Sunday, October 30, 2011

Help, Ghouls on the Loose! UPDATED w/ EXTRA Creepiness!

It's Halloween Weekend, when all sorts of creepy and scary ghouls, demons, and witches, with devils and reprobates roam all about.  And no, I"m not just talking about the OWS nitwits STILL polluting the USA and doing unspeakable acts in public!!

Kittehkins is doing her part to protect the Bunni abode from all the scary skulls, bats, witches and other things that go bump in the night!  I think all the demons better run, because Kitteh could take them on.  She owns the night, and day too.  She looks very brave here and is NOT afraid of anything!
That skull she's holding is the last person who made us mad, heh heh.
                Thanks to my pal, Barking Spider, for making this cool piccy!
You know his entertaining blog, and check out for his other Super Creations ;-)

Another talented friend from across the pond is Jeremy Holtom, and his super
YouTube Channel, BeyondReality Music!  Check out the SUPER SCARY and
very creative video below......if you dare, bwhahhahhhaaa
" From Jeremy Holtom and Six Foot Under specially for Halloween.......and for every Halloween to come.......comes a creature from down the drain......for The Grim Reaper is here. Will he come for you.........?Only who you are and what you do,,,,,,,,will decide your fate! "

Wow that was cool, check out the Channel RIGHT HERE for even more
festive Halloween Fun.   The latest offering is Happy Halloween!
I wouldn't want to meet that Grim Reaper in a dark Alley, that's for sure.
For that matter, I'd stay away from any protestors, even in broad daylight.
They get more unhinged and psycho by the minute, even zombies would run away.

That video vignette was very scary!  Kittehkins is getting in the mood for Halloween,

and after she wakes up from her latest nap, but she's SO comfy in her chair with her pals, it will be hard to get her awake.

   I might get her to cooperate in taking cute piccys
later in her costume.

 Until then, here she is, modeling her devil hat!

I would be sure to give Kitteh Treats if she shows up on your doorstep this week,

Trick-or-Treating!  How can you say no to that darling little pout ??

Kitteh might stroll by the house of the Furball Fables Gang.  The scary cats there are sure getting in the spirt of Halloween, and making all sorts of mischief.

Don't get caught alone in the dark, or the Grim Reaper might get YOU.
Stay safe, and if you have cute pics of your pets dressed up, post in the Comments,
we'd love to see them.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN WEEKEND! 

UPDATE  ~~~~>>>>>> UPDATE!
I must thank the Wonderful MOTUS for doing another SPOOKTACULAR
Post and giving me a shout out!  I found it appalling too that the evil ghouls
had to defile bunnies everywhere and usurp beautiful bunnies and their lovely ears
for their own  nefarious ends!  You can see what I mean RIGHT HERE!
Talk about a scary collection of creeps!, I hope the poor little trick-or-treaters
weren't traumatized for life by the psycho's!  I'll have to read that book, too!
Kitteh will be right over to teach those zombies a lesson.  
She's  VERY, VERY Mad Bunnies were disrespected so much by that witch!



Barking Spider said...

Kittehkins is looking particularly cute today, Bunni, and in complete control of the situation. ;) :-P

As for those crusty, Lefty "protesters" - what a bunch of typically filthy animals! >:o >:o >:o

Bunni said...

Hi Spidey!  She sure looks cuter every day, I"ll tell her you said she's extra cute, and she'll be very happy.  Your great piccy shows she's in control of all the creeps!
Very true about the lefty protesting nuts, they are filthier than pigs in a stye, and they should all go STFU.

Reaganite Republican said...

Way to go with a theme, Bunni!  lol

Have a super weekend, my friend~

Mark Adams said...

Heading out to a Halloween bash tonight and this got me in the mood. Thanks, Bunni!

Bunni said...

Hiya, RR!  Glad you enjoyed the creepy Halloween Ghouls theme!
Hope your weekend is SPOOKTACULAR! ;)

Bunni said...

Hi Mark, Enjoy yourself at the Party, what are you going as?
Beware of the scary monsters and have lots of fun.

Opus #6 said...

Good thing you have your feline protector.  Just goes to show that Bunnies and Kitties can get along.  Happy Halloween. 

Bunni said...

Hi Opus!  Kitteh is the best little guardian.  Bunnies and Kitties always get along in this house!  She even has 2 pet bunnies she likes to cuddle with during her naps in the big comfy chair, hee hee.

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Halloween to you and the Kiddies!  What are they going as?

