Sunday, May 8, 2011

Animal Kingdom ~ Mother's Day

It's a beautiful Spring Weekend, and so much has been going on
in the wonderful world of

First off, I don't have to tell
you that today is Mother's Day!

It's a special day for Mom's every where, especially New Mom's who have sweet little babies to love.

Here's a cute video of our friends in the Animal Kingdom Celebrating!

This is beautiful too, and has lovely quotes along with the kitteh's

Kitty Love is so precious.  I adore their sweet little faces.

Even when they look mad, they are adorable!   If you have a pet kitteh, you ARE a Mother today, especially if you don't have actual children.  You can treat your little one like a child, and dress her up, just be prepared for the consequences.  

Speaking of the Animal Kingdom, yesterday was the Kentucky Derby, and
Animal Kingdom won!  A longshot, and a very beautiful horse.

Once again, the most exciting 2 minutes in Sports!  I love all the beautiful horsies, and the hats are entertaining too!

Bunnies also like to get in on the races & show jumping, check out these little ones.

Lest our dog loving friends feel left out, check out this hilarious video!

If you want to see the Lovely Mommy kitteh and her babies from the top photo!
Please visit Good Morning Kitten.

The photo's are especially precious today.

             Be sure to call your Mom and say Hello!


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Can't state any Facts Nowdays!

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