Wednesday, May 5, 2010

3 Reasons YouTube Shouldn't Censor Downfall Parodies

We all love the YouTube parodies of Hitler in the Bunker.  I've posted a few myself.  Always good for a laugh.  Watch this video from Reason TV.  They give good reasons why these parodies should stay on YouTube.  Someone needs to do one on Kitteh's hating on Hitler, since he insulted them.
There are many things I don't tolerate, insulting animals is in the top 3!

Apparently, YouTube isn't doing such a great job of getting rid of all the Parodies,
here's one that's pretty crazy!

Hitler finally has had enough. He places an urgent call to the Talking Kitty, 
to order him to cease and desist!

I hope you enjoy your Wednesday. 
I'm sure I don't have to remind you it's
Cinco de Mayo, so lets all raise a glass & toast to Arizona.
I've invited KeyBoard Cat to our Party, along with his
drunken cousin, Gato!

Enjoy your day, and don't get too hungover, because tomorrow
we are celebrating Labour and Gordoom Brown getting voted out of power in the UK!

My Friend, Barking Spider, explains what this all means, in case you didn't
follow this on the news:
"The MSM got their way with a hung parliament, Bunni. Cameron still has the most seats but is short of a majority, Clegg has already said that Cameron should form the next government and Gorgon is holed up in the Downing Street bunker and also hoping to do a deal with Clegg. UKIP,(Nigel Farage's party), has split the Conservative vote and lost themseats.

If Cameron can't deal with Clegg, he will go ahead and form a minority government, I'm sure, because if you combine Lib/Lab seats, they still don't add up to a majority. The media have created the worst of all worlds for us."

Well, Everyone in the UK is screwed, I can't figure out WHO IN THEIR
RIGHT MIND would vote Labour.. Read about the cock-up HERE!


Woodsterman said...

That naughty Ninga Kitty, but I'm an exibitionist so it might be fun. :-P :-P :-P

Bunni said...

Hi Odie!  That kitty has very nice dentures.  I'll tell Hiter to send the kitty over
to you when he's through yelling at him.  8-)

labcat said...

lol those keyboard kitties are not amused :)

Bunni said...

That's why they have to get drunk, LabCat!
Thanks for visiting, happy hump day!  :-P

Christopher said...

8-) Hey Bunni,

I caught this vid too from Reason and thought of you right away,,lmao,,cat vids!

Bunni said...

Hi Christopher!  You know me too well!
Hitler will not insult cats and get away with it from me! >:o

Pierro said...

LOL dance and clap for Sinko duh Mao
I will certainly raise a glass of tuna juice to Arizona!

Dazed-and-Confused said...

Because in the U.K. most of them are about Gordo and his New Labour scum sucking buddies, who will hopefully be gone in the early hours of Friday morning.

Bunni said...

Hi Dazed, it won't be long now!  lots of celebrating.  Maybe things about them won't be
so censored, once snotty is gone!  I can't wait. :-P

Bunni said...

Hi Pierro, I will celebrate with you, and send you a case of
tuna to celebrate.  I hope you have a fun day.  It sounds exciting.
PS:  I put you on my blogroll, so everyone can see your & your cute pals.

chicagoray said...

<span>They are very selective in their removals, you Bunni know they canceled my first one and it had hundreds of Anti Obama videos .....most of them are no longer available,  and that's not tin foil talk. 
(B) this letter opening Bunni to my right is more useful than most Obama voters....thing could work at the Post office and do a better job than the rainbow coalition of numbnuts at my PO.</span>

Snarky Basterd said...

As a parodist/satirist, I take special offense to YouTube doing this, and the corporations who make them pull videos. They can all suck Mobama's third leg.

Soloman said...

Love Hitler talking to the talking cat... too funny! And "Ninja Kitty" - too much!

Thanks for the much needed laugh - we racists and Nazi's here in Arizona can all use a laugh right about now. Even our damned basketball team is open-borders! Ugh!

Vendetta @ Radio Free Britain said...

The Hitler cat looks like mine, so if you don't mind I'll nick it, thanks Bunni

fidothedog said...

Hitler parodies rock, I put mine up on Daily Motion now. 

Woodsterman said...

I shall dawn my birthday suit for the occasion. :-P :-P :-P

What Makes Us Right said...

what an image

velcro said...

Those are great!!  I'm on youtube now, but haven't uploaded anything yet.  technical difficulties and all that...

Angel said...

thanks for checkin on me at WHT Buni! :)   can u believe whats happening in NYC!!

The Conservative Lady said...

Hi Bunni:
I loved the Hitler videos and was sorry to hear that they are being pulled off of Youtube.  I never saw the one with the cat.  Funny stuff.
Hope all is well with you. :)

Mish Masher said...

