Monday, October 3, 2011

This is a Very Special Month!

I can hardly believe the Summer flew by and it's already Fall.
Have you heard?  It's a VERY special month now, so we won't be too bummed about the weather turning cooler and leaves falling!

It is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!   Of course, any day is a wonderful day to adopt a pet from your local shelter.  That is why I have several widgets on my blog sidebars where you can imput specs for your ideal pet.  This month is for the doggies,
so here is a great post from Petfinder.
Read all about the 10 best ways to celebrate this special month with your dog.
You'll find the widget to look for your perfect pet and fur-ever friend there too.

Dogs are wonderful companions, and very smart too, look what these
brilliant pooches are being trained to do.

My doggies could always tell when I wasn't feeling well, and I was always there to comfort them too.  Nowdays, I have dear Kittehkins, and she can also tell when
I don't feel very good, or something really scary bad has happened.

Kitties are very smart too.  If you don't feel up to adopting a dog (they are more work), you can always adopt a Cat!  I did, and it's the best thing I ever did....(besides adopting my previous doggies).  They both have their wonderful traits and reasons for loving.
It's hard to decide which is better, now I am partial to Kitties.
Let's decide here:

I love them both, and they also make great companions for each other.

The pals that play together, stay together.  Look at these two go.

I hope you've enjoyed these video's and they have gotten you to think about
adopting a dog or even a kitteh this special month.

PS:  It's also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as evidenced by all the pink you see
       everywhere, even the NFL.  I'll be praying for all afflicted and affected by this         dreaded disease.  I hope they find a cure soon.

I know Kittehkins would approve.  Her pillow says "puppy love".



Adrienne said...

All our doggies and kittehs are rescues of some sort.  Our new little Frankie is the absolute most wonderful, well trained (thank you to someone), obedient, and super happy doggie we have ever owned.  I can't wait until he has his first grooming from our regular groomer and I can take loads of pics.

I think all little baby animals are cute. 

Go see the vid I just posted about Adlai Grace.  Noelle's Bootcut Kittenpant posted it in the comments on MOTUS.

Teresa Rice said...

The dog and cat on the scooter was awesome! Its pretty amazing that dogs can sniff out cancer.  The Kitteh and doggie love video was so cute! 

Have a wonderful week, Bunni. 

Bunni said...

Glad you enjoyed everything, Teresa.  You have a great week too.

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