Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Hurt Locker is Explosive!

  1. If you read my past post “A Thank You to our Soldiers”, you may recall I mentioned "The Hurt Locker", the great new Iraq War movie by Kathryn Bigelow.

    I saw the Charlie Rose interview of her on his entertaining show a few weeks ago and I was very impressed. Ms. Bigelow is a fine action director whose thoughtfulness and soft spoken demeanor belies her mastery of the thriller genre. She is a true independent filmmaker who is beholden to no one, she has final cut, a rarity for a woman director.

I admire a woman who can take control and not take crap from people who want to screw with her vision! She's an only child, just like me (I think we have that "take no crap" independent make-up). Her previous credits include Strange Days & Point Break. I couldn't wait for the film to open in Chicago, and it finally arrived yesterday at an “artsy” theatre on the NW side, a few bus rides from my house. So, I was happy to see it on the opening day, after a nice lunch and a little shopping in the busy area. I hadn’t been to that theatre in a few years, and while more expensive, it has a great sound system and classy ambiance. I arrived my usual 15 minutes early for optimal seating. This smaller venue was perfect for the intimacy and immediacy of this tension filled flick.

The movie is full of suspense and action and really has you on the edge of your seat many, many times. Non-stop boots on the ground, balls to the wall drama. It is about a U.S. Army Bomb Squad in Baghdad in 2004. It is based on a screenplay by Mark Boal, who was actually embedded with a Bomb Squad. That realism really shows. One can read about war, and see the msm news footage on cnn (with their liberal spin) all day long, but you really get into the heads & hearts of the Soldiers who are living in this sand trap day in and day out when you view this masterpiece. It does not take political sides, just shows you the real deal of life in a crappy place where each day could be your last. The grimy, dusty narrow streets filled with people who you just can't trust. Are they actually selling DVD's, or planting IED's? That would make me paranoid. It messes with your head, and you either embrace it, or it destroys you.

The film opens with a quote by Chris Hedges, a former war correspondent: "The rush of battle is often a potent and lethal addiction, for war is a drug". By the end of this exciting thriller, you know why this quote was there.

The hero of the film is Jeremy Renner, who plays Staff Sgt. William James. This is a break out role for him, and he embodies his character 100%. Sgt. James is the bomb diffuser who shows no fear. Sometimes his actions border on reckless, and his EOD disposal squad mates are none too thrilled with his decisions and unorthodox methods - but he gets the job done. He is independent and a bit of a lone wolf, he doesn't always follow procedures. An ordinary by the book anal-retentive type (who does show up and get his comeuppance midway through the film, btw) could not do what Sgt. James does. The psychological makeup of these men who cheat death upwards of 10 times a day, day in and day out, is very different from the average soldier or person. They must have nerves of steel and an intense love of danger. A reckless, devil may care attitude, and the knowledge that they could be meeting Jesus in person any second. This is an adrenaline addiction, the more they do it, the more they have to do it. They can diffuse a trunk load of bombs with robot-like speed and precision, but become overwhelmed at the choices of cereal in the grocery store! I think they have the hardest job on the planet, and God bless them, they are the personification of the word HERO. I thank God we have men like these, and they should be appreciated!

I won't give away too many plot details and precisely what happens, it is better to just sit back and immerse yourself in the events as they unfold. Just when our Hero gets out of one bad situation, there is barely time to decompress when the next challenge shows up. And, when he might have a chance to go back to barracks and relax, he searches out still more danger. It's also neat to see more well known actors in the film. Ralph Fiennes (The English Patient), who I've always liked, and David Morse as the cool Col. Reed. Col. Reed really recognizes what a wild man Sgt. James is. Even he, a hardened veteran, and Sgt. James' Superior, is in awe of the special make-up of this extraordinary man.

