Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Insanity has Spread Worldwide! UPDATED

The "Occupy" movement has gone worldwide.  There are protests and riots all over the planet today.  I'm not a fan of money grubbing bankers, and greedy corporations that make money hand over fist, but refuse to spend any of it hiring workers.....but ....
this coordinated plan to bring about anarchy in the streets is NOT the way to go about helping people.  It's just an excuse for parasites to freeload and nuts to cause mayhem.

The psycho's who want to destroy our ways of life, and send us back to living in communal caves, are using the Occupy Wall Street debacle and other protests as
an excuse to spread anarchy, destabilize commerce, and implement socialism,
marxism, or worse.  The deluded fools who show up to these things are shills.

RT has the latest in their worldwide report:

Anyone who even THINKS to going to these protests, even just to watch, needs their head examined.  The students and unemployed or retired people and gawkers are just useful idiots of the anarchists.  Who do you think will be the first to be injured or killed?
 Not the organizers of this "movement", that's for sure!

Once again, our Hero, Andrew Breitbart has uncovered the REAL maniacs who are behind this.  It's a conspiracy to destabilize global markets and Governments!

There's a whole e-mail archive on the Big Government website, that shows, in THEIR OWN WORDS, the commies' evil plans.  These Occupy Wall Street movement hijackers are the anarchists, unions, the democRATS, socialists, Soros, and other dregs of humanity.  Now we REALLY know why our so called "leaders" are so in love with this psycho disruptive movement, don't we?  READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE!

UPDATED: Overnight, Rome and Spain especially EXPLODED with mayhem and destruction, riots, fires, breaking windows, and private property.
Hundreds got arrested in many US cities, they just refuse to leave the parks or wherever they were squatting, and they got whats coming to them!

Alex Jones discussed this today!  It's a bit long, but WELL WORTH listening too.
He says everything us smart people know already.  Go to around 4:00 minute mark, SPOT ON, AJ.  No wonder he rants alot, this makes me want to rant too.

There are more video's in this series, go to the channel and watch.

Well, enough already.... that's certainly a way to bum out a weekend, especially if you go to one of those psycho protests.  Of course, I like to think MY readers are more intelligent than that!  So, you can watch the mayhem on TV or YouTube, and relax and enjoy some beautiful Fall day.

Be careful if you are watching the rioting, and your Kitteh is in the room, you wouldn't want to cause it any trauma, or shock it!

Good, now that you've taken precautions, here's your adorable video of the weekend, take a peek into the secret life of Rambo, an adorable kitteh cat!

That's all the mayhem I would want to be subjected too.  Maybe the guy should clean his house a bit before he films Rambo again, but that's another story.

Kittenkins is busy trying to decide what she wants to be for Halloween!
She's hanging out with her spooky pals, getting ideas.  She's also helping me decorate.

Thanks, Madam, for the lovely photo!  Kitteh will leave you treats for Halloween.

PLUS!  Lest we forget, it's SWEETEST DAY!

Be sure to give your
sweetie pie lots of Huggs, Kisses, Treats, a yummy dinner out, and everything else their little hearts desire!

Happy Sweetest Day to all my Sweet Readers too ~  
Your nice comments make everyday sweet for ME!
Kittehs sends her regards too!  She'll really love you if you give her toys, cuddles 
& unlimited noms, plus if you pray for her mommy ;-)

She's in her finery, looking out the window waiting patiently for her delivery
of toys, flowers and take-out, hee hee!



Barking Spider said...

Those commie bastards will use any excuse to get out on the streets and cause mayhem, Bunni, as usual, they infiltrate the peaceful protesters, (the ones who are there for legitimate reasons), just as the did in London last November when they attacked the car of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall when they were on their way to the London Palladium for The Royal Variety Performance - this time the fuckers have instigated riots in Rome! >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

Now that I've found out so much about them and their MO, I honestly and truly really hate, detest, abhor, loathe, (and any other words you can think of to that effect), all Lefties of every shade from pinkos to the reddest red there is! >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

Ahhh........ thank goodness for the cute kittehs to calm me down and lower my blood pressure. :) :) :)

The Conservative Lady said...

Thank goodness for Breitbart...exposing these bums for who they are and the useful idiots who are stupid enough to follow them.  It doesn't seem that anyone cares much for the rights of people who own businesses and live in the area around that park these flea infested morons are camping out in.  I wonder how long they will hang around once the winter weather arrives. :-P
Loved the videos.  Have a nice rest of the weekend.

Kid said...

Cat shocked at London riots... hahaha Bunni, you're killin me!
As usual you are all over the current events !

The vids are great as always and the info sublime.

Marcella Masquerade said...

Hi Bunni, loved the cat watching the riots lol and you're right he should've cleaned his house lol that was exactly what was going through my mind and then I saw the couch!! oh well lol.

Again you're welcome for the picture and keep up the good work with entertaining us with these brilliant blogs. Now I wonder if simba will sit there with her mouth open? I doubt it lol but that cat was soooo funny.

Take care :D

Woodsterman said...

What in the world do you have poor kittehkins dressed up in now? Didn't get enough dolls when you were a kid? Thanks for the fun and not-so-fun today Bunni. :-P :-P :-P

Mark Adams said...

Thanks to Breitbart,<span><span> the money trails has been exposed.</span></span>

Bunni said...

Hi Spidey, great comment, I feel the same way.  These commie scums are just SO vile, there aren't enough sweary words to describe how I loathe them too!  They are insane, and just by looking at them, you can tell they are unhinged.  I'll put a video from today out at the London protests.  The morons should really stay home, and save themselves some trouble.

