Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Foamy The Squirrel ~ Last Coffee House Stand

Hi Everyone!  Our naughty
friend, Foamy, is back.  He actually returned to a
Coffee House.
Quite surprising, considering
his last rant.  I thought he would have been banned for
life, but I guess he was such a good customer, and an all
around pleasant guy, they let him back in...or they like abuse.

This time, Foamy is accepting the inevitable.  And, much like the crazy policies of brain dead gov't officials....trendy coffee houses just will not die.

The Foamster should just save himself the aggro, and loads of money, and make his
coffee at home.  Who wants to be around those whiney emo's anyway?

Next up, Foamy rants on Social Networks!  This is why I keep all my stuff on
lockdown, Who needs all that drama?  Foamy makes some really good points here.
Sometimes squirrels have WAY more sense than people.

Yeah, Foamy, telling it like it is.     Kitteh would be a better friend than 1/2 the clowns
posing on these sites.  How do you know they are even who they pretend to be??
YOU DON"T, that's the point.  And, don't get me started on people who use
their actual REAL names on these things, and post their actual birthday, all their relatives, etc. etc.  Beyond CrAzy!  Why not hang up a sign that says, "come stalk me",

"take my identity, and rob me when I post I'm on vacation"?  Don't do it people, TMI!

I'll take my chances with Alien Kitteh!  She knows the score, and doesn't deal
with trolls either.  Ok, after all those rants, I'm tired and need a nap,
like sweety sleepy baby kitty!  What a little bitty cutie pie!

Awww, so tie tie (that's tired for you mere mortals)

  Nap time, leave me alone!


1 comment:

Leg-iron said...

That Foamy, he's so restrained. he should just let it run, once in a while.

Use it while you have it!


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