Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breitbart: Conservatives Need to Regain Control of the Narrative

Here is a MUST WATCH
video from Conservative
hero & trailblazer,
Andrew Breitbart.

You will LOVE how he discusses points from his EXCELLENT new book
"Righteous Indignation".  He also describes how that moron okra....aka Oprah,
is largely responsible for manufacturing our Nation's greatest mistake.
(Another reason I'm SO HAPPY that liberal, Godless hag is going off the air!
Good riddance to that nitwit, her stupid cable channel is already tanking!)

Just uploaded by NewsmaxTv, AB gives an excellent explanation of the
liberal media complex, and how Conservatives need to regain control of the News narrative.  Funny how 2 great geniuses you know have the initials AB ;-)

"Liberals hijacked the mainstream media and Hollywood because they realized they were outnumbered in a center-right country, says Andrew Breitbart. In a Newsmax.TV video, the online entrepreneur, political commentator, and author also talks about how Sarah Palin can solidify her influence."

Great interview, wasn't it?  The book is even better.  I just finished reading it,
and I found it very informative, fascinating, and gives a perfect primer on the
leftist media complex, the Frankfort School, Alinsky, and all the disgusting and
vile influences that have left America in the dismal shape it is now.

I urge you to read the book, it's a quick read, and not boring or stuffy at all!
I've always admired Breitbart since he broke the ACORN tapes w/  James & Hanna, and I respect him even more now.  You can check out the book, and
other links RIGHT HERE.

He's great Patriot and probably the biggest thorn in the lefty msm's side! 
Keep giving it to them AB, you're a fearless fighter & you rock!
Much like this little kitteh taking on the "big dog".

Keep fighting, Patriots, we MUST win in 2012, and rescue America!


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