Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's a Dick in a TWEET, Video Gold ;-)

This video is going to make you
spit up a hairball, or whatever you're doing at the moment!

Remember that funny video on SNL by Justin Timberlake,
Dick in a Box?

Well, I just found something WAY funnier!  It's about the dickless wonder, weiner.
Wee weenie Weiner and his twitter undies escapade.  Yes, it's him & he sent it, BTW.
You all know the story, now here's the video.

Hilarious, huh?  The little worm is the gift that keeps on giving.

The New York Post has had the funniest headlines all week
on weenie tot, this is the best.

Too funny!  I wonder what the demented frankenfurter will pull this weekend ;-)

Behave yourselves everyone, if you're sending photo's of your junk out,
make sure you aren't wasted,

Also make sure you know where the pics are going to end up.
(It would also help if they actually were worth looking at).


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