Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rumor Has It! UPDATED w/New BONUS Video!

The whole internet is abuzz with the latest genius idea from the brain trust in dc.

I think they got this stellar idea from our old friends across the pond!
What do you think????

I will not name it, or link to it, GOD FORBID....but if you're on twitter,
check out the hashtag #attackwatch.   Hours of fun there.

How much you want to bet this doesn't last thru the week.
Check out this article in "The Hill".

Plus, for EVEN MORE hilarity, how about this sweet development.
Talk about being hoisted on one's own petard of rules for radicals!

Follow the links above, Michelle Malkin has a great post about it!

Bonus Video!  Here's Michelle on Fox News Talking about the events of the day!  Quite Hilarious!   Ataaaaaack Waaaaaatch is the new "Whaaaats UuuuP?"

The super parody video Michelle mentions has gone viral!  You can find that on your own.  I don't want to end up like the darling little grandma above ;-)

I might have to report Kittehkins!  She promised to play nice now, so
I've given her a reprieve!   She also mentioned what the Stasi slimeballs can do.

Smart Kitteh, that little darling is!  hee hee



Adrienne said...

That last pic sums it all up perfectly! 

Barking Spider said...

OMG, that's hilarious, Bunni - only Lefties could come up with such a "great" idea - how to shoot yourself in both feet in one easy lesson. What a bunch of daft, stupid, moronic, cretinous, traitorous, Lefty twats! :-D :-D :-D

That's one smart little Kittehkins - I couldn't have put it any better, myself! :-P :-P :-P

Opus #6 said...

Kitteh doesn't seem to happy to be thinking about the rat/dumbell.  Poor thing needs cheering up.

I already tweeted #attackwatch to report suspicious activity, lol!

Anonymous said...

When Barry & the Boys try to be scary, they screw even that up.

innominatus said...

Dang it!  Some day I WILL remember to sign in and not appear as "guest"

Bunni said...

It sure Does, Adrienne!  PS, congrats on your new doggie, he's darling.

Bunni said...

HI Spidey!  It's made the day so Hilarious, and lots of fun.  O and his merry band of morons will NEVER live this blunder down!  Plus, I just updated with a link on how he f-ed up SO much, he didn't even file his own jobs bill.
BWWWWWAHHHHHHHA!!!   If I didn't know better, I'd think they are purposely doing all this to themselves, but NO ONE can be THAT DUMB!        :-P
I agree, Kitteh is a genius, it's pretty sad when a pet cat is smarter than the so-called leader   ha ha.

Bunni said...

Hi Opus!  That's a good observation!  Much like the darling doggie, Opie (no relation) remember him, who wouldn't eat treats from obummer.....Dear Kittehkins runs away in horror, or spits up a hairball, if I don't hit the mute button fast enough when the nit wit appears on tv!

All the cool kids are having a field day w/ the #AttackWatch tweets, I've knocked out quite a few funnies too  ;)

Bunni said...

If brains were dynamite, those fools wouldn't have enough to blow one nose.

Bunni said...

Hi Inno!  even as Guest, you're very funny, and always welcome.

The Conservative Lady said...

They're having a field day with this.  I joined just to see what was going on over there and the first thing they do is ask for money.  Supposedly, they got over 100,000 subscribers within the first 24 hours.  Bet a lot of them are conservatives having a good time "reporting attacks".  Hilarious :-D

Bunni said...

Hi TCL, you're braver than me, I wouldn't join their crap site. I've been reading the lst thing they do is re-direct a person to donate!  I bet, like you,  99% of them are our guys leaving funny comments!  Good work ;)

Woodsterman said...

Hi Bunnikins, looky what I made ... :-P :-P :-P

Bunni said...

Good One Odie, that is freaking hilarious!

Are you going to send it into the site?????  You gotta put this on twitter ;)

nominedeus said...

Whats a big green boon doggle and why has that man been let out of hospital with a tube still up his nose?
Clarification please!
PS been to daily caller and left a comment, after the one at Odies I expect a little holiday in Cuba soon!
Love the Kitteh Bunni, great post loved every second of it, isn't it great to see dumb bunglers screwing up... which by the way is why Obummer likes it when Michelle is on top...he loves fucking up!

nominedeus said...

love it Odie, jist love it!!!

nominedeus said...

thats better got ma piccie up now bwahahahahaaaaaa!

Bunni said...

Ha ha, Nominedeus, you're so funny!  It is hilarious how these clowns screw up.
I will try to remove the mental image your last remark brings...anyway, I think
Moo is just the beard, he hasn't f'ed her, up or any other way, in quite some time, I'd guess. =-O
A big green boondoggle is anything "solar" inspired, which is basically everything these clowns try to push.
Your piccy is very pretty and relaxing.  Thanks for commenting.

Kid said...

Solyndra and more, past and present, could really blow sky high regards oblabber. he's gotta be sweating, which is good.

Bunni said...

Kid, This should be like Watergate = Solargate!  Or Enron 2.  I hope it goes started to, Brian Ross (ABC) a few days ago started exposing it, then NOTHING...they must have gotten a 3 am phone call.
The video of this interview is on Breitbart TV.

<span>He's reminding me more and more of another deranged megalomaniacal leader. </span><span></span><span> </span>
He was sweating alot too, when he went into his bunker  ;)

Kid said...

Bunni, there comes a time when even the libtards will eat their young.

Reaganite Republican said...

Question: Bunni are you into Maru, by chance?

My wife is hooked on the videos, it's this silly cat from Japan that LOVES boxes

In a recent twit of plot, she's now into bags instead for some reason lol

Bunni said...

Hi RR, Oh yes, I've seen Maru, I'm into all cute kitties!  Maru is very famous.
I'll have to watch the new vids where she likes bags!
Kittenkins likes boxes too, as she shows above.  Lately she's starting chewing it, though, so
maybe I should introduce her to bags too! ;)

Buster said...

Toughest squirrel ever

Angel said...

stay happy Bunni girl and  keep the faith my friend!!.. :)

Bunni said...

Hi Angel, thanks I hope you do too! 

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