I predict that this film will earn Ms. Bigelow an Academy Award nomination for Best Director. She thrusts you into the theatre of war in Iraq. You can taste the sand in your mouth, smell the stench, and feel the vibrations of the bombs as they shake the metal atoms off abandoned cars. This film will go down in history as a classic that does for the Iraq War what Full Metal Jacket and Platoon did for the Vietnam War - in a much shorter time frame. It is Especially timely now, with this weeks' recent events in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is happening NOW! As I've written before, and my wise fellow bloggers have pointed out - this will be happening much more as the months drag on. I urge every American Patriot, and even the un-patriotic, lily livered scum suckers that deride & demoralize our troops every chance they get, to see this marvelous movie. You will then know what our Brave Soldiers go through. They are so dedicated, that given a chance to go home, they volunteer to go back! Who among us could survive even the basic training and many psych ops tests for this kind of life. I'm a tough gal, but I could'nt do it, could You??

The Bunni is giving YOU some marching orders to go and seek out this fine film. You won't forget it and you will have a new appreciation for our Military - the Bravest Men on Earth!


Snarky Basterd said...

Oh, I'm always up for a movie that doesn't try to make our soldiers look bad. Excellent review, Bunni. I'm certainly going to pay a visit to the theater for this one.

Andrew33 said...

As a huge fan of the military, war history, military aviation especially, much of my T.V. time goes to Military and History channels when they do such programming. I will be very interested to see this, but I will wait till it comes out on Satellite in hi-def as I have nice TV and sound so watching a movie here is just as enjoyable as at home. Excellent review and I will repost this on KOOK's blog as well. I lived in Pensacola for a while and the most enjoyable part was this time of year 2-3 times a week, the Blue Angels would practice. I was doing landscape design and rotated my schedule so that I would be working in the area they practiced on those days. I really wish I could go up there this weekend because the big air show is taking place as we speak. I went to it every year I lived there and even seeing them fly so often, It was just as amazing the last time as the first. Anyone who has never seen The Blue Angels or the other military flying groups do their show, I would rate it as an absolute must see. Thanks for doing this material on our military and related things. It is important that those serving our country know we support them despite the current administration.

Andrew33 said...

By the way, what color would you like me to use for your posting. I use purple for me, Kook often uses blue if he is commenting on a statement or press release, and I use green for environmentalists.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Dr. Dave! You'll Definately like this one, 'cause our Brave Solidiers sure come out looking awesome! I hope you find it wherever you are - I put the Moviephone lookup link in the bottom paragraph! Thanks for the Kudo's.

AD33: I'm pleased you liked the review and very happy you think it's a keeper for Kook & your's blog! Thanks for the support.

I would say just post it in white lettering - since the blackground is dark! I'm very fair-skinned, so that is fitting.. hee hee.

I luv the Chicago Air Show too, it's here in Aug. every year on the lake. Blue Angels, big bombers, all the best hardware. It has gotten more overrun with nutjobs the last few years, but I still try to make it out there each year! When you see those stealth planes wizzing by and the sconic booms, it's awesome.

Andrew33 said...

I used to see it everyday in Pensacola since N.A.S. is there. The funny thing is I know every plane, the specs on them all the way back to pre-WW2, except for the ones that are classified. So when one plane or another would fly over, I'd be like that's a such and such plane top speed of what ever with what ever much horsepower engine and the people working with me would be like-how do you know all this? My answer was: I can read. Mainly it was Navy FA-18 hornets but sometimes an older Korean era F-86 Sabre or a WW2 P51 mustang would fly over. They never flew the Stealths over there since they are stationed in California, but they were there today. The neatest part was not too far away was the area where (I believe) live ordinance was used to practice. Either that or I heard alot of sonic booms.

As for the white lettering, that is cool with me. Green and Purple are my favorite colors and green represents the "green" movement which makes me sick. I refuse to buy anything with a "pro-green" logo on it since often money from such products goes to Environmentalist Goonsquads like greenpeace or the ELF.

On the weekends, I like to do "lighter stuff" on the blog, or give a fellow blogger a post if there is a good one. Left Coast Rebel is playing yesterdays Obama-Sarkozy hiney game on his blog now too.

