Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some Jerks Can't Take No for an Answer: Fun with Foamy the Squirrel

It's time to have a laugh, and take time to smell the flowers!  After the horrible news yesterday, I am determined to cheer up and have a few chuckles.  Our friend, Foamy the Squirrel, visits to rant about people who can't take NO for an answer.  I don't like those type of jerks either.  When I say no, I mean it, and I WON'T change my mind. Ever!  We'll let Foamy explain his reasoning.  Yo, Language Alert!

Foamy has the right idea, (except the part about your mother)
even if he is a bit of a potty mouth!
Now, watch this epically cute collection of Silly Kitteh's and their
mind boggling antics!

There, I feel much more cheered up today! I'll be ecstatic after watching
this collection of Puppy pics!

I hope your day is happy. Try not to let the horrible news events steal your joy!

Here's a flower from me to you! Bunni ((((Huggs))))



Christopher said...

Thanks Bunni! :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Opus #6 said...

Thanks for this, Bunni. You are good at taking care of us.

Bunni said...

Thank YOU, Christopher, for your friendship and kindness.

Bunni said...

Hi Opie!  Thanks for being a friend, I need to keep us smiling.
I loved your post of obummer being heckled too!

Adrienne said...

I "heart" Foamy!

Angel said...

glad ur all cheery girl! :) hugss!!!

Bunni said...

Hi Angel, Thanks....I'm trying to "fake it 'till I make it", but
Foamy and cute animals always help!  (Huggggsss back at cha)

Bunni said...

Hi Adrienne, me too  :)

Matt said...

Foamy kicks!!!

Reaganite Republican said...

Great stuff Bunni.... especially the cat one, we loved it!

Foamy's an acquired taste... the wife doesn't get it, lol

Woodsterman said...

Glad you've been cheered up young lady. Did you ever see how swine flu is spread ? :-P :-P :-P

Bunni said...

Hi Odie!  I did not know swine flu is spread so cutely!
It seems pretty harmless, I'm glad I didn't get a vaccine. :*

Bunni said...

Hi James, Foamy is an acquired taste.  I don't like his ho sidekick, but
vids with just him are OK, but he swears ALOT!
I had to class him up with cute cats and pups!

Bunni said...

Hi Matt!  He sure does!  Foamy rocks!  8-)

The Kid said...

Love the cat video of course.  I could actually put one of those together.

Bunni said...

Hi Kid!  I would bet yours would be great!  The video you made
of Wilbur and the other doggies was great!
I'm happy you liked the kitties!

Red said...

Bunni! You're posts have teh cutest!

Andrew33 said...

I love the kitties, and the doggies too. My blog vacation is over. I needed a break. We all do from time to time.

Teresa Rice said...

Thanks for the humor Bunni. I loved when the kitty snuggled with the baby. That was oh so cute!  You have a wonderful week!

Andrew33 said...

Hi Teresa! been away for a bit. I'm back now. Hope U R well

chicagoray said...

Where do find this crazy stuff! Funny :)  

Anonymous said...

I liked the cat one!  Good stuff.

Bunni said...

Hi Guest!  Yes, that was one of the better done compilations!
I'm glad you visited.

Bunni said...

Hi Ray!  It's a gift....hee hee!
Glad you had a laugh, we need it out here in the cesspool of America.

Bunni said...

Hey Teresa, that part was adorable, when the kiddies interact with the babies.
I like the one where it jumped out of the bushes and surprised the kiddy!
You have a delightful weekend too, my friend!

Bunni said...

AD33, I'm glad you're back, and I hope you are feeling great.

Bunni said...

Hey AD33!  I am SO happy you are enjoying your great new wheels!  You made the perfect choice.
I've been thinking of you, but figured you were being quiet for a reason.  I know what you mean about
needing a break.  I need one too, but I'll keep posting my cheery vids to help us in these trying times!

I hope you're feeling well, and enjoying life.  I"m praying the oil slick doesn't reach your area.  Don't get
me started on how pissed off the destruction of the Gulf Coast makes me....arrrrrghhhh, so sad.
Have a lovely weekend!

Bunni said...

Hi Red Sweetie, Thanks for visiting, I'm glad you like.

Angel said...

have a peaceful weekend my friend~!

Bunni said...

Hi Angel, I hope your weekend is peaceful too!

Living in Chgo, it can only be so peaceful, but
maybe I can be in the yard, and it will seem quieter.

FreakSmack said...

Hope you have a better weekend than this guy!

Barking Spider said...

Foamy's got the right idea, Bunni, the Lefties keep at their Lefty shit until everyone gets really mad at them, too - they can never take no for an answer! >:o

Cute kittehs again - I especially liked the one snuggling up to the baby - sweeeet! :-P

Andrew33 said...

The Gulf Coast will survive just as it survived the saltwater intrusion from 4 major hurricanes in 2 years. In many ways saltwater intrusion from hurricanes is just as bad as oil contamination. Both kill plants and in hurricanes, salty ocean water gets pushed into groundwater aquifers and sprayed on plants by winds. The 04 and 05 storms were expected to be fatal to the wetlands along the gulf, but they survived, just as the Alaska coast survived the far more toxic heavy crude from the exxon valdez accident.
The "loop current" which is expected to bring oil to my side of Florida has already cut off from the Gulf Stream as it does every year for most of the year so barring a hurricane, I likely won't see oil here until next march or so.

I took a month long break mainly to read. In order to have good things to discuss, I believe it is necessary to read and learn. To find balance, I try to keep mental output and input at similar levels. I was doing to much writing before and simply ran out of things to say so I took a break.

Andrew33 said...

Did he just give birth to a kangaroo?

Andrew33 said...

No, the kangaroo got him all wet.

Andrew33 said...

Here's a funny one:
Recently, local police got a call about a 6 ft alligator on it's back in the emergency lane of the interstate. This is normal here, so police blocked multiple lanes of the interstate which tied up traffic for miles while they called in a trapper to "rescue" the alligator. The trapper came and used his trapping equipment to contain the dangerous animal. This beast turned out to be a stuffed animal. Think about how much it cost taxpayers to pay the cops and trapper to save a stuffed animal.

Bunni said...

Hi Freaksmack!  I hope yours is great too!
I won't be standing near the edge of ponds with those Krazy Kangas
around!  He ha, funny!

Bunni said...

Hi Spider!  We have to be like broken records when dealing with Lefties....they
NEVER let up, it's like talking to a wall.  I'm inspired by Foamy, but then I never
had a problem with telling ppl what I really think.

We have to have cute kittens to look at!  The baby one was adorable.

Bunni said...

<span>They waste more money on stupid stuff than actual helpful services.</span>

King Shamus said...

I thought the puppies were cute.

I admit it.  I'm not made of stone.

Bunni said...

Hi King Shamus.  Thanks for visiting.
Your secret is safe with us here.

Use it while you have it!


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