Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stay Classy ~ UPDATED! Tiger Alert

I MUST update this post
with a video that is TOO
wonderful for words,
watch at the bottom.

In case you haven't noticed,
the Occupy Wall Street
"movement" is all about
Class Warfare!

The commie minions want to
stir up discord and envy, hatred and vilifying the "rich" for their
own ends.  Once they have decided who's "rich", we're all done for.  Anyone who doesn't sponge off the gov't is considered "rich" in their book.  The protests have become a mecca for vagrants, homeless, thieves, and worse.  These "camps" are also full of criminals and psycho's who think nothing of sexually assaulting women, and even young girls!

Here's a short & sweet video from RT!
          "There's a class war brewing in the United States. That's the stark warning from the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement which is into its fifth week - and shows no sign of giving up. For them, the yawning gap between rich and poor is getting far too wide. And that could cost the government dearly."

What do you think?  Are the "leaders" upping the ante in their manufactured class warfare?  I say YES!  Once the "rich" and business owners can show no profit or business advantage to providing jobs and making a profit, they won't bother anymore.  Who do they think hires people?  The hand picked corporations who got handouts from their cronies and keep it are just plain wrong, but they will probably get EVEN more money from their overlords, who want our systems to implode.

Well, those smelly protesters are surely the antithesis of classy, so let's look
to our friends in the Animal world for some cuteness and class....Lord knows
we need it, what with the way events are turning out every day.

Our friends are getting ready for Halloween!  Have you decided what you're going to be this year, and what you will dress up your pets as?  Better get going, it's less than ONE WEEK away!

Kittehkins has picked her pumpkin, and she's demanding it be filled with LOTS of treats and toys!  Who could refuse that face???

I want to try and teach her to carry around her basket like these guys, 
but I don't think she'll cooperate.

There's still time, you never know  She is learning to fetch her mousie 

from the basket, such a clever girl!   She did it on the FIRST try!  MEOWS!

UPDATE ~~~~>  UPDATE!  Look what I just found, a video of 
TIGER CUB QUADRUPLETS!  They are too sweet, Kitteh would LOVE
to meet and play with them, she has markings like a little Tiger, Enjoy!

Awwwwww, how adorable, I want all 4, Kitteh won't mind ;-)

 Have a GRRRRRRRRRReat Day!



Your name here... said...

We regard our Doberman girl as classy as it gets, Bunni!

Bunni said...

Hi Old Righty!  She is a very regal and gorgeous Doggie!   :*  I don't think she even needs a costume!
Have a fun week, OR.  ;)

Bunni said...

Lawson (flying war pigs) made a great comment on my other haunt:
<span>"I see that the Nazi Party have given their support to the Occupiers. I seem to recall that they have a penchant for occupying other peoples places and falling out with communists. It could get interesting."</span>

He also provided this link to some SUPER creative Halloween Costumes for Pets!

Thanks Lawson!  Very Interesting times indeed!

Roger the Sod said...

I think you are slightly mad. Lovely pics and vids. Lots of smellies in the UK at the moment.  Take it easy.

Bunni said...

Hi Roger!  Thanks for visiting,  I am mad alright, mad that our lives are going to hell in a handbasket!
Glad you enjoyed the piccy's and videos!  You take it easy too ;)

Marcella Masquerade said...

awww she's such a clever girl lol 

Bunni said...

Hi Marcella!  Thank You!  I'll tell her you said so, she's not spoiled enough yet. ha ha!
Say hi to Simba from us ;)

The Conservative Lady said...

The cute videos are so much more fun than watching the OWS crowd.  Those doggie ghosts were adorable.  Will you be dressing up Kittehkins for Halloween?

banned said...

I have some sympathy for protesting against a system designed to funnel all our money into the coffers of a few wealthy plutocrats but not when those protesting are soap dodging workshy layabouts who just want more free money for themselves.
Here in England they have mutated into a rag-bag of anti-capitalists, Eco-Loons, Warmistas, Ban the bomb, Nukes Nein Danka and Votes for Women lentil munching vegans   with every concievable strand of lefty, right-on moaners jumping on the bandwaggon.

