Saturday, October 8, 2011

Get the RAID, Flea Baggers gone wild!

The crazy, filthy hippies, commies, bums, and other assorted mixed marxist nut jobs who are currently defiling our cities, most famously, NYC and Wall Street, really need a dose of Raid, Rid, plus some boiling hot water and strong lye soap.  ENOUGH ALREADY!  Esp. with the Latest from Wash. D.C.  That they stormed the Air & Space Museum.  What destruction awaits?

I am sick of seeing these astroturfed mobs of maniacal lunatics scumming up everything, and pretending to be spontaneous!  We all know who is behind this crap, don't we?
I don't have to tell you, read on the internet and all your favorite blogs.

UPDATE:  Here is a great first person account "Live From Wall Street" by Bill Zeiser of the American Spectator.  Very entertaining and sheds lots of light on the cockroaches.

Now these freaks, and their MSM syncopates,  have to nerve to compare themselves to the sane, clean, patriotic and America Loving Tea Party!  Gimmee a freaking break, they wish! What gall, how dare these scums.....they are the FLEA PARTY!
Check out this short video from Fox & Friends that contrasts the two.
 It's like night and day.  Filthy Flea Baggers, they'll have to burn their clothes too, if they ever take a bath!! More like the Lice Party & Bedbug Sleepover.   H/T Breitbart TV.

When good Conservatives leave an area after, and during, when they peacefully show up to exercise their Constitutional Rights of free speech and assembly, they at least know WHY and what they are showing up to talk about.  Plus they leave the area CLEANER than when they started!

Take a look at what these filthy sub-human slobs are doing!  Unreal.
Kittehkins is cleaner and more fastidious than these vermin, FFS.

How revolting.  This is what the current regime endorses, applauds  & says
"God Bless them" to.  They're piggybacking their fund raising on it!  They WANT anarchy in the streets, as a distraction and excuse for martial law.    I say,  Lord Help Us!
The time has come for these freaks to leave, and clean up after themselves. I won't hold my breath for that to happen, though!  They say they are eating better there than at home. I bet if they set up some job fair tables early in the morning in the park, they'd FLEE then.

Since they don't seem to be listening to the Police, or the Merchants and Residents who are sick of them defiling every area they pollute by their putrid presence, lets send in a few hundred of these little guys in!  Those little ankle biters can be very effective.

Have a great week!  Don't go anywhere near those protest areas, no matter what City you are in.  The fleas might jump on to you, and you'll have to be fumigated.

The very thought makes Kitteh MAD!  



Bunni said...

Avatar test

Bunni said...


Angel said...

>:o sickening that they gave these losers a permit Bunni...UGH!!!!!

Bunni said...

Hi Angel, isn't is something?  Well they are the bff's of that moron mayor in NYC, so what do you expect!  Have a fun week, and avoid the flea ridden rabble ;)

Oldrightie said...

Hi, Bunni,
You know I want protests against the NWO and have felt uplifted by the OWS. However, it seems that I was wrong to see a genuine movement rahter than a bunch of leftie scum. So my support totally withdrawn!

Bunni said...

Hi Rightie!  Yes, we all would like to see the banksters and NWO & Fed protested against.  But, as you have now correctly observed, it's nothing but lefty scum, democrat astroturf planted by o, acorn, and all the commie shill groups.  If you look at drudge & gateway pundit, you'll see it's EVEN WORSE than when I wrote this!  MUCH WORSE!  >:o

It's encouraging that you, and hopefully other thinking people will see this for what it really is!  Ta, thanks for visiting. ;)

Reaganite Republican said...

Somebody  tell that bozo in the pic above that he IS a commodity... 
the Chinese will work twice as hard for a fraction of what this lump feels entitled to

Bunni said...

Well said, RR.  We can tell the lump all day long, but he won't listen!  They are all insane.

Kid said...

Bunni, the occupy Cincinnati thing had/has about 50 people I think.. hahahaaa

You get down to it and you find worthless losers really don't even want to put the effort in to protest.  Anyone still around in a couple weeks, or coming back next spring is getting paid to do it. By us btw - one way or the other.

Bunni said...

Hi Kid, yes, it's a joke in some area's, no one shows up, except the paid shills.

The rest of them, as soon as they run out of booze, or need to mooch more money out of the parents, or it gets cold, they will go running home to mommy & daddy!  But, look at my newest post I just did, SOME REAL EVIL psycho's are behind this worldwide "occupy" movement.  They are all getting paid of course, and in the end, WE always wind up getting our pockets picked.  >:o

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