Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Good Time!

What a wonderful night it was last night, election nights are always fun in the Bunni Bunker, esp. these mid-terms. I had predicted things were going to turn out VERY well for the Republicans, and I, along with many other smart people, was right! Those cute stomping baby elephants on my Halloween video's were prophetic, don't you agree?

It was loads of fun participating in the live blog chat put together by the ASE, Grumpy Old Twat, Barking Spider, Biased BBC, etc. Great comments and amusing commentary. Those guys take politics very seriously. They started at 7 pm central, and were still going strong past 3:00 AM UK Time....when I left, around 10:00 pm here. I was tired and went to lie down and watch the news. I fell asleep, and many key Illinois races still had not been decided yet. While on the live chat, we watched loads of great acceptance speeches via FOX News, and also followed Twitter and other feeds. I was particularly impressed with Marco Rubio of Florida. That young man with a real love of America
and such a beautiful family is going places. He is true Presidential or Vice Presidential material, IMHO. Many other folks gave rousing speeches too, both the winners and those who didn't.

So, I watched the news, most all the dimwitted dems in Chicago were winning, no surprise there, so I was getting bored and drifted off to sleep. I woke up around 12:30 am, and was greeted with the lovely news conference of Mark Kirk, (R), I bolted out of bed and shouted "Praise the Lord". I can't tell you how HAPPY I was! This is a very big deal, and perhaps the most humiliating loss for o. That it happened in this town, where all sorts of shenanigans go on, is even sweeter! I almost couldn't believe my happy ears! Prayers are answered sometimes! We won the house, and
took back bammy's seat. Hopefully Mark will fumigate the cushions first ;-)

Say what you will about Mark Kirk, he had been called a RINO and such, but face it....he HAD to win to advance the good agenda for America. Look at the alternative,'nuff said. Here is a portion of his victory speech, which I really enjoyed!

We are still waiting to see if Bill Brady, the (R) will win for IL Governor. He is NOT conceding to the current creep Quinn, (Blago's VP and replacement). He's behind only about 8,000 votes, and lots have NOT BEEN COUNTED YET! The news is reporting it could take maybe a MONTH! Well, call me cynical, but I think this might end badly, too much "playing around" could go on with absentee ballots, mailed votes, the out of town Military vote, etc. etc. Plus, look who's doing the counting! Well,
if we get Quinn, it will truly suck, he's going to raise IL taxes THROUGH THE ROOF!
But still, if one of them had to win or loose, it's better MARK KIRK WON!

Another wonderful result of the elections is that pelousy and her overgrown gavel have been sent out to the trash heap of history! Yipee! That's some great news, let's sing!

And then this afternoon, all the pols & pundits were trying to figure what happened.

I'm very proud of Illinois this time, we even have more sense than California. How they re-elected boxer and moonbeam brown, I'll never know. Plus, Nevada has lost it's marbles, along with it's solvency, putting dirty harry back in. Not to mention bawwny frank? What is wrong with people, they are truly beyond reason. Oh well, can't win them all! I will be happy with Kirk's win! It's Awesome and I am singing this
soaring rendition all day today, enjoy!

PS: I wonder if Alexi will take Mark up on his offer.
at The Billy Goat's! Brilliant move on Mark's part. Alexi will almost have to, or
risk looking like a jerk if he doesn't.

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Leg-iron said...

I wondered if you'd seen this one...

It cracked me up.

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