Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hugging Kitteh's, Leopard Cubs, other Cuties, UPDATED!

You might have seen the viral video of the Momma Cat hugging her baby, to calm it down from bad dreams.
I embedded in my comments.

I bet you haven't seen THIS adorable video, of a little kitten hugging her mommy!  TOO Sweet!  What a nice Channel too!

Now back to our Lovable Leopards:
The extremely rare and exceedingly adorable Clouded Leopard Cubs
who live at the Nashville Zoo are now 2 months old.

I can't think of many things cuter than some sweet baby Leopard's. I want to cuddle all of them, and give them lots of treats & play with them!
From New Media Edge and their YouTube Channel

"Here is the third update on the newborn Clouded Leopard Cubs at the Nashville Zoo. Watch as they jump, wrestle and run after the cameraman!"

What adorable kitteh's, and getting cuter every single day,

like this little sweetheart.  

We know kitties, they just like to do cat stuff!
Check out Mylo the Cat, he's one hip'll be humming this song all night.

How'd you like that, Bitches? ;-)  Hey, don't blame me, it's Mylo, 
he's a potty mouth with a hearing problem, "what?"  He's also a Criminal, check out other vids on his channel.

I'd rather have Mylo as a criminal than all the ones we're stuck with in gov't.

I hope you have a yummy and delicious time, whatever you're doing.

Time goes by so swiftly, it's hard to always enjoy it
while it's happening to you. 

  Take a look at this adorable, they grow up SO fast.  H/T Holy Cuteness.

How sweet, I had a German Shepard, they make the CUTEST puppies.


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