kittykins in her Halloweenie costoom. She looks really cute and sweet. Miles and I would be running in circles. today mom tried to put Krismiss stuff on us, and Miles acted like he was dying.

big bonks

Angel said...

hey girl..Dont despair!..I know how u feel but hang tough! :)   .Hope u had a nice weekend~! :)

Bunni said...

HI Angel!  Thanks for the pretty balloon, it cheered me up already!  Weekend was fun, hope yours was too, and you have a super week. ;)

Bunni said...

HI Pierro!  Happy you stopped by and saw kittehkins in all her finery, there are lots of piccy's in other posts.  Have you watched any of her video's?  They are on my YT Channel to the right!  You and Miles should make some video's of you guys running around!

Let Mom dress you up for Christmas, or at least put some bows on your head, that would be bonky fu n!
Have a very Happy Mancat Monday. ;)

banned said...

"<span> Anti Terrorism  law states that officers can make arrests if they believe a breach of the peace to be imminent'" LOLS, those laws have been widely abused by the UK police ever since they were introduced to save us from suicide bombers. Hundreds of thousands have been arrested  using them with only a very few actual charges of "terrorism". They have been abused as a catch-all for people the police think look a bit funny. But, as Barking Spider says the EDL will sue the arses off the Met.</span>

Bunni said...

You bet they will Banned!  It's a police state the world over, ramping up over here again, New York is a RIOT ZONE and anyone who even thinks about going out into the business districts, should think again!  Their plans are coming to fruition, and I hate to think what it will be like next fall!

Thanks for visiting and have a super weekend ;)

Opus #6 said...

Hi Bunni, thinking of you. Especially today, I wish you could have been there at our blogger lunch with Odie.

Bunni said...

I Opus, Thanks, thinking of you all too!  I can't wait to hear all about the Lunch....e-mail me.  I know you guys had lots of fun and hopefully some extra snacks for me ;-)

Kid said...

Bunni, I hope you're having a good weekend you Beauty. :)

Angel said...

hope you are having a super weekend my friend~!. :)

Bunni said...

Hi Kid, aren't you sweet!  It's been nice and very very busy, I haven't been on the computer at all, I must go say hello to my great blogging friends!  I hope yours was super fun!

Bunni said...

Hi Angel, It's nice not to have the pressures of the week.  It was really cold, windy and dreary, but at least we're still breathing!  Hope your weekend is super, too!

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