As for the adventures with Keemo, that is why I have her. There was a learning curve involved especially for others here. They did not want me to get a "damn leopard" and bring it in the house. Keemo won everyone over really quick. Now she is allowed to climb onto shelves with antique 19th century glasswares that none of the other cats we had were allowed to touch since she moves through and around them like a ghost and never has knocked a thing over. She is actually sitting on my shoulder as I am typing this, watching the cursor. I will tell her you said hello. Now I am off to watch the Nascar race that is taking place in Chicago this evening. I hope the 14, 18, 11, or 20 wins. Those are my faves. My top fave is from your part of the country (Tony Stewart). Have a good evening, TTYL

Andrew33 said...

I reposted "Hurt Locker" on my blog. You are already getting good comments as usual.

Jim McMahon said...

Please let me know where to e-mail you, because I'd like to send you something to post if you wouldn't mind.........Thanks

Andrew33 said...

Mr McMahon is also invited to KOOK's blog too.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi AD33! Thanks a whole lot for the kind comments, I'm going to check and reply to your readers on your & Kook's Blog. Mr. McMahon is a great writer and Patriot too, he will be another good addition to your guest posts, I'm Sure.

Hello Jim: Thanks so much for the return follow, your blog posts always call out the hypocrites. I emailed you my addy, I'd be happy to guest post what you have written.

PS: To my new & also longer time followers: THANK YOU!
Above my gallery of followers is a little kitty w/red heart, click on her. You can read how I appreciate your friendship.

LazyKing said...

great review and it's very nice to include the quotes and the background story.
I'm up for this one. You always recommend great movies.

LazyKing said...

PS: I saw Public Enemies yesterday, thanks for asking me to see it. It was a great movie, Johnny, Christian and Marion were great.

Amusing Bunni said...

Lazy King:
I'm glad you enjoyed Public Enemies, it was great, esp. the night scenes. You can't go wrong w/ Johnny Depp. I've read he is starring in a remake of Dark Shadows, that should be AWESOME! Depp as Barnabus Collins, cool.

You'll really like Hurt Locker too, I'm sure, it's even more suspenseful - because you don't know the ending, as we all knew w/ P E. Have a Super Sunday! Stop by anytime, luv your blog, as always!

Andrew33 said...

I went over to Mr Mcmahon's blog. It had what I would call a certain "familiarity" to it. I posted there and invited him over to KOOK's myself. He invited al his friends to check us out too.

Bluegrass Pundit said...

Thanks for telling us about this movie. I was unaware of it.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi BP: I'm glad you were able to find out about this fine movie. Thank's for Stopping By!

Andrew: Kee looks so itty bitty cutie pie in the new avatar, quite a difference. She looks lovely any age. Awwwww. Have a nice nite.

LazyKing said...

hi dear, you have a new award waiting for you

Amusing Bunni said...

Just dropping in to tell my readers that Andrew33 is the Co-Writer of KOOK's Manifesto - the great blog that guest posted this review and other stories on their blog:

Check it out if you haven't already! They are informative.

While I was there I read some more of the great comments, which I will post and respond to below.

Amusing Bunni said...

LAZY KING! OMG, you rock, A new Award, I can't wait to go and see it and pick it up, you are a sweetheart! How do you like my squirrelly award...hee hee.

I'll visit there in a minute and comment you. I'm sure it's lovely. Take Care and have a great Monday! I'm off today, WOO HOO!

Amusing Bunni said...

Dr. Dave (who also posted the lst comment) "Bunni's blog is a breath of fresh air. There's a lot of ranting going on out there...deservedly so, given the times...but sometimes it can be a bit much to take. I enjoy reading her posts as a break from the rest.

Damn...I got serious...and kidlike. That certainly won't happen again, Bunni"

Andrew33: "I agree, Bunni's blog is one of the most relaxing out there. Especially on the weekends when we want to relax, I like to post "lighter" subject matter. Bunni has been a really good source for that. That is also why The Obama/Sarkozy picture game was done. I figured we could all use a good laugh. We throw everything but the kitchen sink around here. I have serious subject matter in the pipeline for next week."

