Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Foamy the Squirrel is Back ~ We need a Laugh!

After the torture of watching obumblelama the moron last night, and all the news today that is further pissing me off, 
thank Goodness our little friend, Foamy the Squirrel, is back with another 
hilarious rant.  By the time the summer is over, we'll be needing the product
at the end of his video.

In case you've not seen the Foamster before, there is a STRONG language alert!
But, somehow it doesn't seem so bad coming from our little buddy!

That was fun and stress relieving.  It also helps to read about how far Obummer is
TANKING  everywhere!  I also found this great video on Breitbart, and it's good
too, from the RNC!  I love how they use James Carville to get their point across.
The election ads this season are going to be VERY entertaining, that's for sure.

Finally, we have this cat!  I think he has been watching obumbles TOO
Much on TV.  He is starting to pick up some of his traits.

I hope these video's helped put you in a better mood! 
 I think I'll listen to Foamy rant again.  



Leg-iron said...

Good old Foamy. We need more of his squirrelly wrath.

banned said...

Wow Bunni, you are on a roll :) ; Foamy The Squirrel is just so funny, reminds me of the days when  wherever you visited a cinema there was a shakey ad for the local Indian curry restaurant but, if you looked closely, it was the same flock wallpaper everywhere in the country!

Whoever did that Obumma vid needs a medal, reminding us how tawdry he has been, sitting around on his fat arse  playing golf  before getting around to being rude to the guy  who is really in charge of trying to fix the damage in the Gulf. "Iwill not rest until BP have paid..." or "I will bitch and scream until someone else does something :-E ". How very Presidential (not).

That Kitty vid had me quite scared, I almost hid behind the sofa (US=couch).

Bunni said...

Hi Leg-Iron!  I'm glad you visited.  Foamy is quite the hero!
Glad you enjoyed his wrath.

Bunni said...

Hi Banned!  Yes, I have posted quite a bit lately, it's feast or famine.  Well, things just keep happening.
The video is done by the RNC, Republican National Comt' that's encouraging.  There will be lots
more like these, just in time for the November elections.
The meeting today obummer had with BP lasted just a few minutes.  Bammy only did it to further villify Bp and stage a perp walk.  I can't wait for the perp walk when they drag this marxist maniac out of the WH and hang him for treason (I can dream).
I know what a sofa is, my grandma was British, so lots of your sayings I know  :*
The kitty is like chairman kick a poo.....acting all "mad", then just a big baby in the end. 8-)

The Kid said...

Love the cats Bunni.  I'm still laughing at the attack cat.

banned said...

What took Obama so long? The truth will out, Haliburton sabotage/black ops from Chenys gang.

Bunni said...

Hi Kid!  I'm glad you enjoyed the little "killer".
He had the last word.  :-P

Pedaling said...

yes, that helped the mood, quite a bit.

loved the Obummer video clip....
"they're" starting to getttt it........
and the fact that the republican party put the little ditty together- ah, even better!

and, the animal clips are as funny as ever- gotta love those furry little personalities!

Bunni said...

Thanks for the link, Banned!  You keep up on all subjects so well.
I'm sure it was an inside job too, it's just tooooo convenient, to advance the NWO agenda." type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="170" height="140

Bunni said...

Hi Pedaling.  I'm glad you enjoyed the clips.  The RNC hit one out of the park.....I hope they keep it up.
We love our furry helps to keep us smiling during these awful time.  :*

Lonely Conservative said...

Ha! I like the foamy rant. But the "cats attack" made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the chuckle. You really are amusing. (I had to stop the Obama vid half way through. So sick of that guy.)

Bunni said...

Hi Lonely Cons.  I'm glad you were amused.  I know it's hard watching obummer,
even when it's a parody.  I'm so sick of him, I can't even tell you!
Thank goodness for cute animals to cheer us up.  :-D

Snarky Basterd said...

That's a cool cat, B.

Bunni said...

I wish he lived next door, I would have a fun garden companion, SB.

innominatus said...

The cat had the psycho kitty eyes thing going there for a second.  I was convinced he was really gonna go off.

Ramblings From a Young American said...

I like kittens. I really do. Meow. :)

Now, after that eclectic statement I'm feeling a tad obtuse but by no means pendantic or verbose.

