Sunday, November 14, 2010

Remembrance Day Sunday Ceremonies ~ Lest We Forget

I don't have much to write today, except I am very sad remembering my ancestors, and thinking of all my friends who's family gave the ultimate sacrifice of bravery to protect our Freedoms. May God rest their souls, and bring comfort to the grieving family and friends left behind. Watch this beautiful video, it will bring a tear to your eyes, no matter which side of the pond you live on.

Today there are many ceremonies in England, as it is Remembrance Sunday.
The Queen lead the mourning ceremonies in London.
Here is the article, with many photo's, from the Guardian UK.
I must add I am quite annoyed with photo # 8/10! Their looks speak volumes!

I wish all these senseless wars, especially the one we are all engaged in now,
would cease. So many young lives cut short, for very wrong reasons, I think.
May God protect all the Brave Military members of both the USA, UK
and all our good allies. May all our enemies know just a fraction of the pain
I, and others who have lost loved ones, have felt.

Meanwhile, the Brave Generation that survived the War in England are
letting their views be known on the state of affairs today, from the Daily Mail UK.

Hat tip to Lawson for posting this illuminating and very true article on his FB page, where I first saw it. I hope the library has this book, I would love to read it.
The authors have a web page, and they made a YouTube Video, as well.
Their YouTube Channel has lots of interesting interviews with
World War 2 Veterans. You can find the main channel HERE.

UPDATE ~~~~> Update! My blogging friend, The Kid, was kind enough to share a few stories from his Father's Service in WWII in the comments, they are WONDERFUL, and I am posting below! Be sure to Visit & Follow Kid's Blog!

My Dad walked Italy, France and Germany in WWII as as infantry Seargent. I can't even imagine. And he only told 3 humorous stories about the whole thing.

1. He was in France, and had been given a couple bottles of wine by a gratified Frenchman. Some Germans started shooting at him as he was working his way through a field with the rest of his men. The movement from the running caused one of the bottles to pop its cork which hit him good in the lower jaw. He went down and thought he was shot.

2. He and another soldier were walking down the street of an Italian town. A sniper shot and hit his friends belt buckle, which caused his pants to go down around his ankles..

And I can't remember the third one right now, but it was a similar story. It's pretty amazing, but the vast majority of those guys came back in really good mental condition and good spirits. Really not much PTSD. They came back as heroes who had just kicked the world's ass and took names. Things weren't easy for them here. They all had to find work and make a life. Most of them did very well from what I can tell. I never heard a story of a man having trouble from the war. Well, actually the guys I did hear having some trouble were a couple of the guys in the famous picture standing up the flagpole at Iwo Jima. Odd isn't it.

If I remember the third one, I'll pass it along.



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I see this post is getting LOTS of HITS!  Thank you everyone.  I did one for this year, as well, so click on my blog title blog to read that.  WE NEVER WILL FORGET! 

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