Sunday, September 25, 2011

THIS is How To STOP Crime! Updated BONUS Vid

I bet you are as disgusted as I am with non-stop, ever escalating crime wave sweeping across America and the UK too!

I have discovered a fool proof way to stop the evil criminals in their tracks.  The secret to stopping crime is none other than, guess what? A KITTY!

Did you catch this the other night on Leno?  It was hilarious and very creative.
"Cop 'n Kitty".  I've discovered this is a recurring skit.  It's MUCH better than 99% of the new shows airing this TV season.

Let's get Leno's Kitty on the streets to get rid of the crime slime, she'd be great at it.

     Another Episode of Cop 'n Kitty, even better!

Leno's Kitty is almost as fearsome as my little devil, errrr, darling.

The fur will really fly if you make Kittenkins mad.    Lately, that has involved dressing her up.  She doesn't seem to like being a pirate either. But, I will not quit.  Halloween is fast approaching, and I want her ready for the big day.

Until then, she will take lessons on how to be fearsome from this kitty.

Wow, I bet that scared the crap out of you, it's ok, you can admit it.
That little kitty needs to take lessons on attitude from the kitties below.

Kittehkins can do the little salute very well too!
I think she's even cuter than all the Hitler Cats combined.



Adrienne said...

Bunni - you outdid yourself! 

Did you catch the "in a city littered with crime" in Lenp's piece??

And the Heil Kiler made me LOL...

Bunni said...

Hi Adrienne!  Thanks a bunch!  Good catch, City Littered = Kitty Littered, lol too funny!

Kittehkins pose was the best catch I've done w/ her on film.  It's a natural for the caption I made.
That and "talk to the paw" ;)

Guest said...

I like the top picture. But someone should tell kitty not to put a paw on the trigger until you're ready to fire. Also, hold the weapon a little higher so the slide doesn't hit you in the face! Heh.

Kid said...

Thanks for the vids Bunni :)   I dont' watch much TV.

Good spots.  I'll bet our cats could do some of that stuff.

banned said...

Hi Bunni, great set of vids, Cop and Kitty are very welcome to come and clean up my town.

My last couple of comments disappeared from your blog (and other JS-KiT blogs too) so I thought I'd see what happened if I signed up via my blogspot account first.

The Conservative Lady said...

Thanks for the laugh, Bunni.  Especially that second "Cop & Kitty" video.  Hysterical.
Hope you had a nice weekend. :-D

Bunni said...

HI Banned, Kitty is very cool, if he's busy, I"ll send Kittehkins.
Sometimes JS kit is tempremental, it worked this time. ;)

Bunni said...

Hi TCL, The vids were great, I'm glad I found the second one, even better than the first!
Thanks for visiting.

Bunni said...

Hi Kid, Nice that you could watch here.  The only late nite guy I like is Leno and also Craig Fergeson, but I usually drift off to sleep by then.

I think our kitties would give "Kitty" some good lessons.  Kittehkins can really hop around.

Bunni said...

I will give the little orange kitty proper lessons per your instructions Guest ;)

Anonymous said...

Cop'n Kitty Rule :-P :-P :-P

Woodsterman said...

That's not nice. The post below is me. Your comment thingy made me sign in. Good stuff Bunni. :-P :-P :-P

Teresa Rice said...

Cop 'N Kitty is awesome!! Totally cool! Had me LMAO!!! :) 8-)

Bunni said...

Hi Odie!  Cop n Kitty is a big hit!  Glad you enjoyed.

Bunni said...

Hi Teresa, It's always too go have a laugh!  Glad you liked the kitties.

Anonymous said...

hey Bunni...your blood will boil when u see my latest rant girl..OIY!!!  :)

Bunni said...

Angel, I'm guessing that's you, with the cute piccy!  You bet It made me mad, I commented.
Those psycho's are taking over everything.  The Bible is the best book EVER, and those tards are complaining, sheesh, I'm sending Kitteh over to kick the crap out of them ;)

Barking Spider said...

Cop 'n Kitty is hilarious, Bunni, I hope it's going to be a regular feature. :-D :-D :-D :-D :-P

Bunni said...

I love Cop 'n Kitty, too Spidey!  I looked around, but these seem to be the only 2 so far, I hope he does more too!

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