I've seen a few too, on all kinds of things not just politics, it's just a little fun, seems we're not allowed to have a laugh anymore.

Mish Masher said...

lets hope Dazed, I'm keeping my fingers crossed they don't fiddle the whole thing but then they wouldn't get away with it I think.

lady di said...

Oh Bunni, another good post.  Avis and Hurtz comes to mind.  Who or what is the competition for UTube?
Free speech............I remember it well

Bunni said...

Hi Ray. It's awful Youtube got rid of all your cool video's, the suck sometimes.

You should see the lazy morons at my post office.  The Bunni opening the letter would do a MUCH
better job!  Thanks for visiting. 8-)

Bunni said...

Hi Snarky!  I don't like it either.  They shouldn't mess with our funny video's!
The can suck that and more.

Bunni said...

Hi Sol, I'm glad you had a laugh, those kitties are hilarious.  We have to
keep laughing, otherwise we'll have a big headache!
Go Arizona, your dumb B-Ball team should NOT have changed their name.

Bunni said...

Hey Vendetta, I'm glad you liked Hitler Kitty, he looks very cute on your blog,
also the caption you gave him.  Your cat must be very cute too.
Thanks for visiting.  :*

Bunni said...

Hi Fido, you have some really funny ones.
Daily Motion is a good video site that doesn't sensor as much.

Bunni said...

Hi Velcro, I'm glad you enjoyed.  I've a channel too, the link is on my side bar, so
Friend me.  It does take a while to upload things, but it's pretty easy.

Bunni said...

Hi Angel, I love visiting your blog.  It is really scary what's going on in New York, stay safe.
I would def. stay away from times square, or the big train stations, etc.
Take Care of yourself!

Bunni said...

Hello Consv. Lady.   Things are fine with me, I hope your spring is going well too.
I'm glad you liked the cat video's, they are funny.
The link I put there has Lots of Hitler vids, so I don't think they can find
and sensor all of them!

Bunni said...

Hi Mish!  It is funny, some of the things parodied.  We have to keep laughing, and if
our commie overlords don't like it, we should laugh all the harder!
I hope we'll be esp. jolly tonight....once gordoom is voted out.

Bunni said...

Hi Lady Di!  I'm glad you liked it!  Daily Motion is another YouTube like site.  They don't pull the video's as much.
I'm not on there yet, I seem to stay under the rader.  We'll keep our free speech as long as we can!

The Kid said...

Bunni.  OMG that's funny stuff.  ! hahaa

You the Woman !


The Kid said...


Bunni said...

HI Kid!  Glad you liked!  You da man,
thanks!  :-P

Anonymous said...

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Bunni said...

Poor Kitteh, has he been hanging around obummer? >:o

Bunni said...

That is over the top, Odie, and probably racist   hee hee
He needs to be hauled before the principal and sent home
for wearing sombrero's. :-P

Anonymous said...

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Matt said...

Good vids, though I believe that ceiling cat is suppoed to watch Hitler masterbate. 

PFFV said...

Hi Bunni, nice piece on the parody censorship. I had heard they were pulling the Hitler spoofs and that's a shame. I really loved the Olympics one myself. The Drunk kitty video was adorable too. Did you get a ton of rain there too? We had real bad storms here and about an inch of rain. The garden won't need water for a! I start school May 24th for 3 weeks in Ft. Wayne Indiana. That's about a little over half way between where I live and where you live roughly I think. I am looking forward to it too.
Well I hope you have a great weekend and as always I wish you the very best.

FreakSmack said...

That Hitler talking to the kitty video was hilarious!

Funny you and I both having posts featuring Hitler videos at the same time... I didn't even know you tube was removing them. I found plenty.

Bunni said...

Hi Matt, good point!  Maybe Ninja Cat is hiding with ceiling cat. :-P

Bunni said...

Hi PFFV, the Hitler spoofs are funny.  The link I have has a main channel and lots of others.
There were really bad thunderstorms early this morning.  It rained quite a bit.  It was cold all day, and  threatened rain.  Kind of threw off the planting schedule.   Good luck with your schooling, It will be good to get away and learn a new trade, all the best to you too!  Enjoy the weekend and thanks for posting all the great video's and stories you do.  God Bless. O:-)

Bunni said...

Hi Freaksmack.  I'll have to look at your Hiter video, it will be a nice surprise from the felonious freaks.
What are those jumping kitties doing?  They are funny, I hope they don't get dizzy.

Anonymous said...

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Bunni said...

Thanks to Jamie at Eye of Polyphemus for Linking me in his

Go Check out the great posts in his Spotlight!  :*

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