Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Even Babies & Pets know obummer sucks! UPDATED! Video's!

First, watch the video by Mitt during the 2nd debate.    On my right sidebar ~~~~~>
He hammers obummer on his DISMAL FAILURE of a Record,  This was the best bit of the night, were Mitt didn't get interrupted by the two lying commies.

Even a tiny baby knows that bar fly obummer would be a complete disaster for America if re-elected.  Israel too would be in dire straights, as would all freedom loving nations of the world.  With no restraints on him, Lord knows what psychotic, American hating policies he'll unleash on us, it will rain down like hell fire, that's for sure.

We are all praying that this evil beast is defeated on Nov. 6th.  If not, America is doomed.  I pray that GOD delivers us from this demon, and America loving leadership is restored to the White House.  Mitt and Paul Ryan would be the best leaders, and hopefully undo all the damage this marxist maniac has wrought.

 It's mind boggling how the "undecided" and others still like the disaster.  Even a tiny 3 month old baby has enough sense to know what an awful abomination this dickweed has been!  He has destroyed our way of life, and it will take YEARS to get our wealth back.

Here's another little guy who's smarter that the tards who are even considering voting for that bum!  Heck, a flea has more brains that someone who would vote for obumf*ck.

Smart Baby, I know he won't be crying on Nov. 7th, and neither will we!
 Dogs, of course, are on to the mendacious moron as well.

This doggie pukes at the very sound of his name, as do I.  I must flip the channel, or at least put it on mute whenever he shows up.  It makes me physically ill to see/hear him.

I hope those doggies stay away from barry boy, he'll try to eat them, no doubt.

We have another debate to endure with the imbecile this week.  I predict he'll act rude, insane, boorish and just plain ignorant and mean like plugs biden did.  It will backfire big time, because people who might actually still like him, or want to give him a chance won't when they see how really mean, vile and hateful he is.  I don't know how they haven't seen it already, but some people are slow and stupid, I guess.
 I'm still deciding if I'll watch the debate.... I can't stand looking at the scumbag, so why torture myself?   But, much like a train wreck you can't turn away from, I might catch a few, just to see Mitt destroy him.  Mitt will be more than ready for his antics, I'm sure.

UPDATE, UPDATE:  Once again I was right!  I tortured myself and watched the WHOLE THING. I hve a huge headache, but I wanted to see Mitt wipe the floor with the freak.   I was appalled by that lying candy crowley aiding and abetting the BIGGEST LIAR IN HISTORY, choom boy obummer.
Now an hour after, the candy bimbo ADMITS that the Libya lie she aided barry boy on was wrong.  Too bad she didn't say that during the 60 million viewing telecast.  Never mind, Mitt won hands down.  Barry is toast, and also needs to have his meds adjusted, with all the eye blinking, smirking, dirty look giving, jumping out of his chair, trying to look tough.  He just succeded in looking like the low life street thug he is, and Mitt was PRESIDENTIAL!  Now, wait for the last debate ;-)

Kitteh will be watching too, she hates obummer as much as babies and doggies do!
She actually jumped in bed and cuddled with me when choomy creep obummer was babbling, he scared her too.  Hurry up November 6th, we can't wait.

I hope you are enduring these final weeks, and keep the faith and keep praying.  I keep waiting for the glorious Morning of November 7, 2012, when we know that O and his mooching cow will be kicked to the curb in Jan. 2013.

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