Monday, May 17, 2010

ClimateGate 2010 ~ Lord Monckton Video

I don't think many people know about the ClimateGate Conference currently going on.
It has not been widely reported, probably so they can sneak more crap in and figure out more ways to tax us and limit our freedoms!

Of Particular interest is the appearance of Lord Christopher Monckton on Tuesday May 18th at 2:00 pm.  As you know, he is the former science advisor to U.K. Prime Minister Thatcher.  He will be discussing "Global Warming, the Trojan Horse that menaces global freedom".

Here's an Interview with Lord Monckton on 
the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf.  


Also attending the Conf. in Chicago is James Delingpole of the Telegraph UK, he's been posting pity  comments on his FaceBook Page.

I hope you have a great week.


Conservative Scalawag said...

Really, they are still pushing globull warming, even after the email fiasco. Geesh, these folks are dumber than even I thought.

It also proves it isn't about saving the planet, humean life. Instead, the vail has ben removed, for it is all about money and power. To take out money to redistrabute it to the previeved poor, and take our liberty and give to the elitist who feel they can use it better than us.

Barking Spider said...

They will never stop, Bunni, they know that the cat is out of the bag..... they know that Pandora's box has been opened..... they know that they will never be able to convince a huge number of people ever again, not after Climategate and all the other scandals that were exposed...... but they will never stop, not willingly..... they have too much invested and too much to lose  >:o

Angel said...

Hey Bunni girl...HAPPY MONDAY  my friend!..nice collection of laughs and goofs girl! :)

Indyanhat said...

God but he's so full of sh..erbert!!! This one was wrong then and he's still pedalling the same canoe, Oh how I hate these jumped up pseudo-scientists speaking their insidious lies so quietly and rationally that too many people are fooled. NUCLEAR ENERGY GOOD!!! and live next to a reactor I thought not....Short term profits for him and his friends...and stuff everybody else!!! Should have been hung..theres still time!!!

The Kid said...

Bunni, I didn't realize how much<span><span><span><span><span><span> Lord Monckton looks like Rodney Dangerfield !</span></span></span></span></span></span>

You always do the best posts.  You'll have to show em how someday :)

FreakSmack said...

I think if Lord Monckton sneezed with his eyes open, they may fall out. He reminds me of this lady." type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="170" height="140

No Respect... No Respect

I'm in agreement with the global warming hippies today, it's hot as hell here.

Oh, and here's a pic from the White house earlier.

Government Mess said...

Hi Bunni, I really liked the Lord Monckton video. He is the voice of reason on the Global Warming Scam that's for sure. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I start my truck driving school tomorrow at 8am so I will have less time to do my work online. I am looking forward to it though. It's 4 weeks and then I get my CDL and they place me in a job driving for a company. The nice thing is that the school is 15 minutes from here and it's 4 days a week, Mon. thru Thurs. 10 hours days. So if I am not around as much you know why.  O:-)  Keep up the awesome work, you always make me smile.

banned said...

France does fine with almost all of their power coming from nuclear sttions, mind you, they are mostly sited on the Eglish Channel coast so guess where any spillage would go!

banned said...

Hi Bunni, yes we had our eye off the ball getting rid of the Brownling. It's no surprise to hear the greenies jumping on the terrible oil spillage bandwaggon to slag off the oil industry in general. The first ever major oil spill was off the southwest coast of England in 1967 when the tanker Torrey Canyon broke up spilling 500,000 barrels but, as Lord Monkton says, today you would barely know it even though in those days they did not have the sophisticated techniques that we now do for sorting it out.

I'm off to to find out the latest climate change crap from the loonies.

Christopher said...

<span>Three Cheers for Lord Monckton! It's no wonder why Gore will not debate him, Gore could not debate one of Moncktons baby toes.</span>

Chris said...

I read the most intersting article on Worldnet daily:

Bunni said...

Hi Everyone, thanks for the WONDERFUL & INFORMATIVE comments  :-D
So much good info and links, much appreciated.  O:-)

I'm running late here and have to get out for all my errands on the busses.
I'll comment you back later!  I hope you have a great Tuesday.

chicagoray said...

I didn't even know this Bunni, thank u ;)   They are keeping it low key alright, like sneakin in and out of town unnoticed.. but they have a lot to hide from and for, that's for darn sure.

Snarky Basterd said...

Well, would you expect the MSM to report the truth? C'mon, now. What are you ... living in 1950?

Have a great week yourself, B.

Matt said...

Thanks for posting this Bunni.  I wish I would have know sooner, I would have posted it. 

The Conservative Lady said...

I hadn't heard any reports about this conference.  Thanks for posting.

Andrew33 said...

I saw this as well. The real problem will happen because we will have a hyperactive hurricane season this year. The globalist warming crowd will claim that Glenn Beck, Fox news, and SUVs are to blame. Never mind the fact that it's been several years since we had a severe hurricane season. For those of you that don't know, hurricanes tap deep warm water near the equator and transport it northward. The inscribe hurricane seasons of the last 3 years have caused a huge buildup of heat in the deep tropical oceans which will be high octane for any hurricanes this year. The lack of strong Atlantic hurricanes over the last few years had a major impact on your cold winters too. This is actually a normal cycle and has nothing to do with global warming. It is simply the Earth's way of regulating it's temperature as it reacts to solar cycles. I really wish someone will tell the globull**** warming idiots that the sun warms the earth, not Carbon Dioxide.

Bunni said...

Hey Everyone, I'm glad you found this informative.  I had not read or heard much about this,
so I figured my fellow eagle-eyed, brilliant bloggers had not either!  :-D

I gotta get running, it's nice weather today and all sorts of errands!
Thanks to my latest pals comments.  I"ll comment you all back later.  The Bunni has SO much stuff to do, and I have to go on the busses all day and get supplies and stuff!
Happy Wednesday. :-D

Woodsterman said...

What a great place to hold a conference about a big lie. Happy day to you, Bunni ... :-P :-P :-P

Bunni said...

Hi Odie!  Great pic you made, it makes me feel cold just looking at it,
but I want to enjoy some semi-warm weather.  Hope your travel trails
are happy, and Glad you're on FB now too! 

Woodsterman said...

I've avoided FB until now. I'm still not sure I want to be there. It was a favor to my daughter in law.

Bunni said...

I got on it a while ago to spy on the nasy comments work people who used their REAL NAMES made!
Now that I'm on it alot, I love it, it works perfectly with the blogs, and also to post pics and vids and stuff.
I can see why people luv it....I don't play all those crazy farmville games and stuff, though!

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