Monday, April 1, 2013

The Easter Bunni Arrived!

I just want to wish all My Readers a HAPPY EASTER!
Kittehkins had a visit from the Easter Bunni, and kept him.
Being a Bunni, Easter is my favorite Holiday!
I hope you had a Happy Passover too!  God Bless.

Our adorable Kitteh's from Furball Fables have made a darling video in
honor of Bunnies Favorite Holiday.

But, please everyone....even though us Bunnies are the cutest things ever, please DO NOT go out and buy a live bunny as a gift or decoration or on a  whim. That will make for a very unhappy Easter.

Here's a video that will really amaze you.  I bet you have never seen THIS in your entire life.  This has to be the most patient, loving cat on earth.

This kitteh is a real kelpto.  He got his paws into the basket, I hope he doesn't get sick.
I wouldn't let Kittehkins eat candy, so watch your baskets out there, if you have pets.

 Remember, Bunnies are lifelong pets that need to be carefully researched, the purchase thought out and carefully planned.  Too many end up in shelters and caged up, or even worse, set free to fend on their which case they will not survive.
Take a moment to click on this link to read what I'm talking about.

So, if you must get a Bunny for Easter, go to the store and buy a pretty stuffed or ceramic one! Thank you very much and    Happy Easter From Kittehkins and Bunni.

She is posing with her duckie, who is bowled over with how cute she is ;-)

She also had some Bunny Pals visit, and had a relaxing visit with them.

I hope you had a relaxing Sunday too!

MINE WAS GREAT..... went out for  late lunch/ early dinner with my friend, and I felt semi-good today!  The food was yummy, and they had LOTS of it.  My doggie bag will provide 2 more meals.

It is an Easter Miracle, and I know all your prayers for me have touched God's heart.
Thank you for your wonderful Donations too....they will enable me to purchase nourishing food.
I can't eat like I used illness makes me feel full after 1/2 plateful.  If I overdo it, I get very nauseous So, I have to eat tiny meals throughout the day.  The Easter feast was my fav Matzo Ball Soup, Turkey breast, dressing, veggies, baked potato, then choc cake dessert, YUMMY

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