I'm happy you enjoy the kitteh's!  I have to put them to cheer us up, and take our minds off the horrid things going on in the world!" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="170" height="140

Bunni said...

Hi Banned:  Very entertaining and enlightening comment!  I'll have to go look at Holby's take on it.
I too, think the Brussels protest makes more sense, since the EU and the vile bankers of the NWO and all that lot SHOULD be protested against.  It is horrible that those G4S security goons are afoot, it is like a bad horror movie.  Don't ask how low the EU can go, I'm sure it can sink lower than a snakes butt in a pothole.  >:o >:o >:o

Angel said...

the world is on fire hun and the worst of the worst are in cahoots! :(

Bunni said...

Hi TC Lady!  Yes, Breitbart is a Hero.  He always uncovers the truth, and makes sure it gets out there!
At the rate the morons are being coddled in NYC by bloomberg and all the other enablers, I wouldn't be surprised soros puts them all up at the plaza hotel or something.  I hope they get a big snowstorm soon.
Glad you enjoyed the vids, and I hope your weekend is fun too! 

Bunni said...

Hi Kid, I'm glad you got a chuckle!  Thanks for the lovely compliments!
I'm happy you visited and can partake of the sublime info ;)

Bunni said...

Hiya MM!  Great minds think alike, huh?  lol  We love our cute kitty video's.  Simba would look so sweet in some, you should do a few of here, and with your skills, you could edit some other stuff in too and make an epic!
Your piccy is very fun for Halloween, and Kittehkins looks right at home in her pumpkin!
Have a super fantastic weekend, and give Simba some treats from me ;)

Bunni said...

Odie, you are so funny!  "poor Kittehkins"!  I bet she thanks her lucky stars every day for my having adopted her.  I imagine she likes her fashionable wardrobe!  Those little ponytail hair things are perfect for her.  She is a beautiful model and the height of fashion.  You gotta admit she's cuter than your "people of Walmart, hee hee. :-D   Since you mentioned it, No, I didn't have dolls, pets, or a fun childhood, so I"m making up for it now.                Glad you enjoyed the fun!

Bunni said...

Hi Mark,  Breitbart is GREAT!  The money trails and all the scummy participants are truly mind boggling. 

Bunni said...

Hi Angel, you sure said it!  The devil's minions are working overtime.  A more evil cabal cannot be found!  We'll have to hang in there and look at cool piccy's to cheer us up.

Barking Spider said...

Thanks, Bunnikins, Kittekins is very, very cute in all her finery looking out the window - she obviously loves you a lot, too and is extremely patient. :-D

Banned has also got it so right - I just left this comment at Lefty MSM Sky News.......

Just curious, really - why did Sky News reports on the the Occupy demonstrations in Rome fail to mention that the "minority" who broke windows and set cars on fire were actually Marxist infiltrators from a militant group called Black Bloc?

....... bet their moderators don't let it through! >:o >:o >:o

Bunni said...

Thanks, Spider, YOU are a genius! ;)

Opus #6 said...

That is one tolerant cat, lol!  Happy Sweetest Day, Sweetie!  Socialists will lose. And that is what upsets them so much. That we are on to their shenanigans.

Bunni said...

Hi Opus!  Happy Sweetest Day to you and yours too!  Darling Kitteh is patient, she is such a ham, and loves the camera, look at her little smile ;)

I think that is why the socialists are getting worse by the day, they are SO mad we are on to them, and that they are going to loose!  Until then, we all have to stay vigilent and safe.

Marcella Masquerade said...

Hi Bunni,

thanks for dropping by, Simba says a huge miaow to you and kitteh  :-D  

Wednesday already and the week is moving a little bit too fast lol..  

Teresa Rice said...

Socialists suck! They're losers. We even have Occupy Pittsburgh with tents and all the nuts.  These people are just jealous and envious and need to stop the class warfare rhetoric.  These adults remind me of immature brats.  The evil Soros needs to be stopped.  

Have a great week! 

Bunni said...

HI MM!  Glad Simba & you are doing well.  Yes, the time goes by fast, have
a super rest of the week.

Bunni said...

HI Teresa, you said it!  All these nuts should just go away and quit distrupting things.  No one listens to their moronic ravings!  Now that it's raining and colder, most will probably leave soon, hopefully.
I hope you have a great week too.

The Conservative Lady said...

Don't know if you saw this report, but I thought of you when I did.  I bet your Kitteh would be brave, too.

Bunni said...

Hi TCL, No I hadn't seen that, what a great story!  Kitteh & I thank you for the Compliment.  8-)  Something kind of like that happened, but with a big stray grey cat.  It was on my porch, looking in at Kitteh, much like in the photos.  I was in the Kitchen, and heard Kitteh let out the most unearthly yowl, I looked up, and there was the big scary cat on the porch! =-O    I screamed in shock, and slammed the kitchen door shut, since it was just the screen & I was afraid they'd jump thru it.  Kitteh scampered away, and all her fur was standing on end, even her tail, and her back arched.  It was quite something.  She was a good little guard kitty, and I haven't seen much of the stray cat since!  :-D

Angel said...

the cccupation disease is malignant Bunni!!....Have a great rest of the weekend~! :)

Bunni said...

Hi Angel, it does get creepier, and SMELLIER by the day!  Hope your weekend was wonderful, the weather was perfect here, nice Fall days w/long walks & sunshine. ;)

CreatingNature said...

Oh my!  Molly is STYLIN'!!!!!!  SHe looks so cute with her outfit on!  I love it!  :)   I hope you and Molly have a great day!!!

Bunni said...

Hi CN!  I will tell the littly beauty queen what you said.  She is very stylish, and she loves to pose for the Camera!  I hope you, Snoopy and Athena have a super fun weekend ;)

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