Friday, March 4, 2011

Most Amazing Video You've Ever Seen....Ever!

I was making my rounds of my favorite
websites, and I found a video so
amazing, so beyond the realm of human
comprehension, something that you could
never fathom in your wildest imaginations,
well, I just had to share it with you!

I bet you've never seen a Bunny like this before.
I didn't even know Bunnies did such things.

Get ready to be entertained and enlightened.

I have found a Bunny Rabbit that actually likes swimming!

Wasn't that something!  Who knew Bunnies like to swim in the bathtub?

Learn something new every day around the interwebs, don't we?
I hope your day is going swimmingly!

Now here's a Bunny that likes to eat, apparently

Maybe that Bunny should take up swimming, for the exercise!

Let's move on to something smaller, and keep it real, peeps!

I hope you have a "real" fun rest of the week.
Gather your friends around you and party, hearty!


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Can't state any Facts Nowdays!

Can't state any Facts Nowdays!

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