Sunday, May 15, 2011

Are YOU a Real Man??

It's time to ask yourself an important
question....really think about it now.

Are YOU a real man?  You might think you are, last time you looked....but the true test is the answer to THIS all important question:

                      DO YOU LIKE CATS?

As you saw, Real Men love Cats!  Many cool dudes have owned kitteh cats.
Don't think you have to have a huge doberman or a giant pit bull to be
a real "he man".  Even a cute little tabby kitty owned with care and love will
make you a king in the eyes of your pet, and your kitteh loving girl!

Of course, gals love cats a whole bunch, that goes without saying.  It's been commonly thought that kitties are more of a "girly" pet!  Well I have dispelled that theory now.

Cats can be pretty fearsome, they also can be exceedingly cute!
Look at this hungry little bunch!  Get ready to say "AWWWWWWWW".

That is a lot of Meowing, and the kitties had lots of fun.  I was getting hungry just
watching them, sweet little tykes, I'm glad they got adopted.

I thought we needed a break from the never ending sad news bombarding us daily.
I feel especially bad for the People in Louisiana, who must sacrifice their homes while the floodgates are being opened. The mighty Mississippi is wrecking havoc all over.
 What horrors these brave souls are going through, and they have my prayers.  The citizens who are subjected to this are not even going to be compensated.  What an absolute nightmare. So, when we think about our so called "problems",
we can be thankful we don't have to pack up our entire house in one day, and flee,
and have our home destroyed.  I don't see any so called "leaders" visiting the damaged area's, or offering assistance!  Gee, what a surprise, NOT!!!!

Oh dear, now we need more cheering up!
How about this happy guy?  Jeffrey the ball playing horse!
He doesn't have a care in the world.  Hat Tip Holy Cuteness.

I hope you are as happy and care free as Jeffrey!  If not, you haven't been watching
enough cute video's, which is why you have me!


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