Monday, September 12, 2011

10 Years After 9.11 and Things are Getting Worse! UPDATED!

Like everyone throughout the God fearing world, I can't believe it's been 10 years since evil stuck a dagger in America's heart.

We all remember where we were, and what we were doing.  Much like then, the weather here today is very clear and has a beautiful blue sky.  It was like that in New York, as well. I watched the TV news coverage starting at 7 AM, I channel flipped between the stations, and of course they gave the typical MSM lefty take on the tragedy.  This added to my sadness, but of course I'm not surprised.  They are following orders and promoting the agenda of the day.

I know you all are reading the various news sites and Blogs for remembrance posts and highlights, so I won't link to a ton of them...everyone has done a stellar job.

My favorite blogging friends contribute in many ways!  The two above photo's are
from Lawson Narse, who always makes the most wonderful pictures, he is a true artist.  Here's his blog.  He's mostly on FaceBook lately, where he showcases his photos.

Here is a beautiful tribute video from my pal who goes by several names.
This is from her YouTube Channel....The MishMasher.  Very calming video.

The flames of remembrance will never dim, no matter how much the powers that be want to change the narrative from a Solemn day of mourning and remembrance to one of
hijacked, commie infused "service".  This was an act of WAR against America.
We don't commemorate it by having photo ops in soup kitchens, FFS!

Thank God our Hero President, George W. Bush, and his lovely and classy wife, Laura, a REAL First Lady,  and their 2 beautiful daughters were at the ceremony to show what a true Leader looks like. He was loudly cheered during his memorable, heartfelt speech.  The interloping usurper who had to defile the stage by showing up as another campaign stop, and choking on a Biblical passage that clearly never left his lying lips before...well surprise surprise,    NO ONE cheered or applauded him!  The Military and the bereaved families who were at the ceremony know who is on their side, and who LOVES America!  And, so do we!

The above lovely photo montage was designed by another great artist,
Max Farquar.  Thanks Max, for remembering your American friends today.

Of course we all know the brave men & women who were the first responders, but
let's also remember the SUPER Brave and dedicated Hero DOGS of 9-11

There also is a new book all about the Hero Dogs, embedding has been disabled, so follow THIS LINK to watch the great short video.
       "They were among the first responders to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks -- rescue dogs. And now, 10 years later, a new book honors their service with profiles of 15 dogs who are still alive."

So many beautiful video's and tributes have been done over the years to mark September 11th.  I've done a few in years gone by myself, you can do a search to find them.

Of course, being that the slimes that who still wage war against America will not rest until they totally destroy us (or die trying), today was not all sweetness and light.  The psycho nuts who are totally out of control in England used this day
to spread more Hate against America.  Weasal Zippers has a great post
right HERE   about the day, read the comments too.

I had found this video earlier, it shows the scumbag mac radicals BURNING the USA Flag at the American Embassy in London, and chanting hateful things during the moment of silence.  The jerks had this planned for a long while.  Also, our Patriotic British friends across the pond, the EDL, showed up to defend our honor, and PEACEFULLY protest against these psychotic maniacs.

Here's the video, You might want to turn down/off the sound, the blabbering and yelling of these scums really makes your ears hurt.  You can see a nice clip, around the 4:45 mark, of one of the EDL Leaders calling out the PC London cops!

On FaceBook, some people who were there, on the Patriotic EDL side,
gave this eyewitness account:

Also, see the Link I put in my Comments to the EDL Account!

              "David Cameron gave permission to Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) to hold a violent demonstration @ the U.S embassy on 9/11. This decision led to two EDL members to be stabbed and put in hospital.  The psycho's were led by that violent psycho "cleric" anjem choudary, who is evil personified.

The EDL were at the American Embassy today to pay respects to those that lost their lives and lay a wreath. They also were moved away to allow MAC members to come in and to burn the American and UK flags, why are the Police allowing these atrocities to happen, that is one question you should be asking.

Secondly the EDL dispersed and a small amount of members went to the public house in question and were peacefully drinking when a number of Muslims entered the pub and proceeded to attack the EDL members, stabbing two male members of the EDL.

The Muslims were got out of the Pub and have congregated outside and the EDL are inside the pub, it is the Muslims causing the damage and the Police are standing around doing nothing. Again this shows the two tier Justice system we have in this country, the EDL were peaceful and it is the Muslims that have, yet again, caused the trouble. Where are all these so called moderate Muslims that
you hear about but never see!"

