Friday, March 8, 2013

I Need a Hug

Hi peeps!  It's Bunni here.  Yes, I am still alive, praise the good Lord.  I know I've been very
remiss in posting on here, I can't believe my last post was over a month I am WAY OVERDUE to let all of you know how I'm doing, and brighten your day with adorableness.

I am hanging in there, hard as it is.  My condition gets worse by the day, and as you know, the cancer docs can't do ANYTHING to help me except keep my pain under control.  I've been getting weaker and more nauseous too, and I can't eat as much.  I have to eat several tiny meals through the day.  It is a good day when I can keep the food down, and everything sorts it's way out of my system later, if you catch my drift.  All the pills I have to take wreck havoc on the digestive system.  You never appreciate how important that is until it gets out of wack.

Oh well, it could be worse, and sometimes is.  I appreciate all your prayers and good thoughts being sent my way.  Also, I REALLY LOVE getting those wonderful emails from PayPal saying "a donation has been made".   Sadly, though, I haven't been getting any of those in quite a while.  You know I don't like to "beg", and never ask you to "hit the tip jar" and all that other stuff.  I just have my medical donation button at the top right of the Blog, and I hope and pray that you can find some extra money to help me out when you can.  Well, I'm asking again now because after over 4 months without any money coming in at all, things are REALLY tight around here.  Unlike some people, I am not married, so I can't depend on anyone else's income.  If you are married and have a supportive partner, you are TRULY BLESSED by God and go and give them a kiss & a hug RIGHT NOW.

If you donated to me once before, I truly thank you.  If you could do so again, I know the Good Lord will Bless you mightily.  Instead of donating to some Rino pol that talks a good game but does nothing for you, take that money, or the money you are saving from Lent in not buying ciggies or booze, and PLEASE send it my way.  Instead of sending to some big name charity that uses their donations for administrative costs, you can be assured that whatever you send me will be directly used by me to pay my health care costs, food, heat, etc. As good as The Amer. Cancer Society might be with research and stuff, I wonder how much of the money donated to them goes directly to actual terminal cancer patient???....10% if they are lucky!  With me, it's 100% to help me with my myriad of huge bills.  My expenses keep going up, and I am getting worried what's going to happen to me.  Of course, I try not to dwell on that sad thought, because the stress is VERY BAD for my condition.

Anyway, enough said....Just wanted to remind you that the need is still there, and I'm not too proud to beg you to help a very ill and dying girl out, it will make you feel good, I guarantee it, and Kittehkins will be very happy too.   She is dreaming of treats and cuddles with her fav bunni toy in her comfy princess bed.  I wish I could sleep like she does.  I sleep very poorly though the night, all the pills don't help (((((Sigh)))))).

Dear little Molly gives me huggs and jumps in my lap when I'm resting in my recliner, to let me know she knows I'm gravely ill.  I love those kitty huggs, they warm my heart.  Since I was feeling too poorly to do a proper Valentines Day post this year, here are some adorable Kitties giving the best Hugggs on the Net.  I'm sending out huggs and kisses your way too!  Double hugs if you visit my PayPal Button,(at the very top of the Blog,  Right Donate!)

Ahhh, that did the trick of cheering me up, I hope it did the same for you!
Another thing that cheered me up a while back was getting a visit all the way from across the pond by our great and most very dear friend, Spidey!  You can read all about it
RIGHT HERE.   He waited quite a while after he left to post this.  He spent a nice 2 weeks at a hotel in my area, and we spent many fun evenings dining out, and watching movies and just hanging out.  There were several days I was too sick to do anything at all, so it was lucky then he could just stay at his hotel, order food out, and relax while I tried to get better.  All the activity took alot out of me, but that's OK.  God is very good to send me such nice friends, Barking Spider is a wonderful man, and the Brother I never had.  He made this time of my life much happier by his presence. I wish he lived closer, as I do many of you out there.  If you lived closer you could visit me and help me get to the store and stuff, oh well, just drop me an encouraging comment.  Spidey loved Molly too, and she loved him.  He took some great pics of her.  The time flew by, but we both have fond memories of his visit.    Kitty was sad he left too.

She manages to cheer herself up
lounging in her pretty new bed.
I found it at CVS for really is SO SO comfy and plush and soft, fit for a Queen, which she certainly is.

If you have a cat or small dog,
check out CVS pet dept., or even Walgreens, they both are selling nice pet beds now that are WAY cheaper than the pet stores, and very pretty.  This bed is red brocade with gold embellishments, and matches my living room throw pillows!

Kitteh and I wish you sweet dreams, and I hope you are having a Blessed and Beautiful
start of the Spring Season.  Hopefully we only have a few more weeks of winter to endure.  Please help my Spring be brighter by giving what you can to help us out!


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