Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meet the World's Only Feline Band!

More wonderment from the
wide world of internet videos!
I bet you didn't know there
is a kitteh cat band, did you?

Well, there certainly is,
and you can watch the video
today and meet the little cuties
right here, courtesy of
the LoL Cats.

Talented, aren't they?  Smart kittens that don't give the run around, unlike this guy.

Ohhhh, I'm dizzy now.  I think that kitteh is too.  He should sit down and rest.
If he needs to go anywhere, he doesn't need a carrier or a pet taxi, not with
these helpers!

I hope you enjoyed your day, even if you weren't in New Orleans to
Celebrate Mardi Gras.  Luckily our kitten friends were there, and they have a song
for you.  You'll see by all the great pics and their happy expressions that they were having a great time and partying like there is no tomorrow.

Take it easy, even if you're not in the Big Easy, until we meet again.


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