~ Here are my responses:

Wow, Dr. Dave That was really great of you to write all your kind words! I know you commented here lst on my blog, and this is also much appreciated. I'm glad to be a "Breath of Fresh Air" considering all the stench out there! That's why I mix it up a little, if it's just constant political ranting, well, many folks do it better than I do! And, with your FUNNY take of things on Feed Your ADHD, it also gives a much need laugh in these awful times. Please get serious & kidlike any time. Thanks.

Andrew33: I'm happy you find my blog relaxing - it is good to chill and change the subject from Obummer & Co.'s daily crapfest. Your & KOOK's Blog also mixes it up and is very informative and also well researched & technical. Thx for including me on your site.

Anonymous said...

to my famous bunni friend,

You are indeed a 'breath of fresh air' and a darn good writer. Your movie review kept me on the edge of my seat .. as if I were actually watching the movie.

Bunni, you are better than some of the so-called professional movie reviewers. You have me wanting to really see this movie ... which most movie reviews don't do. I feel that it will truly live up to your billing ... and be worth the exorbitant big-screen ticket price! Thanks for taking the time to being this candid review! - Diva

Andrew33 said...

Like I said, we try to mix things up over there. This is the first time I am doing a "theme" for an entire week. I don't know if it will go over well or not. I try not to be too "technical." I try to take issues that are "technical" and explain them in a way that regular folks can understand...or as somebody said I "dumb it down." Thanks for your compliment. Your blog is relaxing. I've got it in my "dashboard". On a Mac web browser, you put thins there that you go to alot, and you click the name and you go there. It's easy. I can't use a P.C. when I get near them, they crash.

You see I was not kidding about having serious subject matter.

You say thanks for including you on our site. I say thanks for the posts that I think belong there. When I pick posts for our blog, I do so for the quality of the post. By adding different people, with different styles of writing and thoughts, It adds character to our blog. I think that's why it has grown so much. I think it's good to have ladies to post there too. You and B&G bring that. Kook and I are both from southern parts of the country, so having people from Cali, and You in Chicago adds perspectives too. Thanks for the compliments. I gotta go. Have fun

RafaRR said...

Great Review I can´t wait to see this one, saddly it gets premiered on my country until september so I´ll have to wait.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hello Diva Dear:
Thank you for your kind words and support. You are such a good friend. If you want to go see the film, I'll go with you, I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Rafael: Thanks for stopping by.
I'm sure it will be worth the wait, until then, click on the Charlie Rose Interview link for some great scenes.

LazyKing said...

once again, thanks for blogrolling me.
And odnt worry about the poem, it's just a poem.

Juicer said...

Hey this is the juicer, i haven't seen the movie please dont give the plot away. I will try to download this and see it, if i dont make it to the theatre. Full metal jacket was the bomb.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi LK: No problem: I only Blogroll my FAV sites, so yours is of course, one of them!

Juicer: Glad to see you're on here and commented me!
I won't give it away, don't worry. It just came out last friday, so how u gonna download it? Have a fun weekend, don't work too hard! See Ya!

Cwn Annwn on Patrol said...

Great review. I can’t write them without giving things away. I love the fact that she made a great movie and got it out without the backing of a major studio. She showed Hollywood great stories are available. It was only at one theater by me when it opened, but the buzz has caused seven theaters to show the movie starting about 3 weeks ago.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Cwn: I'm glad you found my post. When I saw on your great site that you enjoyed the film so much, I thought you'd enjoy my review.

Yes, I try to write about it without giving the major plot points away, that would just spoil the suspense and it's always good going in not knowing exactly what you're going to get.
Take care and God Bless you and all the animals you save!

Bunni said...

I predicted this would be up for MANY MAJOR AWARDS!  It would be a shame if Avatar beats it in the Golden Globes's a hard call, they both are great!  I'm pulling for Hurt Locker, because James Cameron is such a jerk, and mean person and elitist in real life.  The way he treats fans is reprehensible.

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