Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wounded Warrior Project ~ Please Support House Bill HR2342

I have been reading about this fine organization, and at the urging of my talented fellow Blogger, Jim McMahon, I am putting up this post. You can read the original story on Jim's Blog. He wrote it up. He has a super site and tells it like it is. (He writes great letters to Chicago's shady characters!)
Please get involved in the Wounded Warrior Project. It only takes a few minutes to click on the link below, write the letter's online and send, or print out and mail. I also put the link to the Warriors on My Blog - right side bar! Click on the picture there anytime and be taken right to the Wounded Warrior site. Our Hero's deserve our support. Their families sacrifice so much as well, and deserve to be taken care of, Please help!

Through outstanding medical care, troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan have survived grievous wounds that in earlier wars would likely have been fatal. But those who return home with multiple injuries such as traumatic brain injury, profound burns, spinal cord injury, blindness, multiple amputations, and often co-occurring PTSD or depression, may require ongoing personal care because they are no longer able to perform basic activities of daily living, or simply because their injuries make it unsafe to leave them unattended. Families have rallied to support and care for these wounded warriors. But the burden of care giving takes its toll emotionally, physically, mentally and financially.

Family members typically have left their jobs to become full-time caregivers, losing not only income, but health insurance. They often provide care 24/7, without respite. But many families may be unable to sustain these efforts without adequate support.

Providing these essential supports will help sustain critical care giving and ensure that severely wounded veterans can continue to live successfully in the community and achieve maximum rehabilitation.

Here's a brief description of what the HR 2342 will do:

HR 2342 would provide that needed support. It would require the VA to provide training and essential support services to family members deemed qualified to care for severely wounded veterans of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. The VA would provide caregivers technical assistance with routine, emergency, and specialized care giving needs; counseling and mental health services; respite care of not less than 30 days annually; medical coverage; and a modest monthly family caregiver allowance.

Here is a link to make a difference in the lives of family caregivers and U.S. military veterans. The family caregiver bill needs to be passed to make our lives better.

Click on this link and then click on……….Take Action http://www.kintera.org/site/c.ipIJKTOCJsG/b.5299809/k.A1B4/House_Bill_HR_2342.htm

Please pass this on to anyone who is willing to take a minute to fill it out and send it. It will make a difference. Please help us.

Thank you

Many thanks to Jim! He is a true Patriot and I know he would like anyone reading this post to also Guest Post it on their Blog! Just leave me or him a comment when you do, so he'll know. I'll forward any messages, as well.
God Bless you all for reading & caring, and God Bless and Protect our Brave Soldiers throughout the world!


Jim McMahon said...

I'm blushing.

Snarky Basterd said...

Thanks for posting this, and thanks for writing this, Jim. I've bookmarked the link and will follow through. Unlike Obugger and crew, these people deserve our time and efforts.

After all, we wouldn't be able to be a thorn in anyone's side without our warriors, wounded or otherwise.

Amusing Bunni said...

Glad to Help, Jim!
It's a great post and I enjoy your site. I'm glad you suggested this.

Dr. Dave: I'm happy to help. We really need to help all our Soldiers. They aren't getting anything from the disgraceful jerks running things now!

Andrew33 said...

No, all that stuff is for AIG. Besides, Obama is mad at our soldiers for killing his religious brothers and sisters.

Dan said...

Another simple thing everyone can do to support WWP is use this search service with Yahoo. This just takes a second, too, but use it each day and WWP earns money. http://www.freelanthropy.com/search/wwp

Jim McMahon said...

That's beautiful! Thanks for letting us know about the WWP contributing search engine:


It's already in my favorites and I'll put it up on my blog tonight. Now all I got left to say is....what's google?

Thanks again Brother

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Andrew33: You are right about that, b huessein is not for the usa, that's evident every day.

Dan! Thanks for stopping by and letting us know about that great search link. I've put in my link button and will use it.

Hey Jim: Good job with all your info. Thanks for visiting again.

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