Monday, February 28, 2011

Devastating Piglet Attacks! Video, UPDATED!!

This just in.  There has been an attack by crazed piglets on the Internet!  Before you run and hide in your bunkers, stay tuned to Bunni's Blog.

You have to watch this video to see how this devastating occurrence happened.

This is breaking news you won't see on the MSM. They have been too busy fixating on Charlie Sheen, who may have passed a drug test,
but would probably flunk a psychiatric exam.

 Dr. Tiny Cat is certainly gonna keep on rollin, and bypass HIS house, for sure.
Suing for "mental anguish", HA, I should be suing HIM for mental anguish, having to watch his various demented interviews on the morning shows today!

Now, back to more terror, our promised piglet video. Thought I'm make you smile, before you watch the devastating account of what happened. H/T The Onion.

One last chance for happiness, get ready.  (Hat Tip Cute Overload).

Ha, Ha, gotcha!         But Wait, there's MORE!

I hope you manage to avoid the terrible psychos.  It's getting harder by the day,
all kidding aside.  You can always take refuge here, where happiness and cute kitteh's,plus other sweet
animals will cheer you up,
before the end of an error.  We know who is responsible for this don't we?

That was a rhetorical question!  Despite the madness, I hope you have a super week and keep smiling. And, if I was you I'd STAY AWAY from Union infiltrated Rallies, those thugs are WORSE than ANYTHING.

Just a safety tip from your Bunni Buddy!
       Hugggs,    Bunnikins

UPDATE ~~~~>  UPDATE: Guess what?
It's National Pig Day!  Look at this little guy, he's so freakin' cute.  Enjoy the day!  I'm so Happy it's March lst....I'm sick of February. It's a stupid month  IMHO....just sayin! :-)


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