Matt said...

Thanks Bunni.  The laugh was much needed. 

Indyanhat said...

I know why he's playing so much golf...He's hoping that he will be mistaken for Tiger Woods and get some of that ol poontang action!!!
Great vids as usual Bunni, made oi smile they did!

Bunni said...

Good one, Indy.  Except he is very, very Gay, and he would probably like the action with
the caddies.  I'm glad you enjoyed the video's  :-D ;)

Bunni said...

Glad to oblige, Matt!  :*

Bunni said...

When I first watched, I thought kitty was psycho and MAD too!
Then at the end, he was a big baby....too cute.

Bunni said...

Hi Ramblings!  I'm glad you are a kitteh lover too.
Also, it's good you hit the dictionary before writing your comment!  :-P 8-) :) :-D :-P

Anonymous said...

The governors are putting out some really good videos.

Bunni said...

They are only going to get better, Trestin!

Ramblings From a Young American said...

The dictionary? I do not use any dictionaries. I just ask my kitten.

Bunni said...

Smart Kitteh

Woodsterman said...

After you watch foamy, join the President for lunch in the golf. :-P :-P :-P

Teresa Rice said...

Foamy was hilarious, LMAO! The Kitteh was so cute. Thanks for the laughs, Bunni.  Obama has been missing in action for 60 days. What a libtard commie.

Bunni said...

Hi Odie, good one!  I won't have lunch w/ him though,
I'd barf.  Great pic.

Bunni said...

Hi Teresa.  I love the little mite too.  Glad you laughed, we need it.
Obummer is beyond all contempt.  He needs to GO.

Christopher said...

Hey Bunni, Foamy is so right here! As you say the election ad's will be great, even most die-hard Hussein voters will be hard-pressed to believe anything is all 'Bushs fault' now. That is of course assuming he does not take-over the media and shut it down like his buddy Hugo Chavez?

Angel said...

hey Bunni girl!  would u believe this Oil spill fiasco..billions and there ANYTHING Hussein O doesnt want to control!!!  argg!!!! ;)

banned said...

If your Grandma was British then you have 'right of entry' to UK and citizenship! But do hurry because any of your children will be "other alien" with less rights than Somali pirates or Afghani warlords to enter our  country which is why my Australian cousins always make sure to be in London every other generation to have their children! Wonderful world isn't it?

Great TeleEvangelist vid btw, ta.

labcat said...

that foamy vid was hilarious. recently my dad started dating again and was unaware of the commercials at the movies. he. was. pissed. 

Bunni said...

Hi Banned.  I don't know where to find her papers to prove it and all.
I don't have children, and never will, no doubt.
It is sad to see my homeland go down the tubes.

That was a parody, based on real people!
Ta ta, Banned

Bunni said...

Hi Christopher.  People are waking up.  Which is precisely why we should be VERY 
afraid of the scenario you put.

Bunni said...

It's horrible and maddening and a typical Chicago shakedown by
a community organizer, Angel.  I wouldn't be surprised it was all
a set up to push his horrid agenda!  arrrrrhhhhh!  Yuk!
Happy Thurs Nite.

Bunni said...

HI Lab Cat. it is a nuisance, I just try to get a good seat, and watch the preview.
But I go to the early or cheap shows, & they really pile them on there, 15 minutes worth.

All Seeing Eye said...

Never seem Foamy before - that was excellent Bunni, thanks!

Bunni said...

Hello Eye!  I'm happy you discovered the little angel!
His YT channel has funny stuff.
Thanks for stopping by! :*

Opus #6 said...

Good foamy rant. I totally agree.

Bunni said...

Hi Opus!  Foamy rocks, lets have him be pResident! 

cbullitt said...

Foamy is wise.

FreakSmack said...

Hi Bunni, hope your having a good Sunday. Keep your head up.

Here's a chuckle for today.

Bunni said...

Hi Freakster, that is funny!  Thanks for stopping by, I'm hanging in there.
Thanks for the chuckle, Don't work too hard and be like that hammy on the treadmill.

Bunni said...

Hi Cbullitt, he is smarter than the average squirrell!
Thanks for visiting.

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