I think Cameron has been a MAJOR disappointment!  Also, how sad to see the UK coppers defending these evil hate mongers, and protecting them. It's clear to see who they side with, and it's not their Countrymen. They are so afraid of these psycho's they let them stab people and run wild, and of course the media covers it up.  SHAMEFUL. 

Here's a shorter version video of the nutters dishonoring the dead.  Embedding has been disabled, so GO HERE to view it.

Well, I don't want to end my post here on that sickening note, who wants to look and listen to them any more than one has to, so here's
a beautiful video that is heart breaking, and touching.

I know your prayers are with the 3,000 Martyred Souls, and their bereaved 

families, like mine are.  We will NEVER forget.  God Bless!  ~  Bunni



Bunni said...

Comments are acting funny, arrrrgh.

Bunni said...

Hi Adrienne, Thank YOU and My pleasure, it's a Labor of Love.
God Bless you too!  You did a wonderful post for today too.  :)
Everyone Go read Adrienne's post.

banned said...

9-11 was headline news all over the UK press yesterday Bunni, though the vile and disgusting BBC continue telling their lies (caution 1 hour 20 mins but worth it).

That pathetic bunch outside the US embassy are a tiny minority  as I am sure that you know perfectly well. But while Cameron allows them to run riot his brave police intimidate a party costume merchant for displaying a crude mannaquin of our enemy Gaddaffi "in case" someone finds it "offensive".

Like a mannequin can be "offensive" while our aircraft and missiles are at this very minute bombing the sorry ass of his remnant regime (but not him personally, of course).

Bunni said...

Thanks for the links Banned, although I could do without that ugly pic of the daffy duck, it's very sickening and I wish you wouldn't put icky pics up like that.  I only like Cute kittens, doggies and nice artwork.  So, if you want to repost w/out the offensive pic, I'd like that.

Bunni said...

I need to post a nice pic to get the awful image below out of our site, ICK.  Don't click on it to enlarge, it's sickening, like the nutter it's supposed to look like.

Kid said...

Bunni, It's not over. We have a long way to go.

Step one is that we all remember, as as many others you've done a fine service to America.

Bunni said...

Ewwww, that pic banned, in very poor taste, please remove it and repost, your links were good.

You should know by now I only like cute animals and nice photo's on my blog!

Bunni said...

Here is a great article from the Daily Mail about the goings on in London.

I also need to put a nice pic up, to deflect from that creepy one!

The Conservative Lady said...

Wonderful tribute, Bunni.  That UK muslim protest video was something else.  Can't believe the double standard.

Oldrightie said...

A terrific tribute, AB. My posts have taken a different tack on the political front but are not in any way meant to detract from the true patriotism and courage of so many "little" people. We in the UK have to suffer positive discrimination in favour of imported trailer trash, when we have enough of our own. 
You pick up nicely on our left wing/EU dogma that spends millions on forcing us to love the scum and vilify the EDL. You couldn'y make it up, as is said often.

Mish Masher said...

I've done a post on those gypsies, that were holding people against their will. Well not that particular bunch another, so if the police are doing their job right this is the end of it this is only the beginning

Bunni said...

Hi Kid!  You're correct, it's not over, it's only just beginning, from the look of things across the pond.
You're SO nice to say I've done good by America.  Many more have gave their ultimate.  I just write.

Bunni said...

Thanks alot, TCL.  It is sickening the double standard, and those psycho's were invited by the Prime Minister to defile our flag and sacred day.  I read close to 90 British Citizens were murdered on 9.11, so how they can allow this sickening stuff to happen is horrid.

Bunni said...

Well said, Old Rightie!  Thanks for your compliments.
I find it sickening how your gov't gives preferential treatment to the imported trash.  They are so firmly entrenched after all those years of Labor, and now Cameron, that I fear you'll never get rid of them.
The lefties and media do the same thing out here.  You can't make it up.
The gov't here also gives preference to illegal aliens and criminals, all sorts of freebes, whilst born and bread tax payers are given the shaft.

Reaganite Republican said...

We're about to turn things around in this country, Bunni- hang in there!

Bunni said...

That is a horrific post, MM.  You are very Brave. What you and your son had to go through. =-O  
 Please be careful and take care of yourselves.  I hope the police do a better job resolving this than they did coddling the creeps in the vid above.

Bunni said...

I sure hope you're right, RR.  If we don't, things are going to get worse here than they are in England, and that's saying something!

Bunni said...

I just saw on Facebook a post by the EDL on what REALLY HAPPENED!  It's a Great Read, so I'm
putting the link here below.  Let me know if it works!

