Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weiner Comes Clean! But Breitbart OWNS Presser & Today's Lauer ~ UPDATED, New Videos plus Skeevy CHAT TRANSCRIPT!

Well boys & girls, yesterday was certainly surreal, and lots of fun.  I came home and saw the news and all hell had broken loose.  As I predicted from DAY ONE, Weiner was GUILTY of doing the pervy tweets on his own.  There was NO HACKING, and he finally admitted it today!  Complete with blubbering and crocodile tears, fitting, from a reptilian lizard.

But wait, Our Hero, Andrew Breitbart, took to the podium FIRST, and it was a thing of beauty, the ultimate vindication.  Andrew owned the lefty MSM and left them in the dust.  They are done:  I agree with Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit:

Breitbart Scolds Democrat-Media Complex Before Weiner Admits to Lying About Lewd Internet Photos
“I’m here for some vindication!”

Hat Tip, Gateway Pundit, who has been keeping up on this saga very well for the duration.  Check out his site for the latest, lots of good posts.

I found this longer video, it's well worth a listen, Andrew explains what's going on, and
the guys at Fox News couldn't even believe it.  They did babble through some of it, but still Andy gets in his hits!  It was a Presser of EPIC heroics.  AB is a Journalism icon.
PLUS, he actually got the rabid weenie to APOLOGIZE to him.  How freaking cool.
If I was AB, I'd sue the scumbag weiner for Slander, and then some.

If I was wee weenie, I'd try and NOT to Piss Off Andrew anymore, I can only imagine what the photo that Andy is hanging on to is like,  ewwwwww,  pretty gross, no doubt.

Weasel Zippers did a great live post of the presser as it happened.  This sums up
events VERY WELL, in case you want to get up to speed.  They also have the latest, and pics and info of the women weiner was in contact with, plus what he said to them.

- Andrew Breitbart just jumped on the stage.
- Breitbart ripping into the left.
- Says there’s one more photo (I think ABC News has more -ed.)
- Am I the only one scratching his head wondering how Breitbart got into the Weiner    presser?
- NYT says Weiner won’t resign.
- Breitbart wraps up an epic press conference.
- People on Twitter (who are supposedly there) are saying the press asked Breitbart to take the stage.
- Weiner has to be going ballistic after seeing Breitbart on stage at his press conference.
- Weiner speaking. “I made terrible mistakes”
- Admits he has exchanged “explicit” messgages with women after getting married.
- He’s crying. So ghey.
Says he’s not resigning.
- He just apologized to Andrew Breitbart. Wow.
- Crying yet again.
- It’s over.
                      Brilliant, Zip, not much I can add to that!

Finally, hop over to Breitbart Big Government and read the latest.
Also updated with 2 video's!  They both are gold.

"Weiner Press Conference... I Apologize to Andrew Breitbart"

"UPDATE: Rep. Weiner has admitted full responsibility for the Twitter pic posted to his account. There was no hack. There was no prank. He even apologized to Andrew Breitbart. Exact quote, “I apologize to Andrew Breitbart.”
Retracto is currently in training. Going to be a busy week for him making the rounds of the media.
Rep. Anthony Weiner called a press conference for 4pm EDT. BigGovernment.com publisher Andrew Breitbart was in New York for previously scheduled meetings and went to the presser as an observer. Rep. Weiner was, unfortunately for him, late for the conference. The press then asked Andrew to go to the podium to take some questions. It was surreal and awesome.  
According to FoxNews, a Weiner staff ran through the hotel halls screaming, 
“Breitbart’s here. Breitbart’s here.”

This made a Bunnies day! Talk about D-Day!  This is one day that weenie tot soon won't forget, and it get's better yet....watch Nightline tonight, they will be interviewing at least one of the women who got some really raunchy photo's from pervy lizard weenie tot!  The twat has NO SHAME, he should resign.  Even Pelousy is whining for an investigation.  (To pretend like they care and to call for an inquiry before the Republicans do).

I bet the photo AB is holding on to will surface, as part of the "investigation", then people will see MORE of weenie's shortcomings!    He said he had sent out the photo's "as a joke".  Yup, I'd say it's a joke all right.  What guy actually sends pics of his junk around, thinking it's funny???  The guy is demented too. GOOD, let him squirm like the little teenie tiny worm he is, couldn't happen to a bigger slime!

UPDATE ~~~~~ UPDATE:  Andrew was on the Today Show, lst thing Tues. morning.  Matt Lauer was his usual annoying self, trying to put the lib spin on things.  As always, Breitbart owned him, and exposed the real truth!

It keeps getting Better!   I hope Andrew Sues the crap out of that weenie tot!

PSYCHO ALERT!  UPDATED ~~~ >WOW, Just when you thought it couldn't get any SKEEVIER!

Here is the transcript of the lurid, putrid and actually rather laughable transcript
of weenie's chats with the "Blackjack Dealer".  You might need a shower after this, it's very, very gross and cheezy.  He even writes his porn chats like a putz!
CLICK HERE  for all the gory details!  Hat tip Fox Nation.

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