Friday, November 12, 2010

Remembrance Weekend, Honoring All Veterans PLUS Fun Music for the Weekend!

It was very heartwarming, and also quite saddening, to see all the ceremonies yesterday, Veteran's Day, and Remembrance Day in England. Most all my great blogging friends did posts honoring the day, too many to link here, visit my
Blogroll to the right and you'll be very happy you did ~~~~~>

I wanted to wait to do my post until some video's were uploaded. Here is a very touching video showing a bit of the Veteran's Day Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery yesterday. We will never forget the many sacrifices all our brave men and women made during the many wars to guard & keep our freedoms. As they say, freedom is NOT free, and we should not take their ultimate gifts to us for granted. May all the Fallen Rest in Peace, and be held warmly in the hand of God for their eternal rest, until we meet them again when we leave this earth.

Wednesday night, I enjoyed the CMA Awards! 3 hours of pure entertainment and patriotism, plus glamour and fun, with love and tears.
If you missed the show, here is the official website, with all sorts of links and photo's.
I loved how all the stars signed a golden car and donated it for auction for the Wounded Warrior Project. The Country Entertainers are the most Patriotic group of artists in music around, in my opinion, and the 2010 show was no exception!

I think the Performers get better every year, and I'm so happy Brad Paisley finally won Entertainer of the Year. His acceptance speech honoring his grandfather brought a tear to many eyes, including mine. Brad has SO many cool video's, here's a real fun one.

Since it's also the weekend, you should watch his video on "Alcohol", too, hee hee.
Click My YouTube Channel icon on the right sidebar, I've featured it ;-)
You can always do a keyword search on my Channel for this and anything else you might like to see, as well. Miranda Lambert won Female of the Year & also for a really nice song too, and her fiancee, Blake Shelton, won for his category, too. What a super birthday present for her, and this will guarantee no fighting as to who won what ;-)
It's so nice to see happy couples. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman looked radiant, as well. Lady Antebellum and Sugarland also were great. I'm glad they walked away with Awards. I still haven't seen the appeal of Taylor Swift, and thankfully she didn't monopolize any awards. She's ok, but over-rated. Even Gwyneth Paltrow performed, she didn't totally suck. Probably due to Vince Gill also singing with her.

Of course I adored Carrie Underwood, she is so beautiful and talented, and was a super fun host along with Brad Paisley. They were a great duo, and I think they will continue their hosting duties, if the CMA has the good sense to keep them next year.

Kid Rock also was a Performer, he is maturing and did a great live version of his new
single, "Born Free". Remember, we all were born free, and we have to fight to keep it that way! I love this video, so much gorgeous scenery of the fall and the lovely nation we call home.

I hope you all get out this weekend and enjoy the beautiful fall season, which happens to be my favorite time of year! Especially these last few days, it's been unseasonably warm here, and today is the last day for that. I will be remembering all our Veterans this weekend, and every weekend. A BIG Thank You to all my friends and their families who have served their countries, and kept us FREE!
I hope we all can stay that way, given the state of affairs these days ;-)


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