Very Brave Lads, and I hope the injured recover quicky from their stabbings!

Zilla/MJ said...

Great post, Bunni! I also wrote about the disgraceful mohamadeens and the jihadis stabbed EDL members at my place.
I love the artwork and videos you posted, I had not seen some of them before, thank you for sharing!
All the cute stuff in your sidebars has helped ease my crankiness today, so I thank you for that too.

Woodsterman said...

Never Forget 9/11/01 !

Never forget there's NO such thing as a moderate Muzloon! :-P :-P :-P

Opus #6 said...

I will never forget, Bunni and Odie. That is for sure!

Teresa Rice said...

Excellent tribute, Bunni! Never forget 9/11/01! God Bless America! 

banned said...


<span>9-11 was headline news all over the UK press yesterday Bunni, though the vile and disgusting BBC continue telling their lies  
<span></span> (caution 1 hour 20 mins but worth it).  
That pathetic bunch outside the US embassy are a tiny minority  as I am sure that you know perfectly well. But while Cameron allows them to run riot his brave police intimidate a party costume merchant for displaying a crude mannaquin of our enemy Gaddaffi "in case" someone finds it "offensive".  
Like a mannequin can be "offensive" while our aircraft and missiles are at this very minute bombing the sorry ass of his remnant regime (but not him personally, of course).</span>

banned said...

okey dokie, please delete

banned said...

That ceowd was lead by our old friend Andy Choudray.
Take comfort from the comments on your link Bunni, 6-7,000 approvals is remarkable, most stories on that site get 2-3,000 at most.

banned said...

<span>That crowd was fronted by our old friend Andy Choudray.  
Take comfort from the comments on your Mirror link Bunni, 6-7,000 reader approvals is remarkable, most stories on that site get 2-3,000 at most.</span>

banned said...

on 'travellers', 'comments'

banned said...

"arrest of 11 Jihadis who are now in custody and helping police with their enquiries"

That did not get coverage in the UK press, just the dispersal of the EDL, by implication, for being troublemakers.

Angel said...

never give up Bunni girl..xxoo

The Flower Princess said...

Great blog Bunni!  You are a lovely writer, I liked the video about the rescue dogs.  I remember watching a story on them after 9-11 so this was interesting to hear.  I hope you are having a nice week.  I have been real busy lately.  Have a blessed rest of the week! ♥

Bunni said...

Hi Banned, Thanks for your great information and links!  :-D
The things the PC nuts find offensive are Not, they should worry about REALLY offensive things like mac.

Bunni said...

Thanks for removing the creepy pic and this SUPER GREAT INFO Banned.

Which Mirror link Story was it, do you remember, I comment around ALOT, and I forget now, I'd love to see that,
6-7,000 Likes is a record for me...hee hee!.

I saw in the vids that the creep choudray was leading the mentals, as usual.   >:o

Bunni said...

Hi Flower Dear, Thanks for the compliments, you write great too, and your artistry on your Etsy store and everything are SO SO creative.  I bet that's why you're really busy, I'm glad you have tons of orders.
I knew you'd love the doggie video, like I did.  Hope your week is great and VERY blessed and Take Care.

Bunni said...

No, we never will Angel, thanks for all you do and all you DID THAT DAY to comfort the really live up to your name "Angel".  O:-)

Bunni said...

Thanks Teresa, We will always remember!  God Bless You & America too.

Bunni said...

You and me both and Odie Three, plus billions of other good people, Opus.

Bunni said...

Hi Odie, We won't forget, no matter how they try to change the narrative.
And, you are quite correct in your observation.  :-P

Bunni said...

Hi Zilla, I'm glad you liked the post and artwork.  I'll have to check out your post on the disgraceful nutters, I've been super busy.

I like to have things cheerful and cute around here, to help balance out the bad news we get bombarded with daily!
Lawson and Max, & MishMasher  are great artists, as are others I find and showcase.  I just make cute kitten videos  8-)

Bunni said...

I had read that little sentence somewhere that 11 of the murdering scum were nicked, but I didn't even think to write it in the post, because knowing the plod out there, they were probably enquiring about the best halal shops to buy their roasts, and nothing would come from the arrests but a slap on the wrist for the 11 psychos!

Bunni said...

Everyone MUST READ Angels post about how she went to the NYC 10th Anniversary Service!  She was a blessing to the Mourners, once again, made me cry!  What an Angel she is!  O:-)

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