Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Wrapping......Cats! UPDATED! More cute vids

I know you've been wondering how to wrap those unique presents you are waiting to give to your special someones - or to yourself!  It's hard to get them just right.

As another Bunni public service, I am going to show you a wonderfully cute and fun video on how to wrap your kitteh kat!
Of course, this is all in FUN, and I don't advocate actually wrapping up your cats, dogs, fish, or any other pets.  Maybe sticking a cute bow on their head, and wrapping a little garland around their collars...hee hee.  But anything that would hurt or compromise them, DON'T DO!!!  This is why I post video's, so you can have a look at how someone else did it, while not actually doing it
yourself.  That seems to be the point of 95% of the video's out there...hee hee.

This is such a cute video because Kitteh makes pithy comments during his adventure.

This next one is silly, the kitty looks really cute in her paper dress, though.

You can find the series of other kitteh's getting the Christmas treatment over
at the Mean Kitty Site where I found these.  It's a very hilarious post.
Mean Kitty calls herself the Cranky Grandmother of Cat Sites, and I
believe her.....Apparently there’s a craze going around the internet where idiot humans gift wrap their extremely tolerant cats."  You said it Kitty!  I hope you avoid getting wrapped, 
or sent somewhere.  

This next little explorer has the right idea, she's going to hide in the Christmas Tree
and avoid getting wrapped altogether!

I hope you enjoyed my interlude of Christmas Kitties.
    Now you can go back
to your snow shoveling, decorating, and Festive Christmas  TV show Specials.

UPDATE~~~~~ UPDATE!  Teresa did a post today that has EVEN CUTER video's, if that's possible, he he.  You must go over to her site and watch now!
  I loved them all, esp. the first one, and the last one.  Merry Christmas! 


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