Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FINALLY, People are Fighting Feral Rat Scum!

Another night of horrible looting and feral scums running wild.

But, there is some good news!  Finally people are fighting back in Enfield, and elsewhere, defending their neighborhoods.  If they sit around waiting for the police to show up, they'll be up to their asses in flames, so head off the rioting slime at the pass!
                       Here's an inspiring video!

Here's a great one from Eltham High Street!  If these brain dead cretins know what's good, they better stay away!  The great EDL is organizing watches in many areas!
Their members made these super videos.  They are truly brave heros!

Manchester was very hard hit, but the cops finally didn't pussyfoot around.
They were waiting for the pikey yobs when they showed up to loot and pillage!
Enjoy the beatdown, it's about time.

I'm sure now all the bleeding heart nit wits will be crying that "ooooh the cops were so mean to these poor deprived honor students, boo hoo hoo".  STFU, all tards who think that.  That is the reason why Britain is going up in flames to start with.
I say they should have hit them a few times more, and hung them after!

Well, now that people are starting to fight back, we can't have gloom and doom
 all the time!  There are fun sites that show some levity,
Check out these pics,   h/t  PHOTOSHOPLOOTER

Even Teletubbies are fighting back against the freaks!

Did barry boy send over his
hope & change unicorn
 that farts rainbow skittles?  They're sure running away FAST!

Once all these scumbags are I.D'd, they'll be lucky to get jobs as dog walkers!
So will barry, come to think of it, once we boot his ass out in 2012 (hopefully sooner).


Someone STOP this FREAK!
He looks like besides stealing this pony, he's gonna molest it like a GOAT!

Oh dear, that's enough of these slimes, I'm sick of looking at them.
 More funny photo's at the link above, it updates constantly.

As I linked yesterday, you can keep up with the latest goings on by visiting
The Telegraph Site:  LONDON & UK Riots:  LIVE, it updates constantly too!

Stay safe, wherever you are, and I'm keeping all my friends, and their family
and friends in my thoughts & prayers.

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