Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Have Some Summer Fun!

It might be the end of August,
but there is still time to get your drink on, relax, and share some
Summer Fun with Me and my
talented animal friends!

You'll have to look far and wide to find a smarter, cuter, and more talented doggie than that Genius little Jack Russell, Jesse!  I, and others, featured him doing amazing tricks before.  He has many vids on his entertaining YouTube Channel,
 (which you can access by clicking on the video).  Jesse also has a Blog, it's very great, and has tons of sweet photo's and fun video's.  He's very famous and quite popular!

Today I am showcasing his talents romping and enjoying Summer Fun.
       "Jesse is always up for an adventure, and delights in summertime because he can participate in his favorite outdoor activities. From lizard hunting and nice desert walks, to playing with water ballons and eating yummy water melon; summertime is full of fun!
We hope you enjoy, Jesse always knows how to enjoy each and everyday to the fullest."

I couldn't agree more with Jesse and his mom, Heather!

I know that brought a smile to your face, we need cheering up with all the horrible things that happened this month.  I hope September, and the rest of the year is MUCH better for all of us, especially the people in those flood ravaged areas!

Speaking of water, our Kitty friends also know how to have fun.  Here are some little beauties learning how to SWIM?  Who knew???

I don't think Kittehkins would like that, but I don't have a pool, so who knows?

I mentioned the idea to her, and she
   didn't look too thrilled ;-)

I'll just stick to having her do her favorite antics, playing fetch.  She always keeps the ball, though.  Oh well, that's life with a Spoiled Kitty Cat ;-)



Kid said...

Cute as alawyas Bunni.  My Niece has a Jack Russel, cool dog, and we've had cats that don't mind water at all, but should I try to get one of the current ones in the pool? hmmm.

Bunni said...

Hi Kid!  JRT's are adorable, and little bundles of energy.  If you get one of your cats in the pool, be sure to film it.  I wish I had a pool, it's SO HOT HOT HOT out here!

Bunni said...

<span>Hi OR, Glad you had a relaxing break. </span> 8-)

Pierro said...

We love kittykins. She might want to test out the shower first heehee
Have a lovely week-end Bunnibun

Bonkbonk :)

Bunni said...

Hi Kid!  JRT's are very smart and frisky doggies!  If you get your kitties into the pool, be sure to film it.

Bunni said...

Hi Pierro!  I hope you and Miles have a wonderful Holiday Weekend, and stay nice
and cozy in your blankies!

I will tell Kitteh about your nice comment, she loves you too, and reads your blog with me.
Bonkies & Hugs from your 2 fans.

Barking Spider said...

Hi, Bunnikins, they're so cute when they swim. :-P

Remember this little guy who had to swim every day to build up the strength in his legs to get back on his feet after being hit by a car? ;)

Sweeeeet! :)

Bunni said...

Hi Spidey!, Yes they are adorable, Thanks for the piccy of that cute little guy!  I hope he is all better, he reminds me of another adorable tabby!

Opus #6 said...

OMG I love the swimming kitties.  My old cat would have cut me to ribbons for even approaching a pool.  

Barking Spider said...

He does, doesn't he? ;)

Bunni said...

Hi Opus, they are too cute!  I'm glad you didn't try to get your old cat to swim, then ;)

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