St Pauls Cathedral initially welcomed them onto its piazza, in their usual  cringeworthy fashion, but now they have told them to leave because they are scaring away the congregation.

Talking of scary, I will be spending Haloween indoors, loved the vids though Bunni.

Bunni said...

Hi TCL!  Yes, anything is better than watching that crowd of creeps!  I loved the doggies too!  I am definately dressing up the little darling Kitteh for Halloween!  I have practiced with part of her costume here.....
more to come.
http://www.youtube.com/v/mKt0pUFkuTs&feature" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="170" height="140

Bunni said...

Hi Banned, you sure have a way with words ;)
The perfect description for the assorted loons who have hijacked what could have been a good protest against greedy banksters and wealthy plutocrats!  I knew that St. Paul's thing was going to turn out badly.....give the nutters an inch and they take 10 miles.

I'm glad you will be staying safe inside for Halloween, I bet it will be extra creepy this year, with all the zombies and unwashed maggoty bums walking around.  Stay here and watch cute videos ;)

Woodsterman said...

Tax the poor to feed the kittehs :-P :-P :-P

Teresa Rice said...

Kittehkins looks ready for Halloween. She's so cute and pretty!  Loved the adorable animal costumes! The Batman horse costume was great.  Have a wonderful week Bunni :)

Opus #6 said...

She looks perfect and so healthy.  Her owner must be doing it the right way.

The Obaminions are trying to stir up a class war.  All they are stirring up is a bunch of body odor.

Bunni said...

Yes, Odie!  All kitteh's should have lots of food and treats.  If they are stray or feral, they still need to be fed, so let the poor be taxed, they tax the "rich" enough. ;)

Bunni said...

Hi Teresa, Kitteh is getting ready for Halloween, and if she cooperates, she'll look even cuter in her costume.  I'll try to get some photo's of all that soon, and maybe even another video.

Glad you liked the animal video's and costumes, you have a super fun week too and take it easy.

Bunni said...

Hi Opus!  Thanks for the compliment!  She really is a perfect little beauty, and I try to keep her healthy and happy, I read lots of cat care books too!  She has such nice fur, not to long, not to short, and very soft!  That pic up top with her ducky shows her lovely markings!  The perfect little princess and mascot for the blog, and for ME ;)

Everyday it's something new with O and his moronic minions.  All they do is stir up stink, peeeeeewww.

Kid said...

Bunni, I just know your Kitteh is a Star.  Demand Greatness and she will acheive it !

Bunni said...

Hi Kid!  What a wonderful thing to say!  Kitteh is a superstar in my book.  She is quite the little Diva, and I enjoy spoiling her.  I'll tell her what you said ;)

banned said...

Ha Ha, it just gets better.  Metroplolitan Police (London Stasi) infra-red phptos show that only 10% if the London Occupy tents are inhabited by night! Most of the filthy scoundrels go home to their mothers in the evening.


Bunni said...

That's funny stuffed banned, thanks for the Update!  If One of those scoundrels were my kid (which they wouldn't be, because i would have raised them better)  I'd lock them out ;)

Angel said...

aw time to get the candy and chocolate out..MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

CreatingNature said...

Happy Halloween Bunny and Halloween Kitteh!!!!!  I hope you all get lots of goodies and NO tricks! :-P

Bunni said...

Hi Angel!  Thanks for the sweet piccy!  I hope you don't get snow out East, that would be Creepy!

Bunni said...

Hi Nature Sweetie!  Happy Halloween to you and your little darlings too!  I think Kittehkins will make sure we get all kinds of treats, and woe to the nuts who try tricks!  Scary Ghost Kitteh, BOO, Kitteh is hiding under the bed now.  Have a fun weekend.

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