Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Save our Streets! Videos, UPDATED

So much horror in the world.
My heart breaks for all my friends in London and surrounding cities.

These riots have gone on FAR TOO LONG!
 Here is an excellent
video by Nigel Farage, the Head of UKIP.  I agree with him.

The police are being too PC with these scums.  If it was up to ME, I'd have water cannoned, and MUCH worse, the whole bunch of them by now, the FIRST hour of the FIRST NIGHT.  Each hour that passes that they get away with this, the bolder they get.  They are worse than savages.  They should be hung, or worse.

You can keep up with minute by minute mayhem on the Telegraph UK website.
CLICK HERE.  Watch some of the video's too.  The shopkeepers and citizens
describing the total devastation will break your heart.

Look at this video.  I saw this on the RT News our tv channels put on out here.
Notice anything about the rioters?  Well, they are not 80 year old grannies, and school girls.  They have many things in common....look at them, you'll figure it out!

Our Brilliant Hero, Alex Jones, has plenty to say on the Criminal Plundering!
He has Eyewitness account of the racial attacks in UK.

I've seen too many videos and photos of this nightmare the last several days to suit me.
I am heartsick, and I pray all my great friends in Britain stay safe.  That you survived the Blitz and the nazi's, only to be brought down in ruins by multicultural yobs and scum that mooch all your benefits, and steal you blind, is making our ancestors spin in their graves.  All the people who didn't think "multiculturalism has failed" before,
well, this should prove it.  Stop being PC and call a spade a spade, as it were.

If I ran things, I'd DEPORT every last one of these scums.  If they were on the dole, I'd cut THEIR AND THEIR PARENTS benefits!  I'd make them clean up every brick, and I'd make them PAY for all the damage.  This is what that crap Labour party, and all their slimy supports and beneficiaries, have wrought.  I'd image the same ilk of trash will be doing this here soon too....they already are in many places.  GOD HELP US.

I usually put a cute video at the end of my posts, but I'm too bummed out to do that
this time.  What with our Military Losses, the Stock market crash,  NO LEADERSHIP, and America and our best allies imploding, there really is NOTHING to be cheerful about.

Stay safe, especially if you are in London and the surrounding areas.


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Bunni said...

We certainly are RIGHT!!  read this article I found just now.  >:o

Use it while you have it!


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