Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Went to a Cat Circus!

Now, don't get too excited,
it's different than a
Cat House.....but
What a Delightful way to Spend a Day!  I bet I'm the only person you know who actually went to a CAT CIRCUS! Another first for Bunnikins.

The Amazing AcroCats were in town!  So, I decided to check them out.  In addition to a Cat Circus with talented kitteh's performing all sorts of tricks, there was a Cat Rock Band!
What more could a person possibly want?   (Well, I could name many things, but let's keep the focus on the cats for now.)

I arrived early and when it was time to be seated, I had the BEST seat in the house, front row center, so I had the perfect view of the fun felines.
Here is a video of some of the hightlights of their act.  It's from another gig they had a while back.  Enjoy.

In this show, they also had a Chicken that did tricks, and rang the symbols, a Groundhog that raised a, they actually had 5 trained RATS that ran around the tightropes....they stayed away from the Cats, thankfully!

The first part of the show was the Cat Circus, the second half was the Rock Band

"Tuna and the RockCats"  They were GREAT, and so talented.  They were well trained and played quite well.    Watch them on this show, it was very similar to the concert I saw.

Here the fantastic felines play "Electric Avenue".  They looked so cute, esp. the Piano Player.  Who does Nue remind you of....any guesses???  ;-)

There are LOTS of other fun video's on the kitties YouTube Channel,
"The Rock Cats"   Be sure to watch the feature Video "Stray Cat Strut", has a wonderful compilation of the circus, band, and TV appearances.

The hour flew by, and happily, the fur didn't fly!  After the show, people could pose for photo's with the stars, but I didn't bring my camera, because traveling around this city, one might get mugged, and I don't want my camera stolen.   They also were selling souvenirs.  I passed up the multi-coloured cat ears, and got the compilation DVD instead.  Over 2 hours of fun, plus Tuna, the beautiful white cat who rings the bell, stars in a movie.
 That should be fun to watch at my leisure.

You can see lots of great pics on the Website. Also, the Trainer, Samantha has another website "Amazing Animals" that lists show times, and has loads of video's and other projects the kitties did. They might be coming to your town....hey hey it's the kitties!

Finally, you have to look at the Main Website
Here you'll find links to the profiles of all the darling kitties!  I loved the one named
NUE, click on her icon.  It's uncanny how she looks like adorable Kittehkins!

Maybe I can teach her a few tricks, she is very photogenic and a star, I think.

I'm going to follow the training tips Samantha outlined during the show.
Kittehkins already has a snazzy costume, so she's good to go!
All I need is a cute Cat Woman Costume, and a leopard print ear band.



Mish Masher said...

How wonderfull, watched it all, wish I could train a cat as good as good as their trainer, I trained mine not to get on the sides but only because she wanted to impress me and she goes for my partners hand when I say get him simba but thats only because she likes me laughing at her. Cats are show offs lol.

Bunni said...

Hi Mish!  I'm glad you enjoyed the post.  Simba is so adorable too.  She does some pretty good tricks, from what you describe.  I hope I can teach Kittehkins a few things....I have a clicker and a little pointer, that's supposed to work.  Also I have a little whistle you're supposed to teach them to go inside their carrier when you blow it.
I'll see how that goes, ha ha.  She doesn't like kitty treats, so I don't know how I'll bribe her? :-D

Mish Masher said...

Yh that could be tricky lol she could be expecting you to bring her grasshoppers or a few moths lol. But I think that would be brilliant if you could, you could have a youtube channel set up for the tricks you teach her or add them to the one you already have. Oh she's going to be a star lol, well she already is lol

Bunni said...

That's a great idea  :* , When/if I can train her do to cool stuff, I'll post on the current Channel!  In case people haven't seen all the vids, here it is:

Barking Spider said...

I knew you would love it, Bunnikins, glad you had a great time. :) :-P

Bunni said...

Thanks, Spidey!  If they ever get out your way, you should visit ;)

Angel said...

glad ya had fun Bunni..get that catsuit! :)   I'm back from vacay my friend and website all fixed!!  xxoo

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