Mark Adams said...

What else, a Patriot. :)

Adrienne said...

<span>Kittehkins is soooooooooooo beautiful!  Have a wonderful weekend, Bunni!

Bunni said...

Hi Adrienne!  Thanks for the nice compliment!  I hope everything is going well with your adorable new doggie!
Have a great weekend too, and get lots of treats, and no tricks. ;)

Angel said...


Bunni said...

Hi Angel!  Happy Halloween to you too, cute Kitty & Pumpkin!
Get lots of TREATS ;)

Kid said...

That last pic shows Kitteh is ready for any gouls that might come by.  From protestors(kids who don't want to pay for college now that they know it's worthelss) to democrat politicians. Go for the Juggler Kitteh!

As Tuco says, If you're gonna Shoot, then Shoot, don't talk!  Merrow.

The Conservative Lady said...

Kitteh sure is a pretty cat.  Looks like she's all set for Halloween.  That last photo of her must be her reaction when you watched the DC Ghoul video over at my place.
Happy Halloween, Bunni! ;)

Bunni said...

Hi TCL, Happy Halloween!  Kitteh & I thank you for the nice compliments.
She did get neauteous seeing all the creepy ghouls like o, pelousy and moo over your we
got inspired and made our own video from the Jib Jab Site.  I Have a link to it on my sidebar!
We we do our Halloween post (After I can get her to hold still to pose in her costume), I"m going to
link it, and your origional one!  Have a fun day ;)

Bunni said...

<span>Hi TCL, Happy Halloween!  Kitteh & I thank you for the nice compliments.  </span><span>
</span><span>She did get ill and spit up a hairball after seeing all the creepy ghouls like o, pelousy and moo over your we  got inspired and made </span><span>our own video</span><span> from the Jib Jab Site.  I Have a link to it on my sidebar!  </span><span>
</span><span>When we do our Halloween post (After I can get her to hold still to pose in her costume), I"m going to  </span><span>
</span><span>link it, and your origional one!  Have a fun day, and get lots of Treats....BOO! </span><span> ;) </span>

Bunni said...

Hi Kid!  You are very correct!  Kitteh always gets that look when she sees or even hears on TV any demotards or crazy OWS nutjobs!  I pity the fool who messes with Kittehkins!
Meeeeowooowwwwws, and Purrs from us, Happy Halloween ! ;)

Woodsterman said...

Looking good Bunni. That kittehkins sure puts up with a lot. Happy Halloween between internet outages. :-P :-P :-P

Bunni said...

Hi Odie!  I hope you had a Happy Halloween and your power stay on!
Kitteh had so much fun dressing up and trick-or-tweeting.  She was out late
being scary, and she'll have to write a post and put up more pics later!
She loved every minutue of it, hee hee.  ;)

nominedeus said...

Happy yesterween night, hope you had a good I was too scared to come out till now!

Teresa Rice said...

Hope you had a Happy Halloween Bunni.  Kittehkins looked so cute in her devil costume.  Hope she got all sorts of kitteh treats on Halloween.  

Bunni said...

Hi Nominedeus!  It was a fun day and night, and Kitteh enjoyed it more than I did!
It's safe to come back out now, thanks for visiting ;)

Bunni said...

Hi Teresa, the day was great, I hope yours was too, and the snow has gone away.  Kitteh posed SO nicely, I have loads of the most adorable piccy's I need to make into another slideshow video when I have time!
Hope you and the family had lots of fun, and your kitteh's got treats too ;)  
You know we should NOT feed our pets candy of any kind, just their fav cat food type treats ;)

Angel said...

hope u had a skeery one girly!!! :)

Jessica said...

Happy Halloween Bunni & Spooky Kitteh!!  I want her on my side when zombies come, she looks ready to protect in that last pic! LOL!!  She looks so cute in her deviel horns and cute collar!!  I hope she got lots of treats in her pumpkin!  OoOoOoOoOoOo  =-O  

Bunni said...

It was a frightfully good time!  I was scared, but Kitteh protected me, she kept a look-out for evil goblins ;)

Bunni said...

Hi Jessica!  You're such a sweetheart!  I hope you and your little cuties had fun too!  She will protect you guys too!  Don't you adore her dress-up?  She was so good and patient!  She got lots of treats and I bought her a new toy, a zu zu pet that makes funny noises and whirrrs around the floor...and it's a BUNNY!  I'll have to try and film that!
Thanks for visiting and your cute card too ;)

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